North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple has ordered the immediate evacuation of the Standing Rock protesters in Morton County.

The order focuses on the safety of the people currently occupying the area to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline.

“Whereas, winter conditions have the potential to endanger human life…” the order states, claiming to protect the protesters from themselves.

While the North Dakota governor is allegedly trying to protect the protestors, a video has emerged of a woman claiming planes circling the Standing Rock encampment are spraying chemical agents down on the protesters. She claims the planes are strategically targeting the native protesters as they do not fly over the areas in which law enforcement are positioned with barriers and blockades.

“This morning at 5:30am we came out because we heard the same aircraft passing overhead – it was actually verified to be a crop duster and on the underbelly side – under each wing, there were two hoses which they use to spray down agriculture and poisons on top of different harvests that they’re growing,” she said.

The woman claims the aircraft usually fly over at night and have all their lights off which can pose a danger to other aircraft. “Last night there was an aircraft flying over our encampment from approximately 1:40am until about 2:20am this morning. Every two minutes on the dot they were spraying down what we believe to be chemical agents on top of us. This is an act of chemical warfare and an act of terrorism by the United States government against the indigenous peoples of Standing Rock”.

While the protesters are getting sprayed and getting the boot, perhaps most damaging are the allegations that the Standing Rock cause isn’t what it seems.

Many news outlets are now reporting that rather than the pipeline being fast tracked and the Standing Rock Sioux being ignored, court records show that the corps repeatedly requested comments from and meetings with tribal leaders, but tribal leaders ignored requests for comment and canceled meetings multiple times.

On Facebook, the Allisa Loudon posted this explanation for the alleged bizarre behavior of the Sioux: “The site of the protest is also the site of a market and gas station owned by the chairman of the Standing Rock Tribe. He is making MILLIONS on this protest…and he is one of the loudest liars perpetuating the lies…that he knows are lies…about burial artifacts etc., in order to keep the protest going.”

“Another fun fact, the tribe leaders continually cancelled meetings with Army Corp and pipeline personnel. The rumor is, they were trying to blackmail the pipeline company with demands for more money. I do not have any information to substantiate that claim. I do know that the TRIBE received in excess of $40,000,000 for a water treatment system to replace the existing system that was failing (the systems failure is unrelated to the pipeline). Another interesting fact…The TRIBE is one of the largest water purveyors in the state with thousands of water customers that pay monthly water bill’s to the tribe. This calls into question the grant of $40,000,000 for basically a for-profit water treatment plant. Federal and State law make tax payer funding of private utilities illegal. The $40,000,000 does not require repayment back to the Feds. I’m not suggesting that it should be or that the TRIBE shouldn’t make money off of providing water to customers. It is simply another “fact” that is being left out of the narrative of alleged abuses suffered by the tribe with regard to the construction of the pipeline,” Loudon wrote.

“I am an ardent supporter of Native American rights… especially when it comes to their reservation lands. There is no group of people who have lost more in this country. The Bundy Ranch standoff in Nevada…I refuse to support that because 1)Bundy wanted land to go back to “it’s rightful owners..ranchers”. BS. The only “rightful owner” would be the Pauite Tribe. But, the Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe is not being truthful….to his own people. And the paid protesters must go.”

Tribal governments are very sensitive of their sovereignty and sacred grounds, but it should be noted that the pipeline’s path was altered many times to avoid sacred ground.

Adding more questions to the Sioux’s motivations, popular author and independent journalist Mike Cernovich tweeted
“Who is really behind the pipeline protests?” The image accompanying Cernovich’s tweet details Goldman Sachs’ interest in preventing the Dakota Access Pipeline, as Goldman Sachs currently makes money off the railroad currently transporting oil from the region.

Do the Sioux have a reasonable fear that the Dakota Access Pipeline could poison their drinking water? Maybe.

It should be noted that President Barack Obama recently declared November to be National Native American Heritage month. Meanwhile, Obama has done nothing to speak to the Sioux during National Native American Heritage month and taken no action to find a solution between the protesters and Dakota Access, the pipeline construction company.

Considering Obama’s failure to speak to the Sioux or help the residents of Flynt, Michigan regain clean water after their disaster became public months ago, it is understandable for the Sioux to distrust the rulings of the U.S. government when it comes to their land and water rights.

With hundreds of veterans planning to join the Standing Rock protest, its time for the US President to say something.

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