Political correctness

If you have been hoping to attend college, but want nothing to do with mainstream academia, student loans, or a sub-standard education for your dollar, we have great news. We’ve found a university that refuses to play the corporate or accreditation head games, accepts zero state or federal dollars, and actually uses the style of teaching and learning that made American education the envy of the world at one time. And yes, they do offer Liberal Arts degrees, and allow you to take single courses if that’s more your style. If you have never heard of Sherman Institute, you are missing the boat big time!

Sherman Institute is as far “outside the box” as WeAreChange, and working together with them only seems natural. S.I. has courses on all sorts of topics you’ll never find in mainstream academia, and particularly at the undergraduate level. If you doubt it, check out American Conspiracies (About JFK, 9-11, Masonic lodges, etc.), and The Sociotheosphere (about global religious-social conflicts).

But beyond the edge of Political Science, Sherman Institute is concerned with reversing the “dumbed down” condition of America in general. According to Aaron Bolinger, a co-Founder of Sherman Institute, many of their existing students already have Bachelor’s degrees, and come to S.I. to fill gaps in their studies. The “slave labor training camps” of mainstream academia seldom offer Logic, Dialectics, and other historically-standardized critical thinking courses. Sherman Institute has them all.


The good news is that by a special arrangement between S.I. and WeAreChange {Director/COO???} Luke Rudkowski, anyone mentioning WeAreChange during enrollment receives a 5% tuition discount when signing up for any one or more courses. This applies “forever” if coming in for a certificate or degree program. (Sherman Institute has a variety, including Associate, Bachelors, Masters, and even at the Doctoral level.)

If you are thinking smaller for now, look at SC-109, Farm Science and Aquaculture. In this course you learn off-the-grid, no-chemical techniques for both family farms and even tight spaces (such as urban square-foot ideas), along with pond building, for those looking to raise their own fish.

EN-260 is the first part of a two-semester offering on Advanced Parliamentary Procedure, designed to make near-experts out of newcomer-activists – those needing to understand the ins and outs of moving legislation in our state and local governments. All English, Classical Concepts, and related studies are under the direction of Dr. Karen Ruff, D.A., who is both Dean and Instructor.

In the realm of Economics, try courses EC-201 and EC-401 for a real mind-bending experience. Rather than teaching the “glory of banking,” as most colleges today do it, Sherman Institute breaks every rule in the book by using Dr. Edwin Vieira’s two-volume “Pieces of Eight: The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution.” (Aaron Bolinger, co-Founder and instructor, asks to be paid in silver for his courses, so they put their money where their education is! He’s also a theology teacher, and helps Sherman Institute avoid any appearance of hypocrisy.)

This article can never do justice to the crazy number of courses and programs this on-line university offers, nor can we even start to explain how much the patriot community has needed this opportunity. Many of us are tired of knowing how badly the public schools rate today by comparison to real education, how the student debt bubble is a disaster for everyone caught in it. We know the corporations are tied to the banks and academia. It’s refreshing to find a school that literally smashes the stereotype.

But instead of more bitching, this team of scholars set up to do something about it all. The Founders, Deans and Instructors of Sherman Institute are on it.

The best places to start learning how you can be involved is by looking up their primary informational website (http://shermaninstitute.info), their Course Catalog, and the one-page brochures explaining some of their more interesting courses in greater detail than the catalog. By all means, if this has piqued your interest, check out some of the recent press releases where they elaborate on what’s new, and what’s coming shortly. (FYI for those with higher degrees, and looking for a place to teach, there are some openings for specialty instructors as of this writing.)

This is totally off the hook. WeAreChange is proud to be in on the ground floor with Sherman Institute.

But there is one small catch. Because this university works so closely with students, they have a cap of 100 total enrollments. At the moment, there are vacancies. Once this article makes its rounds, we can’t be so sure. Call 803-369-3684 (ask for Aaron), and mention WeAreChange for your 5% tuition discount. You can also get ahead of the game by creating your site registration on their primary academic web site (http://shermaninstitute.org ) and select “WeAreChange” in the “referred by” question while doing your profile.

From there, you can start contacting instructors to get in on courses, or send your application and previous school transcripts to their Registrar if you want in on a titled program like their Qualified (or Senior) Constitutional Scholar, or to take your Bachelor’s up to their Master’s Degree In Civil Affairs & Public Service.

If you are really up for a challenge, upgrade your existing bachelor’s to their “Classic Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts” degree. In this case, you fill gaps in your existing transcript to make your knowledge level compare to someone who graduated, perhaps from Yale or Princeton, in about the year 1825. More info on some of the courses involved in the Classic Bachelor’s can be found on THIS brochure.

Much more could be said about Sherman Institute. Odds are good that what you need to know is posted on their .INFO web site. Most of your questions can be answered on the FAQ page.

And guess what else we discovered? NO SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER IS REQUIRED TO ATTEND!

How’s that for outside the norm? WOW! (Your transcript is tied to your e-mail address. No SSN required.) Sherman Institute has an amazing electronic library, and has built their university from the ground up to take advantage of Internet technology. Check’em out!

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