In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on week 13 in Paris France, and what the media isn’t telling you about it!

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I mean we got really awesome human beings here we have Emily Molly Ford Fisher and wow like we just went through the 13.

Week of mass.

France I mean people are describing it as a Civil War as a revolution but it’s.

Clear that there’s a conflict there such a distraction destruction and damage happening in the street all of us have different experiences were all in different places with today.

Definitely different the situation is definitely a lot more Dynamic than we could ever expect it to be there’s a lot of divide and conquer techniques going out there is a lot of people who are dissatisfied today there’s a lot of people who are satisfied from the far left fighting people on the far right the same goes on the opposite way so there’s a lot to take away from today but I mean I just had a crazy experience we’re literally I didn’t know what was happening I was literally recording pieces of Flesh because of explosions that we’re going off here and the fact that there’s no mainstream media coverage of this.

Is little tidbits.

Erratically but to be fair where we have situations like Venezuela when we have other protests happened.

The Align with greater us geopolitical goals with the u.s. petrodollar we hear about protest non-stop when it goes along with the program this is the protest that is bringing people together that is really questioning the real power structures and this is something that occur.

What’s going on here very little to limited coverage and the only real journalists were here pretty much for fishing with Emily and I just want to go around bring the camera.

Over here and get their point of views on what they’re bigger takeaways were from today cuz we all have different experiences and they don’t go along with the same frequency of understanding and oceans of this that are easily defined so I’m not Emily go off first she would really good stuff today really awesome videos that was a lot of crap just like all of us did but yeah I believe just how was your day and what’s your biggest kind of take away and understanding from the yellow vest movement.

It started off pretty a pretty nice actually like really happy High Spirits everyone was kind of laughing singing like having fun.

When the March started and things sort of escalated from there.

I did notice the police while trying to improve their Optics.

Did not do much to improve their tactics in fact I think they made a lot of really dangerous moves today.

Between almost creating a stampede when they first started to playing pepper spray and tear gas during the march of the.

Almost free to Stampede because everyone had to turn around in this very narrow roadway and then like people couldn’t see so everyone’s just rushing forward and you know the people at the very back which there were thousands tens of thousands of people I would imagine.

Nobody had the room to move so I was just being pushed up into each other which was pretty dangerous and then as time went on we saw him or injuries we saw.

Like you said before.

I did see I didn’t see any water cannons today which was very that made me really happy.

No rubber bullets to my knowledge.

I did see some flash bangs.

But mostly teargas I would say.

I mean we got shot with the water cannons last time we were here we are here with two weeks.

Other than the other weeks this week was kind of different because.

We weren’t the ones instigating the violence there was a section of protesters that were instigating violence there was a lot of explosions there was a lot of just crazy footage bored. This incredible footage of these barricades being thrown at police cars be at the police officers are inside.

Kind of construction barricades and the group of about two dozen of the more radical and we’re on the way.

Yellow vests basically went in this One Direction I think that they kind of went the wrong way but they kind of went the opposite way of the crowd and they ended up kind of turning back but not without taking a quick break metal barricades at a police car that was occupied by two police officers and tons of American process including conflict with the police but I have never seen something like that just straight up throwing metal barricades at the cops who basically.

Their entire tactic was really about kind of retaliating and getting away but not about making arrests I saw very few arrests given the amount of violence so that the cops and the cops got out for a second just to shoot them with the pepper spray but then they got back in the car and.

Send it in reverse so it was just about the retreat whereas I’m sure that they could have got to get the equivalent to a felony charge that basically didn’t seem to be today maybe because it’s impossible because I didn’t want to anytime you want but I think the policing was absolutely pointless in a property that they’re just crazy people running around with a hammer smashing everything and then police officers just like randomly decided yeah we’re just going to be charged and beat people up randomly sure if it was actually a police explosive or a protester explosive that rip that journalist hand.

Beverly / was flying everywhere because it was so cute it goes so crazy horse born every year broke his a gas mask have to keep right on my.

Even the gas mask we had in the specific things we had even some of that was pretty strong stuff that we are dealing with you today but then there’s Incredible video coming out of Leon all the far left in the far-right all wearing yellow vests just clash with each other feeding the crap out of each other there was a lot of people that I talked to a lot of people by the way also.

Just came up to me mainly because of the sun some recognized the work I do on the grinding and complimenting me a lot of people didn’t want to talk.

Persecution that’s happening here a lot of people are afraid to make comments there’s another case developing here where we’re hearing that three people who work for Amazon we’re actually fired for voice support on Twitter for the yellow vest movement so that’s another aspect of this that has lent a lot of people try to be quiet there’s another person next to me time be like your bmtv your BF.

We’ve been documenting I’ll be MTV which is there see that over your husband getting their ass kicked and being shooed away and thrown away from the protest and back today I don’t know if you guys want to get into it but a lot of people being like hey no don’t feel that away from us and it was more violent more damage than I have seen it before and me and Emily were here three times has really hard to get people to speak on-camera Islands I’ve learned a little friend since our last trip so I would approach people and mostly speak in French and at least ask if they want to speak to him speak was fine but speak on camera was a totally different thing for them and is it was they were you know they were happy to speak to me without the camera rolling but as soon as I ask and I film they’re like no no no no no no not on camera. Okay thanks.

Going to be this week. More hostility towards journalists in general and before it was mostly just did have somebody come up and push me I saw somebody swapped Ford’s camera and yes it’s really disheartening to see that kind of behavior but a lot of vandalism and it’s the kind of stuff you don’t want to be seen on camera doing even if their faces are covered but I really got to come and these two guys they really did incredible work out there editing the videos right now if we’re talking that’s why they’re on their computer I’m on my computer trying to edit my video footage for about like 15 or 20 minutes that I was walking and there was at least every 20 seconds something being smashed or set on fire usually breaks their windows that kind of thing that I kept my. Camera down and invisibly off.

And they are shots that I’ll remember in my head forever but people won’t see and I don’t think most people are filming because there was one person came up to me would come up to the earlier he said stop filming I stopped on the particular thing then later I was feeling something else he came up to me and I don’t speak French but he said something to me in French he held up to like two fingers and then he kind of asked you was talkin you nodded his head no with making three fingers clearly what he was saying is after three strikes something’s going to happen.

Making it known that I was.

And I have to make it very clear that I wasn’t BMT because there’s people out there looking at the live stream that’s just mainstream media is going off to every girl is looking at their cameras being like kick your butt which it again has been happening time and come yet but also a very specific ways go say that this yellow vest movement in Paris is racist that they are far right while also yes there’s also right-wing elements is there there’s also elements from all over the place but this movement have been slandered has been attacked not only by the numbers have been impacted for just talking about the yellow vest movement and if it’s not for you guys sharing some of the videos.

I got all of them were being demonetized all of them are pretty much being yellow and it really it is really up to you to get the larger message across.

But another thing that I want to talk about is the big kind of divide and conquer thing that people have been telling me about this there’s also.

Which you probably heard if you washed our for our lives.

They’re on the ground people telling me I’m mad I’m angry this doesn’t represent me this is stupid that you can fight police.

That’s okay like we understand that but you’re lighting trash can is on fire you’re breaking business.

Fire destroying cars of private individuals you’re not making people like us you’re not making people join us.

A lot of people try to voice their kind of discernment from that again there’s also a big spectrum of this movement where you clearly see yellow vest protesters being like Stop the Violence stop throwing stuff at the Police Stopped initiating stop trying to create a more violent situation than we already have to deal with because of macrons very handy too heavy-handed tactics which can also extended to new laws that they passed in France which put stiffer and stiffer penalties against protesting without a permit and also set up a new president where you can cover your face and protest as well all of those I haven’t seen them forced at all to the hate a very few arrests you said there was a number of History going on James I saw it last I read it was 17 to change and 10 taken into custody but yeah I figured that those new. Statues that they’re putting his place are more of a reason to.

It’s more of an excuse to why we arrested you rather than grounds for arrest like it’s something I feel like it’s something that’s more added after the fact that people so they don’t come out and it had the opposite effect straight there was just Roosevelt people this movement is not going away anytime soon and it’s only going to get more crazy or more interesting and more nuanced as we saw today than ever before I know you guys have about today and Ford’s going to be here for a little bit longer as well.

As much as it’s easy to see the violence and then see it as kind of one big sea of yellow there really were a lot of different contingencies a lot of different tactics so like a store and about a hundred yards behind us there was the block that was just kind of destroying everything there’s a group that passed a toy store and these are the people breaking things there was this kind of like kids ride outside the toy store they’re actually picked the whole thing up they like knocked on the toy store door and they brought it inside for them so that the this children’s ride wouldn’t be destroyed by the antifasciste block so there was a diversity of tactics there was a diversity of etiology they were United in some common enemy is but there were a lot of different..

That is really important.

Politically diverse group yellow vest I think there’s a lot to be learned from this kind of cooperation even if there is a little bit of inviting here and there and disagreements on the tactics employed to bring about the change but I do think it’s really important to recognize that these are.

Call from all over the political Spectrum willing to come together for the things that they agree on what kind of agree the Baxter mccrone has to go out with kind of one unifying message.

Absolutely credible crazy day when you guys were part of it for our livestream also want to come back and forward and Emily their links to their accounts will be the description of this video please check them out and support them because just like I have these are independent journalists out here doing the work on the ground.

Without any box running a corporation without any government telling them what to do there’s no other way for the truth to get out there unless it’s with your support and you can do that financially supporting anyone any three of us.

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