Emails leaked from top Hillary Clinton insiders over the weekend by Wikileaks revealed collusion between the George Soros Open Society Foundation and her campaign.

George Soros

Image via Reuters

On Monday, a second email dump by the controversial publisher revealed that Soros donated $2.5 million to her campaign in 2007. Soros has also given nearly $10 million to Clinton’s Super PAC Priorities USA for her current bid.

Friday’s release contained an email exchange from last December between Podesta and OSF president Chris Stone which discussed how the campaign and the organization were teaming up on police reform.

“Hi, John. Your policy team was asking me for ideas on police reform a couple of months ago. Here’s a concrete idea I’ve written up, and a good hook for it in Chicago,” Stone wrote.

“Thanks Chris. Will circulate. Hope all is well,” Podesta replied.

“As well as can be. We are now officially and formally undesirable in Russia. Hope you are thriving!” Stone responded. “From where I sit, things look good for your team.”

On Monday, an email sent to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta informing him that Soros had donated $2.5 million — all the way back in 2007 when the former Secretary of State was running against Barack Obama — was released. The email was sent from Mary Pat Bonner of the Bonner Group to Podesta.

“I just wanted to give you a quick update on the contributions.

Lee Fikes $300,000 IN

George Soros $2,500,000 IN

Rob McKay $250,000 sending check today

Danny Abraham $250,000 in process

Elen Tsakopoulos $250,000 in process

Please let mek now if you have any questions.”

On June 2, 2010, when Clinton was Secretary of State, her calendar showed that she held a half-hour meeting with billionaire investor Soros and officials from his Open Society Institute.

Online searches for Soros spiked on Sunday evening after Clinton attempted to attack Trump on taxes and he threw her billionaire buddy’s name back in her face.

“Many of her friends took bigger deductions, Warren Buffett took a massive deduction, Soros took a massive deduction,” Trump said during the debate.

Soros is a globalist who is best known for using his massive wealth to influence politics — including US elections and policies. He is well known for acknowledging that he orchestrated coups in Croatia, Georgia, Slovakia, and Yugoslavia, collapsed the British Pound for profit as well as the Malaysia financial market, and blaming capitalism for all the worlds problems — despite using his own wealth to further his own causes.

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