It seems that the corruption of the political elite is never-ending. That’s why we want to know: is billionaire George Soros planning to rig the U.S. election in favor of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton?


Mark Malloch-Brown is a global board member of Soros’s Open Society Foundation. He also happens to be a chairman at Smartmatic — the election machine company that will supply at least 16 states with voting machines for the US election in November.

As we previously reported, the Democratic primaries were essentially rigged. So why wouldn’t the general U.S. election potentially be manipulated in favor of the elite’s preferred candidate?

The 16 states supplied with Smartmatic voting machines include Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Other jurisdictions affected are California, District of Columbia, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Open Society, the Soros-run foundation, has previously been exposed by DCLeaks as wanting to expand U.S. Online Voting. A highly insecure process, according to experts. The question must be asked: if this voting procedure is known to be so vulnerable to outside influence, what is the potential for rigging the U.S. election?

Another puzzling revelation, thanks to Wikileaks, is how Clinton’s campaign wanted to ‘make George Soros happy’.

When a global board member of Soros’s Open Society Foundation is connected to the company that will be providing voting machines for this historicelection, at the very least, a red flag should go up for Americans. The same was true for when Karl Rove freaked out on Fox News, after he tried to rig the election for Romney. Or what about the time the results of the general election displayed their victor too early?

Election fraud exists. It’s not a mythical monster; there is a plethora of evidence available. That’s why I’ve decided to dig up a few old cases.

The Obama administration continues to deny voting fraud exists. Despite several cases, including the previous Bush administration’s voting anomaly in the state where his brother Jeb Bush was formerly the governor, Florida. Investigations have also found that case to be fraudulent, and that Al Gore had actually won over George W. Bush in the 2000 U.S. general election.

Additionally, in 2004, during Bush’s re-election, former MSNBC reporter Keith Olbermann announced, “There are a group of reports that there may have been possible fraud in Ohio and Florida.”

In 2012, during another presidential incumbent’s re-election, a CBS News affiliate in Arizona prematurely called the race for Obama. At the bottom of its screen, the station aired that Obama had won — weeks before election day.

Relevant to one of the current candidates in this year’s presidential election, back in 2000, Hillary herself said that the election between Bush and Gore had been rigged, claiming that “Bush was selected not elected.” John Kerry has also suggested that the election between him and Bush, in 2004, was rigged.

“Bush Was ‘Selected’ President, Not Elected”

~Hillary Clinton

Voting machines and online voting have both been proven to show that these processes can be rigged.

Take for instance the case where a whistle-blower for Diebold, an election machine manufacturing company, and a separate programmer Clinton Eugene Curtis  who testified under oath in court that he was asked to commit fraud — both exposed the potential of rigging voting machines.

Also, watch a Princeton University demonstration of how easy voting systems are to hack. It doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge, either.

Lastly, here is a video by another whistle-blower who worked for Diebold. Seemingly, voter fraud in U.S. elections is endless.

Demand Soros voting machines are removed as a conflict of interest against the American people by signing the petition started today on the White House’s website. On the petition’s home page, this credo has been stated: “We the people ask congress to meet in emergency session about removing George Soros owned voting machine from 16 states.”

“His ownership of voting machines in 16 states is [a] clear breach of [the] integrity of our electoral system.”

(Writing by Aaron Kesel; editing by Bryan William Myers)

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