U.S. Navy and Chinese War ships performed together in a rare training exercise last week in the waters off the coast of the Philippines.


Amid recent tension over the East China Sea where china sent fighter jets to the disputed island last February. It’s nice to see this was a joint exercise and not war.

The exercise included Both Chinese and U.S. Helicopters, Aircraft carriers and naval vessels.
Two warships from the United States and five warships from China.

All In preparation for the 2016 Rim of the Pacific multinational naval exercise. Which begins June, 30th, and will bring 26 different countries together for a massive military drill. Which the DoD was considering UN-inviting China earlier in March. Both Countries expressed that the two hour exercise went well and was successful congratulating each other. And both Militaries continued sailing for Hawaii for the international drill in formation.


“Our communication is smooth and we also have accurate understating of the drill’s intention. The drill meets our expectations.
In the drill, both sides had accurate understanding of each others intentions and acted quickly in finding the right positions and maneuvering.”
Wang Sheqiang, a commander with the Chinese fleet said.

“Thank you very much for a professional and safe exercise.
Your crews maneuvered magnificently, I congratulate you on a successful exercise.”
~American Navy Commander.

Although, this was a war drill,
this move could be seen as a peaceful move made by both super powers to de-escalate the situation in the East China Sea waters. Which the South China Sea dispute is about to wrap up in Court in a tribunal decided by a committee appointed by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) on the Philippines and China’s maritime conflict. As the late Legendary John Lennon once said all we need is love. “Imagine all the people, imagine theirs no country’s it isn’t hard to do. Imagine all the people living life in peace.” After all we only have one world and we are all one human race together we share the land and the sea. Where is the Love?

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