In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the latest decision by YouTube to further control what you will and will not see.

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Welcome back beautiful and amazing the veins and nose are the wonderful noises that I make every time I read a mainstream Media news article.

Socks and of course in today’s day and age there’s a lot of sloppy journalism that either is.

Holy admitting very important details to a bigger story that is happening stories also that deliberately lie and are used for the purposes of propaganda or fear-mongering some people call it fear porn but to say the least it is very difficult right now to decipher what is true what is not and what’s the full story behind the major event that’s why in this video I’m going to attempt to do that by singling out.

Single news article reading it to you and I’m telling you all the information about just how much it is filled with propaganda disinformation for journalism and if this does well it is something that we are going to continue to do on this channel with you guys also submitting articles that you want me to specifically read to you and review.

Golf Course.

This is pretty much because of your sponsorship your donations you guys purchasing t-shirts or change me to University and being a major force behind it this Independent Media operation which by the way is Bitcoin as well but if you feel inclined and can please support us on we are change. Org board / donate to allow us to do this work for you now the first story that I wanted to talk about today specifically.

Article by USA Today that is titled YouTube to curb recommended conspiracy videos and all yet we’re also going to send the nice personal message to Jefferson Graham the author of this piece at the end of this video and this was actually a very popular news article that was on the front page of red.

Has galvanised a ton of people sharing this article for some strange reason on the USA Today website it’s difficult to see any kind of metrics artists even how many people shared this story and there’s no there’s no comment section there’s only adds know a lot of news organizations have just completely eviscerated their comment section.

Because yeah there’s some crazy stuff that usually happens in the comment section but also because a lot of users usually call out a lot of the bullcrap lies and deception in the comments section and usually those comments are the number-one upvoted ones in major media Publications and a lot of news organizations instead of facing scrutiny from the people.

Totally deleted any kind of interaction between you and their publication which day want you to pay $9.99 for month.

Even though they clearly don’t care about being held accountable By Their audience and no USA Today I don’t want to stay connected no no thank you and I’ll let me get past all these advertisements to actually get to.

That’s a lot of advertisement now the article starts off here saying video Network YouTube responded to critics who have long called the Google company to clean up its recommendation engine and not offer conspiracy videos in suggested plays now even the first statement here is just full of crap and lies because I don’t know about you but the only people I’m seeing complained about the YouTube system and YouTube in general with their recommendations is only the mainstream media people don’t have a big issue or problem with the recommendations by in large and this statement is just a fallacy that they start off with I generalizing as much as they can without showing approving any evidence trying to push one past the goal post as if this is a legitimate argument.

A legitimate grievance by legitimate critics and no it’s not it’s the mainstream media that are mainly crying about this because by and large they’re getting destroyed by alternative media Independent Media that is destroying them and becoming a serious competitor for all their ad Revenue that they’re trying to collect those greedy little you know what I’m trying to say here or honesty or they would just say instead of critics I would say we us the mainstream media have been calling on the Google to fix the recommendation so we don’t lose advertising Revenue to people who are apart of Independent Media another very vague generalization here just saying conspiracy videos continuing on in a blog posted Friday YouTube said it will begin to reduce recommending borderline content and content that could miss inform users in harmful ways that look at YouTube statement border. Line contact again content that could.

Could miss inform users in harmful ways again also very generalized oblique language that could be used in many different ways and of course generalized because this Authority that they are now claiming will be abused for sinister purposes and the way to hide at those Sinister purposes is of course to make it as a large so people can’t find it and is generalized as possible to make it as Bland sounding as they can so people don’t get angry at them because this is a huge step backwards and I continued on with the article quote such as videos promoting a phony miracle cure for serious illness claiming the Earth is flat or making blatantly false claims about historic events like 9/11 again very interesting that YouTube actually decided on these very specific issues. And make up the craziest theories to generate ad Revenue yes that does exist but I would make the argument here that this is a situation where you’re throwing out the baby with the bathwater because YouTube does work does promote does push and recommend mainstream media Outlets which I would argue are sometimes more incredulous than the biggest phone when he’s on YouTube and have caused more damage to humanity.

Book of the mainstream media they sold us the Iraq War like it was a Shore thing they sold us the banker bailouts the supposed stimulus.

Just giving our money.

The richest most powerful people who created an economic crisis in this country look at 9:11 with the official voice saying that the air was safe to breathe issued by a lion government that the mainstream media repeated because they were believed to be authoritative voices and this is what YouTube has called a lot of the mainstream media companies that they are pushing forward while of course going after the small craters saying that they are at or Tatum voices and I believe our society is as screwed up as it is because of the mainstream media and you need people to question whether the air was safe to breathe on that 11 whether the Iraq War was worth it whether we should be giving out billions and trillions of dollars to foreign banksters those questions on a national discourse need to happen to have a healthy Democratic Society and when you take away those voices and you only let the establishment speak which is ultimately what YouTube is doing here which of course.

USA Today is running propaganda for mainly because companies like USA Today benefit and other mainstream media companies benefit from these larger decisions when you have these bigger shutting down the voices from the conversation you’re going to have huge detrimental effects to society especially with limiting the public discourse on what many people believed to be a public utility YouTube which has the power to dramatically change events and situations that we are dealing with okay now let’s continue on with the article the most high-profile conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was banned by YouTube in 2018 along with apple Stitcher Facebook and others over concerns about his content including videos that questioned whether the killing at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 were real as you all know I am definitely not a fan of Alex Jones and have criticized him in detail over his content on this. Very specific YouTube channel but please if you can entertain me and tell me the difference of what Alex Jones did in 2012 regarding families but entertain me here for just a second and tell me the major difference from Infowars coverage of Sandy Hook to of course the mainstream media coverage of the Covington Catholic school kids and the recent controversy that happened in Washington DC is there that big of a difference between the two campaigns and that’s something to think about that I could be wrong about but let me know and legitimately in the comment section okay so it’s go on here so if YouTube viewers were searching for music ounce of an event like Sandy Hook they could have seen Infowars pop up after a string of videos from CBS ABC and the like again just a very very rare example that they’re using a very of course hyperbolic one of area of course emotional one to convince you of this argument that they’re making but this is. Already been in use this censorship has already been hitting this YouTube channel for an example not just events like Sandy Hook but with other important geopolitical events especially major ones like the yellow vest movement which I have been on the ground covering and doing live streams from which have dominated the coverage some videos galvanizing even a million views destroying my competition and the mainstream media’s coverage of it because I actually provided an unbiased look at the entire situation that was happening there that resonated with people and had people sharing video that was on edited unbiased of exactly what was happening there without any kind of bigger Spin and when you typed in we are change French protests we are change yellow vest into the search algorithm here guess what none of our videos showed up pretty funny that mr. Jefferson Graham here didn’t use that as an exam. Misses of course the Slanders content that has been coming out against the yellow vest Movement by the mainstream media that is trying to destroy this movements typically from the coverage that we have seen from the French media continuing on with this article the article says the YouTube algorithm pics videos based on your viewing and search histories in an auto play mood with suggestions for other videos to watch as well yes I I can’t wait for Jake Paul videos to be shoved down my throat again continue on this isn’t the first time YouTube has tried to take the conspiracy video Problem in March 2018 it said it would put links to Wikipedia about events in text boxes around widely accepted vents like the 1969 moon landing a very successful I literally did a video about Vladimir Putin and literally the Wikipedia entry I got underneath.

My video is that Vladimir Putin is the president of Russia.

That’s what this idiotic did stupid again what it really is just a sick Sinister effort by technocrat trying to be in control of a narrative that they’ve been losing because of Independent Media let me skip this other advertisement here continue aren’t continuing on with the article YouTube was responding to public backlash know it wasn’t don’t lie USA Today Jeffrey Graham I’m writing you a nasty tweet after this stop lying what public backlash to mainstream Media made it up if it wasn’t for the mainstream media screaming and crying about ad Revenue not having enough money to survive trying to attack people take down independent users there wouldn’t be a supposed backlash there’s not one person that I know or even have seen other than politically motivated mainstream media limousine. Pax system cuckservative were screaming and writing hate rage click articles trying to of course galvanized the tech industry to act on their behalf and this is exactly what this is this isn’t public backlash you look at the most popular conspiracy videos out there they mostly have upvote people like their content people want to hear about the possibilities. Of course I will never be entertained by the mainstream media there’s a good discussion in the comments section mainly people enjoy it and you could see it by the response that they get continuing on after the supposed public bash backlash after it’s trending videos tab Gable white platform to clips that shared false or misleading information that sometimes the information was correct and you were wrong and this is why you need to take this down cuz you don’t wanna lose control them are that’s what’s Happening Here continuing on with the article about breaking national news events like the high school shooting in Parkland Florida or the two. 17 mass shootings in Las Vegas the mass shootings which by the way that be I just released the final report on what supposedly no motive at all with the authorities of course being tight-lipped not sharing a lot of the information with the general public many times covering up for themselves trying to protect themselves from any kind of responsibility or scrutiny from when they mess up because FBI messes up but they cover up to not face any accountability for this is why.

Regulates that maybe there’s something more to the story especially with a lying establishment a lying media that clearly works for special interest and tries to shut down independent voices that dare to say hey.

You’re probably lying here which sometimes they are and they need to be called at 4 and not censored continuing on with the article YouTube says Des algorithm shift will apply to less than 1% of the content on YouTube I don’t believe that that’s a big corporations word on itself what happened to h38 Street they got taken down because even talked about Alex Jones clearly they were doing a livestream they were taken down because they talked about something that you don’t want them talking about continuing on but the limiting the recommendations of these types of videos will mean a better experience for the YouTube Community whose standards and belief experience for the YouTube Community Human Experience for the technocrats globalist and prostitutes who only want to sell you a narrative to deceive you moving forward the network precise that the changes will affect recommendations of what videos to watch not whether a video is available on YouTube as always people can still access all videos that comply with our community guidelines. When relevant these videos may appear in recommendations for channel subscribers and in search results YouTube receives over 400 hours of videos uploaded to the site every minute so many questionable videos fall through the cracks fall through the cracks.

Some of the videos included child abuse pedophilic videos of perverse really inappropriate videos radicalized Islamic videos radicalized hate videos first interesting because as I’ve been hit by YouTube for supposedly talking about conspiracy theories myself I see all these other videos there are fine for a quite a moment YouTube decides to prior to a prioritize is of course.

Supposed conspiracy theorist not all those other things I mentioned which they didn’t go after first first they went after conspiracy theorist supposedly that’s what they call us it’s pretty much a dirty name created by the CIA what you got is another rabbit hole that you should jump into and I’ll leave this article for you to fact check yourself in the description of this video about this specific top.

Okay moving forward critics have long called for more human oversight and YouTube has responded by saying it will hire as many as 10,000 people to hunt for offencive videos.

Sensitive videos I thought we’re going after misleading videos with someone’s emotions are involved here and if their emotions are offended we have to take those videos down to exactly conflating it making his General.

As they can because they know this is a bad thing that they’re doing and we’ll have a big backlash continuing on Additionally the network has touted its use of machine learning to get a better handle of keeping bad stuff off the network again guys today set alternative Independent Media first on their little algorithm then they went after the child abuse the pedophilia activity the really inappropriate sexual stuff and then in a radical islamist.

Heads up just to just to show you where YouTube’s head is at continuing on videos were main up until they are flagged by members of the community for not adhering to YouTube guidelines you I can definitely can’t be abused by the system here and other people continue with on such as showing violence sexual content or in the case of the recent Florida high school shooting false information.

Who is going to be the decider of Truth technocrats billionaires no thank you I’ve been this is what they’re doing protected by USA Today continuing on an example of the conspiracy issue in February 2018 when student survivors of a high school shooting in Florida began speaking out a video that suggested the students were quote crisis actors hired by democrats and gun-control Advocate Rose to the top of YouTube trending section attracting 200,000 views what’s the media caught on to it YouTube pulled it down again very very rare case the trending section is pretty much the advertising section for YouTube it’s not really the top videos that get the most amount of used that’s misinformation number one so probably some of that YouTube made a mistake they don’t want to take responsibility for it so they just blame anyone else questioning narratives out there continue run this change in policy relies on combination of machine learning and real people YouTube says we work with human evaluators and experts from all the. The United States to help train the machine learning systems that generate recommendations these evaluators are trained using public guidelines and provide critical input on the quality of video Jim mortgage are good crap YouTube had resisted making whole some changes to its algorithm Duke due to concerns for free speech oh yeah you did yeah yeah that’s that’s rare. That’s pretty golden since you’re actually doing the thing that will suppress refreeze it Free Press now as you’re announced we have concerns but you know where I can just admitting here at the end yeah this is a big issue for Free Speech but we’re going to go with it anyway quote the network said that the changes strike a balance between maintaining a platform for free speech yet sure and living up to our responsibility to you know it’s not it’s you once again again it’s just one hand washing the other one ended. For talking another and this cozy relationship between big Tech and of course the mainstream media is in Ed Horton but proves and shows to everyone that the truth is mainly the rain enemy here for them people discussing and talking to each other is something that they can have they can’t have a discourse they can’t have people talking to each other they’re coming from the point of view that people are too dumb to understand truth to understand how to live their lives and they will decide what you can and cannot hear and what you’re able to even think about this is what they’re doing here on such a major level continue along with the Stars look at just a boy and adds here.

What it what is it Yo Gotti drops put a date on it with little baby set to appear on the tonight this is not used as an advertising is that Busta Rhymes by the way Busta Rhymes also are you considering I was sick of this let’s look at all these add holy cup Yo Gotti drops put a date on it with little baby set to appear on The Tonight Show what the hell is this.

4 train like this is news content it’s not this is this advertisement this is what this is really all about that Busta Rhymes fun fact here Busta Rhymes by the way is really big into alternative information especially surrounding the events of 9/11 and anything else the mainstream media tries to jam our throat and of course you know that this is conflict and of course the mainstream media is all about their just trying to confuse you as if this is actual news articles here just trying to get you to buy more crap holy cow look like I’m not even sure how long we’re going here for holy cow I even have a special application.

Oh that I came and talked about okay let me actually turn on the advert oh my God oh my goodness I just turned off a special app thing that I had with in my browser here thank you guys know what I’m talking about I can’t really meant.

This is modern journalism inundated with the garbage from the internet corporatist trash.

Okay let’s go find Jeffrey Graham and write him a nice mess.

For him on Twitter.

Grammar is this guy here we go yeah oh Jeffery Jeffery I’m so disappointed in you probably going to fire the poor guy because.

Absolute trash at the solar industry has turned into.

Jeffrey Graham just read a Jeffrey.

You just rewrite press release that your corporate.

Overlords vomited down your throat and you regret rejecting.

They did to us serious question with the open face emoji and send check out the activity that will be happening right here.

If you enjoy this video obviously share please I mean you got to have to now because YouTube because.

We’re not an authoritative voice we’re telling you what they’re not telling you.

Good label us a conspiracy theorist which we’ve been labeled by the mainstream media at so many times before.

Mom still my work all the time when I’m doing live that’s what I am so frustrated at.

Regardless share this video please YouTube won’t I appreciate you guys if it wasn’t for you donating a supporting and subscribing and being a part of us we wouldn’t be here if you like this format of me reading articles to you let me know and I’ll continue to do this if you have any other videos you recommend send it to me on my Twitter at

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