In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the CPAC 2019 conference that just wrapped up over the weekend.

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Transcript –

Let’s get into the main story obviously CPAC 2019 a very interesting year a year that has been a lot of right-wing controversial figures but allowed a lot of left-wing controversial figures like Jared Holt the right wing watch was here a lot of liberal journalist were allowed and given access here and it’s been very difficult to kind of do confrontation security is extremely locked down here I mean even just being able to enter into Trump’s speech was a huge huge huge ordeal mean roads are being shut down you have to go through different mazes ID checks I think I think this is the Rand Paul kind of libertarian Community like they’re usually is there usually was a strong presidency or if it was really very very little NRA president and it’s really more of a kind of trump establishment Off the Wall Live talk about socialism very interesting ly allowed to talk about online censorship College censorship and I believe second most popular name that was ushered year was Alexandria ocasio-cortez. Which has been you know a lot of people here have been obsessing about it what have you noticed from your experiences here before we get into Trump’s to our crazy bombastic speech yeah so I’m here with my friend Heather Mullins and.

Observational head was hurting similar to yours which was that there were some people who don’t need Lee fit into conservatism but.

What you might call the right-wing right so that would be people like Nick Fuentes and as well as Jacob Wohl who basically had this press conference right in the lobby but wasn’t allowed into the conference itself interesting security guard with Apple airpods.

85 foot 6 yeah there were a lot of oddities about that press conference including the also handed out a press release that said strictly confidential but it did have some some right-wing in spite of that yes right wing watch difference of yours named Jared hold of course and canceled at CPAC so I have to stay here in the bad place and it was a picture of her with her head down so it seems.

Credentialing kind of anybody regardless of the stock report is going to be sort of negative 4th and there’s been a lot of negative complaining press coverage of you that’s pretty much it I mean imagine if every National event was dealt with so much scrutiny which so much negativity would so much just hitting me up like Trump came in obviously you was the main draw here brought in all the speaker.

Over 2 hours here is a half an hour late some of the things that stick out to me was Trump you know trying a new kind of buzzwords he was saying collusion delusion he even said it bullshit but you know the bad words when it came to him being targeted about this Russian probe in the crowd kind of cheered he really knows how to put on a show he really knows how to talk to the common person simplify it and be a very likable guy cuz he saw it from the crowds the way he was talking to him the way he was at the hist agent and prominence the way he was making fun of the mainstream media it was something that these people but of course there was also other things that I think he shouldn’t be talking about you could see a lot of his Eagle coming out especially when he was talking about how many people showed up to his inauguration saying that the crowds were no no no no the Crowds Are wide just because the word long does it mean anything’s how women were walking with heels.

What are you doing there’s also a different kind of talk that you just tweeted about that’s getting a lot of controversy right now that I think would be interesting to absolutely was true is that he’s you went off script he said you know this is what happens I go off script and everybody loves it and this is how we won I think just reading the room and just generally speaking his at his rallies that’s what people love about him is the Oscar if he goes off the teleprompter that’s what it’s always the most fun and that’s why you got so addicted to it and took 2 hours but yeah so one thing that he said struck a note that that really bothered some of his initial much are the right base the kinds of people who are not allowed at CPAC this year which is that he said that the economy is going so well that there’s always do drugs being made there were going to need more immigrants to come in and take the jobs and that’s a pretty traditional American point of view that certainly a reaganesque point of view I think that’s something that most Democrats celebrate if it wasn’t coming out of his mouth but I got faith. Aldi in Richard Spencer specifically for boat who are both known as kind of alt right figures these are not just build the wall types but it’s against illegal immigration as well and they both kind of initially supported Trump but the last two years I’ve kind of been getting more and more disenfranchised from Trump as leader of the alt right as opposed to conservatives or things like that so now I’m getting a ton of replies because of that of these people who are saying Trump is dead to us and all that kind of stuff because he has a pro legal immigration message where he is still you know saying we want the while he’s still saying you know it’s on Merritt the immigration they were having but it’s not it’s not anti-immigrant rhetoric in the way that some of the alt right people so I kind of expected from him kind of bigger kind of verbal concession just like we saw gun rights where he can kind of bump stocks in the right was Barack Obama president by the NRA. She has a very significant presence here he also said that a lot of things about the green New Deal he said he loves the green New Deal he supports the green New Deal he hopes that’s the issue of 2024 saying that sarcastically a lot of the new kind of politicians are coming into Washington DC cuz this really does seem even some people have theorize.

People like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and the Somali congresswoman I forgot her name Amon Omar who are also coming in at these people are being pushed to the front by the right-wingers so they could actually top would fall down when it comes to that kind of left-wing Democrat except shrimp.

Theories about that but honestly seen Trump talk and the way he.

I need that stage other than some kind of bigger being a mistress out there he wouldn’t care if he had a bigger outside and he is an excellent excellent speech maker and 2020 is really going to be an interesting year a lot of people counting out but from what I seen in person in the energy that room.

It’s going to be difficult I think Trump’s very good at convincing is based of whatever the position is that he wants to talk about it was interesting that he actually said some of you guys might not like this before he said that weird that he wants to increase the number of Murphy’s immigrants and then when he described that position that yeah if it was Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders who said let’s increase the number of immigrants on Mary Trump is right in saying maybe his base wind turbine for it when he explained it coming out of his mouth he got years of USA USA rights to his audience used to his base you is very very convincing they will they will listen to what he says and they will and they will go along with it so he’s a force to be reckoned with he was bringing up of course North Korea Otto warming as well as be brought up the kid who got punched in Berkeley the kids out to the stage.

Obviously you stays present but one of the things I found really significant about his speeches at a big part of it was talking about bringing the troops know he’s like we need to bring the troops home bring the troops home build infrastructure he was talking about how he was in Washington DC during the government shutdown all by himself who left for Florida don’t cry for me and then I was like let’s go to Iraq to try to bring the truth back to find out what’s going on because he said military generals were telling him to bring the tooth back home going to take two years he said that he decided to take this trip because of that he that he described in great detail how he was landing and how Air Force One have to shut off the light and he said the United States government spent $7 and we have to still land in this area after we invested so much in there without even having the lights on he talks about great detail about beating us General Raising Cane. General race what do we need to do to get out of here Raising Cane’s supposedly said 2 weeks has been far too weeks in this is the thing that we have to kind of talk about here he talks a good game as a whole bunch of people at the same time looks a little bit into General Raising Cane’s two-week proposal to get the troops out Trump said he love that idea he loved General Raising Cane and again it’s been far more than just two weeks from the first one who cares about being anti-war as as you do I think that it’s definitely a positive development to see people at a conservative conference being excited about the idea to bring the troops home that that’s a positive development at least in terms of Politics the question is of course weather goes into into actual action weather weather Trump is going to be driven by his base to bring the troops home because he told them that’s what a good thing would obviously. Especially with cereal with 200 troops now remaining with him even saying we’re bringing some of the troops back now from Syria but the troops remain there’s a lot of obstacles he surrounded himself with a lot of people here are some of the sessions here they’re like Trump is making America great Again by a leading by attacking people bad people all over the world and I’m like that is the most insane.

Doesn’t exist and it’s it’s an America first which was supposed to be.

Grapefruit back furniture back when attacked but but I mean you brought an anti-war nationalist message basic.

Very nationalistic but also very conceding to the other side very very interesting speech 2 hours off the cost I don’t think he was reading the teleprompters he had teleprompters but he was just going off about things are happening stage against media about specific issues but specific..

Fact check on a lot of the bigger things that he doesn’t want to say about CPAC.

Yeah I mean I guess it’s been interesting I got this it’s a very funny contrast between Pence and Trump wear Pence probably almost entirely stuck to the very popular speech the US space force everybody’s clapping and cheering and there’s a lot of space force t-shirts and hats going around the people are paying $35 for a ball.

Play sports on it but that’s how excited they are about it so it’s also very popular but it’s totally different style of of oration his speeches are just completely different then then Trump’s and both are popular I think that that was probably one of the critical Parts how he got elected Worcester my know you know it’s boring right track to use different kind of listener a lot of chronic capitalism Harrisburg or showing the sandwiches.

Real by $20 cold fry Festival sandwiches I’m very frustrated that cuz I was critical thing that you have.

How many dollars sandwiches is this ridiculous but obviously a lot of different things to discuss a lot of different things taken away from this my main takeaways has Trump actually has a big ego needs to be fact check has been tweeting about the cold sandwiches here to check me out on Twitter for that those details Luke we are change Ford working people find you also another independent journalist doing great work so am I just called you to share I have a Facebook page called news to share that do live streams not video a YouTube page news to share my profile is at Fort Fisher I’m also here with Heather Mullins who is at talk Mullins on Twitter for thank you so much for your time and put end up having the right buddy so thank you buddy let me know what you guys stop comments posted comments are you guys want to make with the super chats we would love to hear those and students and we’ll be reading off.

So Luke says I just want to add Luke like you said you’re so spot-on then it doesn’t seem to matter what the guy says to these people that are rapidly in favor of him the cheers keep calm.

And now him saying he’s going to stretch this out pull out over 2 years Luke come on oh just in time for the next election cycle better get Trump in there will never get out of this war it’s a big problem and we’ve got to stop relying on these demagogues to you no say they’re going to save us and then we just believed them to me the bigger thing for me was at the end of it he’s got the Rolling Stones play in you can’t always get what you want you can say whatever you want about true.

He knows how to get an audience he has bravado that to me I laughed I’m like you know what it’s hard not to like the guy I mean he’s playing a song that basically says F you all for not loving everything I do.

That’s pretty much that’s pretty much the theme that’s pretty much the Trump Doctrine.

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