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For the 58th Presidential Inauguration, 4,200 free “legally grown cannabis” joints will be passed out to activists who support the legalization of recreational marijuana nationwide.

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In case you missed it, the real winner of the 2016 U.S. election was marijuana. Donald Trump won the electoral college vote and Hillary Clinton the popular vote, but more Americans supported the recreational legalization of cannabis than either main Presidential contender. 

Now, approximately 20% of all Americans live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal, and 28 states have approved medical marijuana. This development is expected to bring $7 billion in annual sales to the cannabis industry, which will positively benefit the country’s economy.

Not only is the herb safer than alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs, as it kills 0 people per year, it is an effective anti-anxiety and pain-relieving substance. Additionally, CBD oil (which doesn’t contain THC, the psychoactive compound) is an effective treatment for seizures when ingested – not smoked.

The benefits of marijuana are still being researched, but what’s clear to most who utilize the herb is that a lot of it will be necessary to get through the next four years with Donald Trump as President.

At least, that’s the attitude Adam Eidinger, the man who spearheaded the successful 2014 marijuana decriminalization effort in Washington, DC, and his organization DCMJ has adopted.

Free Joints

For the 58th Presidential Inauguration, 4,200 free “legally grown cannabis” joints will be passed out to those who are present on January 20th. The group has organized an event which details participants meeting “for coffee & tea” at Dupont Circle, then parading “down to the National Mall at 10 a.m.” where doobies will be received along the way. Because it is legal to give away marijuana in DC, the activists won’t be breaking any local laws, reports USUncut.

The purpose, apparently, is to encourage Donald Trump to fully support the legalization of recreational nationwide within 4 minutes and 20 seconds of his inaugural speech. If the time frame passes and no word of legalizing cannabis is mentioned, participants will light up.

The action is called #Trump420, and it’s quickly gaining momentum. 

“We legalized cannabis in Washington, DC and we are not going to let anyone take that away from us,” a post on the DCMJ website reads.  “This is an outreach opportunity to show President Trump’s supporters we are the marijuana majority! Join us for a smokin’ fun time!”

Voters are concerned that Initiative 71, which was passed with the support of 65% in November 2014, will be adversely affected by Trump’s policies. Only in February 2015 did it become legal for an individual in DC to carry up to two ounces of marijuana.

As of now, residents may also grow up to six cannabis plants with 3 or fewer being mature, flowering plants. Other laws must also be abided by, as well.

However, because some members of the House GOP attempted to block the initiative before it passed, activists in the area are fighting to ensure the hard-earned right isn’t retracted.

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