Incredible footage from week 13 of the Yellow Vest protests in France.

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Transcript –

Reporting Live from Paris France. Okay thank God for putting out here. So you got rid of diarrhea. Fireworks being bad at the golf cart front and back. Looking for silver bullets dangerous Riverboat poker main event. I got I got on my protective gear. Got my helmet.. Telephone number to plant tomatoes. Who is this. Echoes of the Revolution happening. Venezuela. Continue playing before. Nothing I can do to people. Cuz it happened over 13 weeks. The center of Paris songs is Elaine. Cigarettes. I’m done what you see. Where is it going to snow. The title government office. Reporting live again this week. Australian it is it supposed to rain today. I can’t see. Because I was having a hard time. The jazzmasters on correctly. Truck stop. I got your protests happening now. My face is on fire. Niagara County. You just said it was an officer using. The rubber bullet that I’ve been taking up people’s eyes he actually ended on a protester State Point Blank That’s why I started filming. Professor Griff Murano. And I’ve also been on.. I need the phone number to John Boehner. What does a flea live right now. Shape of water playing in Chicago. One Health Medical. Street Medics have been incredibly helpful here going to go over to see where they’re going up. What does the factors of asceticism. I’m at it again and ask him not to tell the people who are hurt. Except that is inside weather forecast. Is there anything I can do this situation. I don’t think I want to know what that is. Is a big argument happening. Aldi phone number to practice between Seattle. Princess games. Right now looks like a fox in. Just released a video with myself on the ground about the bigger deal political aspects of this Francis Francis Xavier called the Diplomat from Italy. Tokyo Ghoul. Play Sims on phone. What’s a fun party. I’ve also been. Lansing weather. To make it illegal for people to protest without a permit and to cover their face and they’re making the crime for that. More serious than what it was before what it more punishment. I thought you was dead.. Shuffle nothing make an announcement. Walmart. Ignored ignored by the mainstream media press and America. Are you sure you’re going to Live Crew going right now. Destiny tuning. What’s the notification for. A lot of people counted out the yellow vest protesters me and seeing somebody out Loop. Mandarin and lied about them. They’re not going away anytime soon. Yeah well it was broke when I put it on. Prices for Fisheries also another last year this first week out here. I take off my gas mask at least. For gas mask broke whatever doing another sponsor me to become a member or sponsor on on our website are we doing tutorial videos on how to do this as an independent journalist. No more tears to my eyes just everywhere so tired it seems like almost the entire city of Paris isn’t really shut down. Wow more officers coming out of there. Looks like they need assistance, put on my gas now. Justin leverenz. Never empty funny on and on and on and on. Do you stay here for more. Take me to 418 North Alabama on YouTube.

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