In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on Trump tweeting out his displeasure with the intelligence community? What is it we the people need to know?

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Welcome back beautiful amazing human beings and in this specific video I wanted to talk about the bigger truth behind the verbal War that’s happening right now between US President Donald Trump and the US intelligence agencies know as we know Trump’s relationship with the Intel Community hasn’t been the best one with him previously comparing the leaks that were coming out about him from the intelligence Community Action to Nazi Germany now this of course makes many people speculate about a deep state.

Surely the situation is a lot more complicated as we’re going to document in this video not as clear-cut as you think by the way that sponsored by you what you checking on your t-shirts will you get what you could probably just click in a description or the probably images below this video where you could click purchase some new merchandise especially the new t-shirts that we have right now and be a part of the direct user support for this Independent Media Channel know a lot of the information that we’re going to be talking about today actually relates to a video that we just made a couple days ago criticizing a mainstream media news article that said that us intelligence agencies quote or saying that Russia and China are plotting to interfere in the 2020 elections this video will be available in the description so you can get a better context and understanding of what’s Happening Here No I was actually going to grab a news article surrounding this specific case and critique it but honestly there’s so much disinformation and propaganda around that. Tissue that it’s going to be important for me to actually do deep dive into this and show you a series of Articles and evidence so you understand this very confusing situation unfolding now and of course it all starts with the dni chief coming out and hearings that are happening right now in the Senate intelligence committee where the heads of key intelligence agencies are coming out and publicly rebuking US President Donald Trump on his assertions about Isis Iran North Korea and climate change while course also warning that China and Russia will interfere in the 2020 election of course our allegations coming out in these hearings from the US intelligence Community which of course is something with the mainstream media is eating up and loving because it is Donald Trump’s policies that are being criticized where he is actually in my opinion doing the right thing which specifically withdrawing troops from Syria trying to withdraw. Trips from Afghanistan and starting. Dialogue and also and also reaching out to a bigger piece DeLand denuclearization with North Korea now of course Donald Trump is being attacked because of this by the very predominantly War happy mainstream media.

And it is important to note here that this information is coming from the same intelligence community that has often times been caught red-handed lying to the American people specifically when it comes to the bigger context of war and conflict usually lying to get us into these problems why off course at the same time faking intelligence to keep us in there and prolonged East Conference conflicts which of course big profit motives for big Industries especially the military industrial complex and this is why a lot of people are characterizing what’s happening now as a war and then attack by Donald Trump supposedly against these intelligence communities which clearly disagree with each other on key American policy other very interesting part here in the bigger contradiction here that’s important for you to understand is the very fact that Donald Trump isn’t that big of a piece neck as. Think he is and verbally with this entire situation unfolding verbally he has come out and said that the intelligence Community hasn’t been tough enough on Iran chastising that intelligence Community for not being as hawkish as he wants them to be characterizing them as being soft on Iran which as we know has been an Israeli Saudi Arabian and a neocon dream to invade for a very long time engaging and in a cup.

What’s that country so I think it’s fair to conclude here with a lot of people are coming to the conclusion of is that this is not.

Pro-war vs. anti-war argument or bigger conflict in fight that’s happening here cuz this is a more confusing one about which Wars should and shouldn’t be fought and it’s fascinating to see the US intelligence Community come out verbally and say that they do not believe that Iran is currently undertaken quote Key activities needed to produce a nuclear bomb and assessment which of course is totally contradicting Trump’s Administration and of course the bloodthirsty demon-like creature John Bolton Trump advisor and picked Trump advisor Donald Trump issued set the intelligent people seem to be extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of and that they are making trouble all over the Middle East and Beyond was just caught a potential danger in conflict and if you’ve been watching our previous geopolitical breakdowns on this channel. A lot more to this bigger call for conflict with Iran and that these comments are not only not genuine but also not in the best interest of the United States but of course for some of our key allies but regardless of those facts I think the one constant that we do have here is the fact that the mainstream media no matter what just wants War just ultimately wants blood once boots-on-the-ground wants us intervention with even some mainstream media journalists like Max Booth insinuating that the United States needs to be in Syria and Afghanistan for as long as three hundred years the mainstream media at the same time is urging Democrats to get past their hatred of Donald Trump’s you back.

Donald Trump’s Administration Zephyr tat quote democracy in Venezuela who are literally characterizing Donald Trump as the next Hitler yes you should definitely trust this man with quote pushing the goals of democracy with a coup d’etat in a foreign country also having the power to take away your second amendment at the same time as well.

Cognitive dissonance on a lot of these never trumper’s is absolutely insane and their virtues and goals are becoming more apparent and that of course is just the promotion of a conflict that does not need to happen no out of the ridiculous amount of candidates running on the Democratic party against Donald Trump in 2020 the only Democrats that owes regime-change efforts in.

Venezuela or of course Bernie Sanders and of course Tulsi gabbard that says that the United States should stay out of Venezuela personally seeing a lot of the bees on the ground in Caracas Venezuela I could say for sure I am not a fan of Nicolas Maduro nor his regime and I do hope that the people of that country rise up against their government but in my opinion it needs to be done independently of foreign interference for a very specific reason which I will mention at the end of this video because again I believe it’s the logical safe smartest thing to do in this particular situation.

And unlike the mainstream media like the New York Times what you’re literally there’s even an opinion piece right now talking about how the US government should bribe the Venezuelan military while at the same time also praising the government of Pinochet of Chile a ridiculous article that is just a laughable now of course Donald Trump’s actions when it comes to this very specific issue in Venezuela has actually garnered him praise not only amongst Democrats but also of course the mainstream media actions like this.

And specifically Donald Trump selecting Elliott Abrams who literally as assistant Secretary of State covered up massacres and other human rights violations at the Reagan Administration engineered in Latin America before as literally the man took quote bring back democracy to Venezuela and he of course would be characterized as a deep State asset which I think is fair to call him that since he played a major role in most of the Gospel e acts committed by US foreign policy within the past 40 years I think it’s pretty clear here that you know people who actually care about supposed democracy don’t plot coup de ta’s abroad.

That’s a very fair statement to make sure and of course while the media and some government officials are throwing the word around democracy like they actually care about the will of the people or what the people think which is just laughable we have course also have John Paul and that’s kind of more direct here there’s just even admitting yeah there’s actually great us interest in Venezuela’s oil capabilities Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves totaling.

297 billion barrels to the point where even China significantly invested in that country an estimated 70 billion dollars that chime hand it over to Venezuela. Of course demanded to be repaid back in oil and of course with apps.

Mismanagement and horrible government policies by Maduro But Country still is.

Starving starving why of course he eats empanadas during National addresses has actually gained weight and released Instagrams with salt baked now of course this larger issue with Venezuela is not just about democracy and oil it’s also with other key geopolitical issues and larger attainments and financial institutions like the u.s. petrodollar but regardless of this kind of bigger dispute he’s having with the intelligence community’s the United States and its allies is still sending its troops to neighboring countries and of course tential plans with specifically Israeli soldiers coming to Brazil and US soldiers according to a notepad. John Bolton portrayed obviously very openly to the media allegedly US troops going to Columbia of both of countries that I was documenting weeks ago or even openly talking about invading Venezuela video that you can see on our Channel but for me this is not the right move and I. Free with other statesman’s like Ron Paul.

Who says we must leave Venezuela alone and to be the worst option of course here is war and direct us intervention because even the threat of that has been galvanising a lot of support for Maduro and a lot of the sanctions and a lot of this bigger economic war and also unfair play with a history of US intervention in Latin America that has been atrocious by the historical record all of those combinations combined are still leaving support for Nicolas Maduro in that country and are one of the fundamental reasons why he is still in power and still has some support as seen by this video with a large demonstration all wearing red supporting him and in my own personal belief and Analysis from studying this and looking at this and also being on the ground in Venezuela the geopolitical situation will look completely different if it wasn’t for the US pudding. Snows in there and the current situation that is unfolding wouldn’t be there because there wouldn’t be an excuse to prop up a Monday. So I guess that’s just my analysis I could be completely wrong and if you think I’m wrong let me know why in the comments section I always look forward to learning from you engaging in a bigger dialogue because that’s what journalists her supposed to do I have my own thesis you might have your own prove me wrong I look forward to actually doing what a lot of these mainstream media companies don’t do and that’s not only just not being a shield but also having the comment section open which conveniently a lot of big organizations don’t anymore as it’s becoming more obvious about the direct interest that they serve.

Yeah thanks for supporting me especially through our t-shirt store allowing us to be truly independent working for you the American people and of course people are the world because if it wasn’t I want to be here that’s why.

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