Several Jewish schools and community centers in more than 10 states have received bomb threats today.

“At least 19 Jewish community centers and day schools in 11 states received bomb threats today: AL DE FL IN MD MI NJ NC NY PA & VA,” tweeted NBC correspondent Peter Alexander.

Another NBC news correspondent Bradd Jaffy Senior news editor confirmed by tweeting out a list of the schools.

“NBC News confirms there has been another wave of bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers and schools across the country,” Jaffy tweeted.

Jewish day schools in Virginia and Maryland also received bomb threats Monday morning, the Washingtonian reported, according to law enforcement sources in Montgomery County and Fairfax County. Adding that “nothing was found out of the ordinary and the threats at least in Virginia and Maryland appeared to be hoaxes.”

NBC Connecticut reported a bomb threat at a Hebrew High School in West Hartford.

The national Jewish Community Centers Association told NBC News that at least 19 of their centers and day schools were targeted with bomb threats.

The Anti-defamation league confirmed the threats on twitter.

The national Jewish Community Centers Association noted that “no explosives or injuries have been reported so far, and many of the centers have returned to normal operations.”

This comes amid an investigation into a Jewish Cemetery that had it’s headstones vandalized.

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