Proving once again how out-of-touch the Clinton campaign is, a newly released email from Wikileaks’ stash of John Podesta’s hacked emails reveals that Hillary’s political director pushed for her to make a ‘yo mama’ joke at a black college.


The conversation was regarding Clinton’s speech on February 27, at Miles College, near Birmingham, Alabama.

“Is everyone comfortable w her saying ‘Yo Mama’?” national political adviser to Clinton and a former Senate Chief of Staff, Amanda Renteria asked.

Luckily for Clinton (but unfortunate for meme makers), Clinton’s senior policy advisor Maya Harris recognized that this was a terrible idea and suggested that they revise the speech.

“No – pls let’s revise,” Harris responded.

Ultimately, Clinton delivered her speech without the ‘yo mama’ joke. Instead, she focused on raising the minimum wage, her foreign policies, health care, gun control, and education.

“When you run for president it’s not just Americans who pay attention. The entire world listens to every word you say. Markets rise and fall, conflicts go forward or retreat,” Clinton said during the speech.

“You do have to be careful about what you say and how you say it,” Clinton continued — outdated yo mama jokes  apparently included.

Clinton has made waves several times this election season for her transparent and desperate attempts at pandering to black voters.

From telling the hosts of a radio show she appeared on that she always carries hot sauce in her bag, right after the release of Beyonce’s ‘Formation,’ to joking about “colored people time” — many of these gaffes seem more fitting to come from a Saturday Night Live skit than from a presidential campaign.

We will all see in just a couple weeks whether or not her pandering efforts paid off — with the group she once referred to as “super predators” who “must be brought to heel.”

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