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Recently it has came to my attention – thanks to my friend and fellow researcher @LiamXmail – of possible apocalyptic warning signs that are being leaked throughout the United States of America.

Several people, including Liam, have stumbled across counterfeited and altered Federal Reserve Notes, with what appear to be a cryptic message, packed with all sorts of symbols – Free masonic, New World Order, Babylonian, modern events  and more – enough occult symbols and iconography to keep the most experienced code breakers busy for hours on end. Our research has uncovered tons of fascinating twists and turns, the size and scope of which may just land this journalist into hot-water with elite conspirators, or lead to the largest let down in recent alternative media history.

Digging a little deeper – the video is part the ‘opening ceremony’ of the Gotthard Base Tunnel

The first mention of the bills was to a subreddit r/badselfeater created by Iamjj12 just one day ago in order to gather information related to their discovery. A second person later uploaded a second image to the social networking and image sharing site Imgur . These two separate uploads together created a beacon for others who also found the bills and then searched online for some meaning. Once on reddit, occult researchers and others began to gather information pertaining to the bills, the CRYPTIC WARNINGS and the HIDDEN WEBSITE that that they discovered when they looked closer.

So far 16 people including LiamX have confirmed finding authentic bills:


/u/LiamX—– California     /u/iamjj12 —- California

/u/hoogstraat25 —- Texas     /u/tsjwang —- Georgia

/u/n0x630 —- Florida       /u/ripthethird —- Nevada

/u/L0cksmash —- Wisconsin        /u/captrand —- Texas

/u/cableguy23 —- California          /u/heath24 —- Texas

/u/BoneJaw —- Texas           /u/burritohead —- Alaska

/u/swingaholic —- Connecticut           /u/nodraka —- Georgia

/u/nicole3696 —- Illinois



The First thing Researchers found was a WEBSITE!!!:

Portrait: Small bill with Baphomet fading in.

Landscape: Large bill with dragon fading in.

Both with countdown clocks. Countdown ends on September 14th, 2016 at 4:00 PM PST.

Music plays in background. 2 songs discovered:

1) Requiem in D Minor by Mozart 2) Sacrificial Procession by James Horner


The page was created on August 24th, 2016.The same day the first copy of the bill was found.

Who is Guard Protected 1

Who is it protected

When we tried to research who owned the page we found that who ever it was wants to remain private. They went to extra lengths and spent extra money to hide who the page is registered to. Having a bit of experience in cryptology and network administration I pinged the URL and received the IP address and was able to trace it back to Digital Ocean, Inc. an American cloud infrastructure provider that provides encrypted protected virtual servers.

Thus far what we have been able to decipher from the note are as follows: 

bad self back

Photo and State posting section

William McKinley and BadSelfEater

found the painting from the facebook photo

corporate logos

Red initials on reverse side.

United Nations logo under the NAZI eagle.

Lapel pins on Clinton and Trump.

Signatures on the bill

Mr. Teeth deleted his Reddit account

“WEAVING SPIDERS COME NOT HERE” motto of the secretive Bohemia Club

US Treasury Seal

Thank Mr. Teeth Page Analysisrcqb6t

Cuneiform Translation & Sun

New video on the facebook page

Made possible by LiamX and various other researcher and

members of Reddit r/Conspiracy Theory Boards.

You’re welcome.


UPDATE: 9/4/2016 is not online yet, it’s still parked, but…

Both domains were registered within 5 hours of each other ( created at 2016-03-22T22:49:00.00Z and was created at 2016-03-23T03:49:00.00Z), and sites went live within 2 hours of each other; they have the same domain registrar (namecheap), same DNS hosting, same hosting company, same IP address ( Both domains are protected by whoisguard.

It seems to be behind a proxy server–so there are a LOT of web sites that resolve to

Going over the page source, JS and CSS of seems to reveal no other Easter eggs.



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