In this video, we go over a story in which a resident in Florida was awoken and jailed in the middle of the night for the crime of having…Tide Detergent. Not only did he go to jail he actually spent 41 days there.


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Welcome back beautiful amazing human beings this is what I asked you if we are changed in Oregon this morning the top story and the top news article on the Reddit was this one with 17000.4 upvotes will of course the title being Florida Man spent 41 days in jail for heroin.

It was actually it’s her checked cop says that they use for the story definitely tells you everything you need to know about it do what we did in the previous videos on that is pick a very popular article read it to you be extremely hyper critical of it giving you is very specific context that you should know to these bigger stories as well as sending a very personal message to the author of that particular piece and today it’s definitely this poor Florida man that’s had 41 days and now the reason I’m laughing because if you’re not laughing you would be crying when you absolutely know about the fallacies and abhorrent circumstances that are dealt to Human Society because of this false War on Drugs continuing on by this article which is written by the Miami Herald by a Josh Magnus were going to talk to you in just a little bit now the thumb a me Harold used is definitely perfect. For this story and definitely does exemplify What’s Happening Here and Now The Story Goes On says quote for nearly six full weeks twenty-nine-year-old Matt girl said he sat inside a Florida jail for a crime he didn’t commit two charges was trafficking heroin according to CBS 12 it came with the Steep potential punishment and bond which frightened Krill who said an officer mistook laundry detergent for heroin of the story links to a CBS 12 news report but with sticking on the main one here now there’s definitely going to be some bigger takeaways from this article at the end of this video But continuing on quote in the past when I’ve gone to jail it’s been something where I know I wasn’t going to be there forever cruel set according to WPTV it’s a lot different than going to jail and the charges of trafficking of heroin carries a penalty of 25 years in prison. Hear you understand that Matt is a repeat offender here has been previously in jail which of course will affect how you see and judge this man which also most likely the police officers in this case also did what in the land of the free we should understand that we have a jail population of 2.2 million people currently Behind Bars today in the United States and according to Fareed Zakaria there are more Americans in jail then there were in Stalin’s Gulag it’s important to also understand that according to some legal experts the average American commits 3 felonies a day of course most people not even realizing that they have committed a crime not for me this is just some important context to share with you now the bond here was set at a half a million dollars most likely because of the prior criminal activity of Matt here in my own personal opinion the bail bond system in the United States is extremely corrupt and also very on at the. Move forward with story crawl was arrested by Martin County Sheriff’s deputy Steven or Leary and you and you know you know if you ever getting pulled over by a sheriff’s deputy that is named Steven O’Leary.

Year you’re in trouble no matter December 5th according to WPTV Sheriff William Snyder says the officer had been fired after an investigation uncovered that at least 11 people he put in jail for drug charges were found innocent the TV station reported 11 people 11 people have their lives uprooted ruin with major consequences and fears looming on them because of this officer falsifying drug evidence in order to get convictions and put people behind bars and let’s just be honest here this man doesn’t deserve to be fired this man deserves to actually go to jail for ruining the lives of 11 people because the people trusted him as a public service officer as a police officer to do his job. Correctly what you was knowingly falsifying to most likely probably get a promotion or for other sick.

Idiotic motives that this quote peace officer was incentivised to do.

Moving on with the story no matter what we do no matter how hard we try just based on the law of possibilities there’s always a possibility that One Bad Apple will slip the roof Snyder said according to WPTV I laugh at that cuz that’s not an argument to be made.

Of course duh not all police officers are bad I think with the prison population than the fact that when you do get pulled over you’re definitely not feeling protected and served especially fear.

Vehicle I think America needs to admit hear that there is a problem with holding police officers accountability especially with the huge responsibilities that they have in this country I think I think that’s a fact to hear that this is a bigger problem than just one officer since a lot of these things happen often and they’re definitely deserve to be a bigger broad our conversation which I think begins with this officer going to jail for his obvious crimes and Miss service to the public continue run according to WPTV the TV station reported that crawl May sue for damages that he better sue he probably wouldn’t Sue he will soon he’s going to be is most likely going to be fine girl was sleeping inside his van in a parking lot interesting detail to adhere before the rest according to CBS 12 officers got word of a suspicious van and went to check it out that’s when police say O’Leary found a bag of Tide laundry detergent and clay. The field test proved it was heroin cbs12 reported he showed me a picture of the field test kit that he supposedly conducted on his phone on his phone I don’t even know if that’s possible hear cruel told CBS 12 he never actually showed me the real test kit but cruel said he was confused how a drug was found in his car in the first place.

Quote I just looked at him baffled and confused he told WPTV because I had no idea as to where 92 grams of heroin came from inside my van Schneider said that they couldn’t find anything credible with what O’Leary stated and freed the 11 people including crew who had been accused of possessing drugs now Crowell has a message for the officer whose arrest stole weeks of his life away quote I’m not saying he ruined my life cruelty is interesting right up here by this author quote but he definitely caused me a lot of emotional distress and a lot of stress to my family emotional distress this guy’s definitely talking to a lawyer here the next follow-up Story by the Miami Herald here which shows you that this is not just One Bad Apple that this author tried to highlighted in this very specific piece a comment from of course the police but the next storiesig. To you is a Richard Jones Who quote is speaking in this video about his experience after being exonerated on aggravated robbery charges nearly Seventeen years after being arrested an innocent man 17 years and again this is more common than you think I’m reading on the channel 12 news story about this and this poor guy is devastated he miss big events like Christmas because of this falsified arrest now an important aspect that’s totally missed from of course this just copy and paste job by Josh Magnus here is the fact that there’s also additional cases pending are being investigated right now we’re around a hundred and twenty drug samples are being tested again a hundred and twenty Other Drug samples which potentially means almost a hundred and twenty other individuals.

Potentially of course last as well that could have been falsely arrested and their arrest are being put into question right now what the hell was this officer thinking.

I mean yeah this story definitely deserves to be in the National Spotlight here because it covers a very important thing and I think a bigger story years.

Other than being fired there’s no accountability for this officer and the horrible things that he did again this is common also very much with cat litter a lot of times cat litter test positive for methamphetamine and there’s calculus of Articles here when you just type in cat litter gets you jail time like of course this bust of the Year where a man spent three days in jail because of glitter and the mugshot says it all yes lawsuit lawsuits of course which has people that were victimized by the police suing the police department and the city getting tax revenue from them again very little accountability here by the people who actually do break the law who are responsible for allegedly.

Upholding it really is just extortion but that’s a whole nother argument and of course also drug traffickers or hip to this and they actually are stashing crystal meth in kitty litter like this man who was eventually caught and was actually given two life sentences for trafficking meth now the big argument that I kind of wanted to leave you guys here with his.

These two cases one of them a false arrest for heroin another one for me.

Wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for bigger problems in society that the mainstream media never dares to touch and that of course is the big Pharma police and prison industrial complex is that have a lot of influences on the laws here in America because virtually there’s big Pharma medicines out they’re not just Oxycontin but a number of other ones that pretty much. As meth and heroin but they’re deemed as opioids and painkillers and we have previously documented on this very specific YouTube channel even traveling down to Mexico to of course medical clinics that are actually treating a lot of people again guys this is more common than you think we’re not just talking about.

Drug addicts just people who are horrible neglectful are responsible people that Society likes to make you think that these people are but these are average human beings one of which that we talked to an interview. Who was involved in the car accident and then was prescribed very very hard Sinister painkillers by of course his doctor which is incentivize by the big top lobbyists to do so basically hooking him on to.

What was virtually legalized heroin and because the doctor then took him off of those medicines with that dependency with that addiction with how strong these drugs were that were given to.

Naturally a lot of people like the person we interviewed go to other alternative to keep maintaining what they deem normal what they were accustomed to that was appropriate by The Establishment that told him yes these pills are fine and many times we see the rise of meth and heroin on the streets of the United States mainly because of this bigger social political issue that is legalized that there’s big money in and of course the politicians in the police officers and everyone else just turned a blind eye to and that to me if we’re talking about this particular story this to me is the important context that you need to understand behind it if you grief share this video and yeah I would send up send a message to Josh here follow him.

That’s what’s right of a message.

Just read.

Article it was okay lots of copying and pasting.

Factually incorrect would have loved to hear about how big.

Pharma and corrupt government created this horrible situation but hey.

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