In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on what is happening with Roger Stone after he has officially been indicted by Robert Mueller.


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Welcome back beautiful amazing human beings this is over to ask you if we are changed. Oregon today is yet again another watershed moment in the Robert Mueller Russia gate investigation which surprise is dividing people on the left and right who come up with their own version of events which the majority of are full of crap that’s what actually happened if they’re actually wasn’t he supposed.

Russian collusion with you becoming harder and harder to find any really F of course we’re also going to talk about how both parties here are just full of horse manure by the way this show is made possible by you and your support on stores for and what your purchase help support Independent Media into it since obviously everyone is talking about.

Dory and we not only saw Rodger Stone but also #mueller time hashtag Nixon Wikileaks and even #mueller Friday all trended today on Twitter because of this latest news with FBI SWAT agents who by the way volunteered without pay to Storm the House of shitposter and troll Rodger Stones house in the early hours of this morning to arrest him on an indictment by the Mueller investigation being officially charged on 7 counts charges of obstruction making false statements and quote witness tampering with indictment specifically talking about him lying to Congress trying to get stolen emails from Wikileaks and reaching out to WikiLeaks trying to obtain these emails we’re going to go to some of these charges in Greater detail later on but the story dominated headlines also because of the FBI SWAT officials which many people have accused them of heavy-handed on necessary. Tactics which definitely wasn’t overstep in my own personal opinion and another interesting fact about this arrest which was also interestingly highlighted by Donald Trump in a tweet earlier this morning where you said quote greatest Witch Hunt in the history of our country no collusion border drug dealers in human traffickers are treated better and sentence who alerted CNN to be there? Very important question since some house was able to get exclusive video coverage of the actual rate of the actual rest of Rodger stone with them being on the scene at his house an hour before the FBI agents even showed up which of course leads many people to think that the FBI Tip Top CNN a very interesting leader CNN has contradicting themselves many times saying that at first, it was a producer’s gut instinct I second that it was some kind of grand jury activity that they. Macdon contradicting themselves but of course as other reporters have noted that not one news organization except for a remote CNN crew knew about this arrest and after releasing contradictory statements before seeing and now says that quote they were able to capture the arrest of Rodger Stone because of the assault of determined report and interpreting revealed in the course of a mess that’s called Turtle has been proven time and time does the absolute a bird Pusher of fake news and for them to say this with the absolutely little credibility that they have is extremely doubtful to believe of course there’s a small Slimmer chance that this could be true but honestly just extremely doubtful with the reputation that CNN has that precedes it which makes many people in clue. Myself to believe that they were tipped off again just personal opinion which has not been corroborated moving forward with this story obviously after being arrested.

Rodger Stone was able to see a judge whose Bell was determined at $250,000 which by the way Rogers didn’t have to pay he just have to promise you have to pay that if he missed the next court appointment now soon is coming out of court to Rodger Stone decided to First give the interview to Alex Jones of Infowars where he talked about how his wife and dog were traumatized and how he will fight and defend not only himself but also not flip on Donald Trump and that he is not guilty of all the charges that he was just indicted. And honestly looking at the indictment there actually is no proof of Russian collusion which this investigation is supposed to be about.

There is the fact that Rodger Stone did actually threaten a dog threatened Randy San Marcos dog because.

Randy was disputing Rogers claimed that he was the back channel to WikiLeaks which was most likely Rodger Stone being called out on his constant exaggerations because surprise surprise Rodger stone is in The Toria stroll Wikileaks also released an official statement about this entire incident even quoting the indictment saying that the charges against Rodger Stone do not allege that Rodger Stone lied about his contacts with Julian Assange but rather about his contacts with others and documents reflect English communication socially being charged for lying especially during his testimony to the house intelligence Community again not showing or proving any new evidence of any back Channel with Wikileaks know why do people believe that there was a back door between Trump’s Administration Donald Trump some agent of his campaign team Anna Rogers. Well that is mainly because Rodger Stone was bragging about it before when he was trolling everyone can he’s not a man who tells the truth he’s a PR guy looking for attention and he has been getting it and that’s why some broadcasters today have described today for Rodger Stone to be one of his worst days and also one of his best days because of all the attention that he is receiving he’s being indicted for lying to Congress.

Not to Mueller not a part of this russiagate investigation which then diamond proved no real link to at all Rodger Stone was selling a book bragging about his connections to WikiLeaks saying that he, of course, had quote inside information that Wikileaks was going to release.

Secretive private information on Hillary Clinton that will take her down which.

Obviously what is it a surprise to anyone since Wikileaks even announced it on July 30th 2016 at the same time Rodger Stone was going around all the media circus saying that he had this inside information which was public knowledge and the media didn’t backcheck him or terrify him but just ran with his clothes because they want this Russian collusion story to be true so much but they’re willing to let go of these important facts this indictment even prove that Rodger Stone claimed he had a back Channel even attempted and tried to set up a back Channel it was not successfully able to and then news organizations like The Daily Beast and other ones who fell for his troll.

Even reported that you don’t register supposedly predicted at these Clinton leaks were coming by the way everyone knew they were coming because of the Ouija Experiment even contradicting himself saying.

Predictions claim at the same time that he allegedly in bed with message we even here are this Independent News organization specifically called out Rodger Stone Alex Jones Infowars right as Vici leaks in Julian Assange we’re announcing an anniversary announcement on their social media Wikileaks sent out press releases saying they’re going to be doing a press conference talking about a to z d specific issues which of course Alex Jones Infowars decided to make a big hubbub about and decide that this was Wikileaks deciding to release all the Hillary Clinton information this wasn’t Wikileaks sent out a press release saying exactly what they were going to be talking about and they weren’t going to be releasing any new information they were just going to be celebrating Wikileaks on its anniversary.

Alex Jones of Infowars along with Rodger Stone decided to say that this is the day that the documents are coming out today.

Calling Air Force to freak out and actually slender Julian Assange based off the information that they garnered from Rodger Stone attacking Julian Assange saying that he is now co-opted and he didn’t follow up with his promise you know he didn’t promise anything because it was a delusional belief that they had that was all based on lies and ego and fame and attention whoring at the highest level of the media box.

Windshield and made it as big as it is and these people are actively trolling the mainstream media which is buying and eating everything up Hook Line & Sinker and this was not the first time that allegedly Rodger Stones predictions were just absolute first there was many other times throughout his whole career again Rodger stone is an absolute opportunist he’s one of the Godfathers of dirty political lobbying and Washington DC he has advised and work with many Shady dirty characters in Washington DC and outside of it’s like Al Sharpton which he has very close personal connections with did a lot of personal work with before and you should be criticized for the dirty trickster that he is and not made as popular and as Infamous as the mainstream media is making him out to be that’s why Rodger Stone and the mainstream media alarm with Robert Mueller all of them I just filled with absolute.

That’s not a popular opinion because now in modern News broadcasting you got to take a side got to be an activist you piss off both side.

It’s the freaking truth I don’t give a damn this is just absolute nonsense I’m all parties here Rodger Stone Robert Mueller all filled with crap that were close to Donald Trump under this investigation under this russiagate investigation all of them were charged for statements tax fraud tampering with investigations nothing proved any Russian collusion which this investigation was supposed to be about it’s a false narrative run on people for of course political power and it’s dirty political power and is being played by some of the dirtiest people out there and hang at least you guys get a different perspective here than you would anywhere else and if you’re not taking the bait on any of these dirty political hacks and buying into their bull crap I applaud you for being a friend.

Very rare human being ultimately don’t trust anyone and don’t be a pain for core.

Someone’s bigger political power motive and if you grew that share this video with your friends and family members once again thank you for supporting real Independent Media if it wasn’t for you we want to be here and that’s why you guys thank you guys so much watching stay tuned for a lot more here on

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