The infamous 4chan meme Pepe the frog has been declared a symbol of hate by the ADL (Anti-Defamation League). The meme went mainstream when a  protester recently screamed “Pepe” at a Hillary Clinton rally.

So not only just  learning that Hillary Clinton hates him Pepe the frog has had a very sad morning today sitting in his cookie monster pajamas sipping his coffee and eating cookies nonstop additionally learning on CNN that he is now declared a hate symbol feels bad mayne..


When Pepe was asked, how he feels he just responded. “Y U NO liek me feels bad man..”

4chan has responded with the same rhetoric as usual calling ADL newfags.

This is the equivalent to declaring Grumpy Cat too mean or the Antoine Dodson meme racist/sexist/homophobic – they literally just declared a meme a hate symbol?

What about Sesame Street’s Bert? Everyone knows Bert is Evil like GOOGLE!

Does this mean that anyone who uses Pepe or says “Pepe” will be added to ADL’s list?

So many questions so little time, much wow.

Ermahgerd what’s next? 9/11 truth memes are supporting ISIS/Terrorism? “But wait there’s more a third building fell on 9/11 WTC7” Billy Mays said.

Double rainbow all the way OH MY GOD!



This declaration by the ADL should seriously worry everyone, despite only being a meme this is a huge attack on freedom of speech and expression, memers everywhere should be outraged by this declaration this should mean war. Fucking white males (Matt Damon), punctuation saves lives, ADL tell me more about this classification of a meme as a hate symbol? I’ve got my pants on the ground but ceiling cat is watching you ADL. It’s time for some campaignin, keyboard cat is very angry like that German kid playing counter-strike quick diffuse the bomb! Feels bad man..

Don’t Tase Me BRO! Shout out to our amazing editor and the walking meme man himself Andrew Meyer for not being a grammar nasi for this memetage forgive me for this MC-Hammer remix! Don’t edit me bro!

I just have FIVE final questions for the ADL do you like caek or how about cheezburgers, do you like Caterdays? Haz any mudkipz? Is the flying Spaghetti monster next on your meme character hit list of hate crimes are you going to imprison memes? Maybe I should ask a ninja? I Hope your answer is better then Miss South Caroli0na’s.  Chuck Norris is going to kick your ass my niggah ima let you finish but I just received a text from Hillary Clinton at least it wasn’t an email.. PROFIT?!?!?! THIS IS SPARTA! I Challenge you to an Epic rap battle, Were GONNA DO IT LIVE! Fuck it! TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL but watch your back they raping errrrybody out here you just got rick-rolled dog Xzibit out.


THANK YOU BASED GOD m00t, ADL all your base are belong to us listen to NoNoNoCat declaring memes a hate symbol is stupid and wrong don’t you have better things to do with your time then meddling with freedom of expression protected under the first Amendment of the U.S. constitution? U mad Bro? Speaking of time it’s peanut butter and jelly time! I regret Nothing! #FirstWorldProblems /b/ for lyfe! #MemeLivesMatter







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