There is A LOT of crazy and insane financial news happening right now. 

In this video we talk about the fact that Mark Zuckerberg is testifying right now about Facebook’s new cryptocurrency coin, Libra, the astonishing news coming out of major financial institutions, and of course, the crypto crash we are currently experiencing. 

We talk about all of these topics and more with special guest Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante. 

I like talking to Jeff about these things because he provides a perspective that I don’t. As you know, I usually talk about the social unrest. Jeff talks about financial news and I talk about social news, but they’re connected and it’s important to know that. And that’s why I like talking to Jeff.

In this video, Jeff tells just what’s going on with Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s new Libra coin. The powers that be don’t want cryptocurrencies to be successful because if they lose control of the money system, they lose all of their power. Which, of course, is what we should want.

According to Jeff, we’re nearing some sort of massive collapse. The current monetary system is literally falling apart and because crypto poses a huge threat, they’re doubling down on trying to make it look like it’s dangerous and only used by criminals. But, as you know, the biggest criminals are actually the central banking cartels. 

In fact, the federal reserve just printed more money in the last month than the entire market cap of bitcoin. They printed $210,000,000,000. And that’s just the beginning because the system is so far gone, that if they stop printing money, the entire system will collapse. That’s almost what happened in 2008. And it’s about to happen again. 

This may sound complicated but it’s actually very simple. The way things end up working in society is largely up to the society itself. People choose to play by these institutional rules, but these rules are kind of dumb. They’re just based on power. So if you have enough power, you can get away with pretty horrible things. 

Facebook has power and, as you know, they get away with a lot. That’s what makes it so interesting to see this public fight that’s unfolding right now at the very same time that crypto is crashing. 

The crypto market remains very volatile. It’s a pretty small market and whales are coming in, buying a bunch of bitcoin, and ultimately making a profit off of the crash they’re creating. While bitcoin is down about 10% today, that actually isn’t a very big deal.

The riskiest thing you could be doing right now is having all of your money just sitting in a bank account because the financial system is on the verge of collapse.

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