WASHINGTON, D.C. (WeAreChange) — The United States federal debt has topped a whopping 19,900,000,000,000 for the first time as of the close of business, Nov. 22, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, according to data released by the Treasury.

On that same day, it rose from $19,899,004,081,493.50 to $19,907,540,739,514.52.

Interestingly, on Nov. 23, the day before Thanksgiving, the debt dropped back to $19,897,994,347,700,50, according to the Treasury.

It should be noted that no Treasury business was conducted on Thanksgiving Day.

But by the close of business on Nov. 25th – Black Friday – the debt had climbed back above $19,900,000,000,000, hitting $19,928,118,193,162.55.

On Monday, according to the Treasury, the federal debt continued to climb, closing on Nov. 28 at $19,929,184,161,352.13.

Thanksgiving 2016 marked the first time since the United States declared independence on July 4, 1776 that the debt of the federal government exceeded $19,900,000,000,000.


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