In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the upcoming election and the possibility of a red hack by Russia and China for the 2020 Elections, Info all coming from DNI chief Dan Coats.


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An amazing human beings in yet another review of the top trending mainstream media news article that I will publicly defecate on with truth.

A different. Truth is subjective but but I was just on Reddit and this is the number one article it’s it’s number three and all that of course A lot of people are talking about n again. Just looking at the title just by the time I know there’s going to be a lot of disinformation propaganda or just blatant lies in this article that will need to be broken down because of the mainstream media says it’s usually.

Depending on.

What special interest they’re serving and then we’re going to go over all of this of course in the video as well as writing a very special.

Twitter message to Ken dilanian at the end of this airing out some of our grievances with this piece okay this piece is by NBC News was getting paid by Volkswagen that company has definitely does not have a controversial past and the blood diamonds as well as in other articles look at this is all ads all of them.

Another ads that is paying for this National Security article against the title of your State’s us Intel agencies.

Russia and China plotting to interfere in 2020 election.

Very clickbait title that I don’t believe has any Merit in it now let’s get into the article by Chief Dan costs also noted that us intelligence agencies believe North Korea is unlikely to give up its nuclear weapons holy cow that ticket Swift turn here does a two different things we’re talking about here Ken can you stay on topic Ken do you wanna Dilly Dilly I’m not know whenever you call your name actually this is.

Okay because we actually have a name we have someone that we could paint the story to end the d&i of course is Director of National Intelligence is also in the news in 2018 saying that we are at a critical point of cyberattacks I would have surprised another hyperbolic statement before why of course using these hyperbolic statements to promote fear to promote propaganda to push for a bigger conflict with what looks like China Russia and specifically North Korea.

This guy also personally sparred with Donald Trump before and he has worked as a lobbyist for copper Industries a Texas corporation that manufactures Electrical Products worldwide now I’m bringing up a lot of this stuff because it’s important to understand the background about which this article is totally based on and I do applaud can for actually naming a source here and putting them on the record now did Ken regurgitate what this guy just told them without questioning it which most journalists do or did he actually do some journalism and some fact-checking here holding Authority accountable for what their sake did he actually do some journalism let’s find out the article reads us intelligence agencies assess that Russia and China will seek to interfere in the 2020 presidential election Having learned lessons from Russia’s operation in 2016 according to the annual public survey of national. Security threat.

Tuesday the article makes a very generalized assertion that there was some kind of Russian operation in 2016 and when you click on the link you just find out about an order that Donald Trump signed that pretty much does not prove that but sets up a protocol if that does happen again what Ken did here is very dishonest because again he’s saying the lessons we learn from the Russian operation linking of course 2.

Proving that at all because guess what people there hasn’t been any Russian collusion proved now the bigger context that does need to be understood here is that there is National Security.

State security hacking efforts made by China made by Russia made by the United States made also by Israel made by many countries that hack each other on many different levels China specifically does.

Two corporations for business purposes and Felix of the claim here that this is to supposedly.

Affect our election somehow that argument again is extremely laughable especially made by the United States that has been interfering in elections and democratically-elected government for decades now it’s what the CIA in the United States government does especially in Latin and South America especially with what the Trump Administration and intelligence Community is trying to do now in Venezuela. That argument I’m not opening up where them for it or against it I. I talked about it a lot of my YouTube channel just watch the separate video before you jump to of course I’ll conclusion which this article does a great job.

Already from the very beginning generalized bigger disinformation and larger context is missing here but Russia China I do not have States is real all hack each other all the time this is the larger context that needs to be understood here and yes russia-china do hacked United States in the United States does hack them it’s an aspect of our national security that exist today and when it comes to this digital space we have to also understand about a lot of hacks could be faked like RI recently saw admitted by Democratic operatives to make it look like Republican senator candidate Roy Moore was linked to Russia in some way of false flag operation which is common and a probability that is worth at least just looking into and if writing a story about it to the general public worth I think at least mention it.

We don’t see any of that here and I’m moving on with the story the story reads quote we assess that foreign actors will view the 2020 us elections as an opportunity to advance their interest Dan coats the Director of National Intelligence told the Senate intelligence committee at the worldwide threats hearing what the readers going to be alluding to is of course Russia with that which the mainstream media has been obsessing about supposedly advancing their interest in the 2016 presidential elections by as the mainstream media wants you to think pushing for Donald Trump to be president of the United States that I would question that narrative not only because I haven’t seen any legitimate proof showing that but also because if the Russians did that.

Kind of backfired on them especially geopolitically because Donald Trump has been more aggressive than than Barack Obama his predecessor especially when it comes to geopolitical matters in Syria actively bombing.

The Syrian government actually come painting to do totally different but what has campaign in Syria actually even causing the deaths of many Russian mercenaries and putting Russia in a very difficult spot Donald Trump has also sold lethal weapons and given them to the Ukrainian forces which was a move that Barack Obama would never dare to do and now Donald Trump is talking about military options on the table for Venezuela as Russia just sent their security forces to of course Safeguard Maduro the president of Venezuela with Donald Trump and even John Bolton with a notepad himself still going forward and even writing that notepad up they’re sending 5000 US troops to the region geopolitical if you look at the bigger picture Donald Trump has been more aggressive than his predecessor when it comes to the bigger geopolitical matters that the United States has been at Major odds with Russia. Do Puerto Rico Russia didn’t do well if they even allegedly helped Donald Trump get into office which is our narrative the mainstream media pushes that according to me and my own personal opinion Falls flat on its face and makes no sense moving forward with the article and another notable statement coats noted that us intelligence agencies believe North Korea is unlikely to give up its nuclear weapon because it’s leader ultimate leave use nuclear weapons as critical to regime survival that view stands in stark contrast to comments from President Donald Trump who in June declared that North Korea was no longer on ugler threat citing his talks with leader Kim Jong on now it is true North Korea does have about 20 nuclear warheads that it looks at this posing which the United States is actually offering technology to even dispose of that specific weapon but it’s important to understand here that North Korea didn’t make very. Progress at dismantling their key missile facilities and with this statement issued by the government it also needs to be stated here which can you forgot about Ken and you forgot to ask for this is well where is the actual evidence proving this and let’s be honest here it’s very hard to believe our government especially in the DNA that lied to us and said that there wasn’t even an NSA surveillance program which whistleblowers have to come out and prove that yeah.

Actually was one and that power was being abused because that power wasn’t being questioned like like you got here it’s not being questioned moving forward the article says coats also reputed Trump statement that Isis has been defeated he said that the group was nearing military defeat in Iraq but has returned to its guerrilla warfare route continues to plot attacks and still commands thousands of fighters in Iraq and Syria from the evidence that I saw yes that’s true but also from the evidence I saw if it wasn’t for intelligence agencies and the horrible Wars the United States has been involved in there wouldn’t also be Isis what you got I think it’s important context your you may not it may not be relevant to you but I personally think it is since United States most likely has a receipt on a lot of the funding ammunition and weapons / infrastructure that this terrorist group has on political interference the written assessment added that intelligence analysts expect. American adversaries to quote refine their capabilities and add a new tactics as they learn from each other’s experience suggesting the threat landscape could look very different in 2020 and future elections political interference using social media and cyber-attacks was scarcely mentioned in the threat assessment before last year but it was listed second behind cyber attacks in Tuesday’s array of the challenges facing US National Security policymakers assessment here is that in Russia allegedly used social media to supposedly interfere in the elections which The Washington Post says that there was actually a crap another paywalled I’m not paying.

How even the Washington Post said that they’re still little evidence that Russia’s 2016 social media efforts did much of course some mainstream Media news article say it’s undeniable that this happened and it could have happened it could have been a false flag and anything is possible here and I could be wrong but from this estimate that I saw I definitely didn’t help swing elections and promoted such things as black lives matter which According to some was supposed to Spur racial tensions and the United States to kind of divide and conquer the people but honestly if that’s the argument that they’re making the people you need to lock up is the mainstream media cuz they’ve been doing that and race-baiting and hate clicking range clicking people for a very long time now and credulous Lee and if that’s a crime they should be sent away for it and that’s why I don’t believe that argument continuing on quote Russia’s social media efforts will continue to focus on aggravating social and racial.. Undermining trust in authorities and criticizing perceived anti-russia politician says the written threat assessment Moscow Maine employee additional influence to kids such as spreading disinformation conducting hack and leak operations or manipulating data in a more targeted fashion to influence us policy actions and elections some of this could actually be true but without a doubt I definitely do not buy that this is specifically for aggravating social and racial tension since again the mainstream media does a great job at that China and Iran may also seek to influence American politics the assessment said and China and Russia are working together as never before in recent history that again is very true and some contacts thank you Kent finally we get some contacts to your NGO politically Russia and China have been working together specifically against the u.s. petrodollar continuing on China and Russia are more aligned than at any. Point since the mid-1950s and the relationship is likely to strengthen in the coming years as some of their interest and threat perceptions converge particularly regarding perceived us unilateralism oh goodness I can’t say that and Western promotion of democratic values and human rights the assessment said you look at us interventions they’re not really promoting democratic values as much as they are pushing allowed in multinational corporations to profit off the suffering of people especially surrounding bigger national resources issues.

Predominantly is about either natural resources or the preservation of the u.s. petrodollar that’s pretty much it for the audience and the viewers in the readers of your article, which really happening here and put some questions to this report that honestly deserves some screwing here continuing on the worldwide threat hearing is generally the one during the year that all heads of major US intelligence agencies testify in public about the threats facing the nation FBI director Christopher Wray may be asked about the acting attorney general’s cup comment Monday that the Mueller investigation is wrapping up and he may be pressed about how much of Mueller’s findings will be made public again going back to Russia here can you know exactly what you’re doing with the psychological propaganda and disinformation that you’re pushing let’s find your Twitter K where is this guy let’s go find them can.

Oh goodness you feel Dazed and Confused already here we go I’m going to follow you so you could DM me now.

Come on.

A candle.

Just read your article and. Have you always been this obedient lap dog of the establishment who gets a little treat and loses his ability to question.

Apostrophe eyes emoji.

That’s my take on it again if you guys think I’m wrong let me know why in the comments section below and I could be wrong and it’s okay to be wrong but only because of the discussion that were able to have actually able to learn from each other which I appreciate it very much so yeah this is why I love the reason I love you guys thank you again so much watching stay tuned for a lot more here on we are change.

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