Comcast Is Threatening To Cut Off Customers Who Use Tor, The Web Browser For Criminals

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Some users of the anonymous web browser Tor have reported that Comcast has threatened to cut off their internet service unless they stop using the legal software.

Comcast completely denies their claims. In a blog post, the company said “We have no policy against Tor, or any other browser or software. Customers are free to use their Xfinity Internet service to visit any website, use any app, and so forth.”

“The Officer Who Killed My Son Got 3 Days Paid Leave; Then He Tried to Take Part in a ‘Killer Cop Competition”

Wallace saw Alan Gomez leave the house and then turn to go back inside. According to a subsequent Department of Justice report, Gomez was unarmed and did not pose an immediate threat to the officers or anyone inside the house. Sean Wallace, however, fired a shot, striking Gomez in the back. Gomez died on the scene, while Wallace was never punished.

“He was never indicted, never suspended, nothing,” Mike Gomez, Alan’s father, said. “It was like it never happened.” The officer was given three days of paid leave and $500 from the police union to decompress after “stressful events.” 

POSITIVE NEWS: Giving to People Who Give

I love making prank videos but every once in a while I really enjoy making a feel good video. What better way to give back than giving to people who give? I really think the whole concept is genius and completely original. Everyone on Youtube has been making videos about giving to the homeless (Including myself) so I thought i’d step outside the box and give to the people who are doing the giving. I thank all my subscribers for this opportunity and I hope you enjoy the video. #DawsKingdom Let’s all give the video a like a the very least, share on social media if you’re a true solider. Let’s make a difference. I encourage you all to go make a difference in someone’s day. Peace & love – Big Daws

Rand Paul distancing himself from his libertarian past.

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From aid for Israel to abortion to Medicare, Sen. Rand Paul (R- Ky.) has been shading, changing or dropping some of the positions he espoused as a tea-party-backed candidate and as a new senator.

Sen. Rand Paul wanted to eliminate aid to Israel. Now he doesn’t. He wanted to scrap the Medicare system. Now he’s not sure.

He didn’t like the idea of a border fence — it was expensive, and it reminded him of the Berlin Wall. Now he wants two fences, one behind the other.

And what about same-sex marriage? Paul’s position — such marriages are morally wrong, but Republicans should stop obsessing about them — seems so muddled that an Iowa pastor recently confronted him in frustration.

How the West Created the Islamic State

Sunday, 14 September 2014 00:00By Nafeez Ahmed, Medium | News Analysis

President Barack Obama announces the Iraqi special forces, backed by American war planes, had retaken a strategically critical dam near Mosul, Iraq, from extremists of the Islamic State, at the White House, in Washington, Aug. 18, 2014. (Photo: Doug Mills / The New York Times) President Barack Obama announces the Iraqi special forces, backed by American war planes, had retaken a strategically critical dam near Mosul, Iraq, from extremists of the Islamic State, at the White House, in Washington, August 18, 2014. (Photo: Doug Mills / The New York Times)

Part 1: Our Terrorists

“This is an organisation that has an apocalyptic, end-of-days strategic vision which will eventually have to be defeated,” Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a Pentagon press conference in August.

Mystery of the cancer cluster killing Chinese workers at factory that makes new iPhone 6: 13 struck by leukaemia in SAME plant… were cleaning agents to blame?



  • Five staff at iPhone factory in Shenzhen, China have died from leukaemia 
  • Cancer may have been caused by cleaning chemicals, victims’ families say 
  • One worker had only been at factory four months before he was diagnosed
  • Feng Honggan, 20, suffered heavy nosebleeds in factory and has since died

Apple is investigating its supply chain after the discovery of a disturbing cluster of leukaemia deaths among young workers at a factory in China where millions of its iPhones are made, The Mail on Sunday has learnt.

At least 13 workers in their late teens and early 20s have been diagnosed with leukaemia after falling sick at the massive factory in Shenzhen since 2010. Five have died – and at ages when doctors say cases of the blood cancer are rare.

Families and a labour welfare group believe the leukaemia was caused by exposure to chemicals used to clean electrical panels and say many more workers could have been affected. They add that young workers who fall sick with leukaemia are dismissed and denied continuing medical coverage, bankrupting families as they desperately pay for treatment.

Scroll down for video 

CONCERNS: Workers at the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, where iPhones are made 

CONCERNS: Workers at the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, where iPhones are made

China creates world’s first Zombie sidewalk lane

China creates world’s first sidewalk lane for text addicts

Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Sunday, September 14, 2014, 8:17 PM - Nomophobians are breathing a sigh of relief in China.

The Chinese city of Chongqing has created the world’s first lane for mobile phone addicts who simply cannot put their beloved devices down – although before you roll your eyes, relax: It’s in a theme park, not the city’s actual sidewalks.

The 100 ft-stretch of pavement was specially painted for individuals who have their eyes perma-locked to their screens.

The dedicated smartphone lane has a picture of a phone etched on the ground with the word “cell phones” boldly written down. Officials also drew two thick white lines separating the lane from the rest of the pavement.

War with Syria? What The Hell Happened Last Week!

In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down important developments that occurred last week. The main focus was Obama’s speech and the current conflicting situation with ISIS or ISIL.

Edward Snowden reveals tapping of major Australia-New Zealand undersea telecommunications cable

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key denied there had been mass surveillance.New Zealand Prime Minister John Key denied there had been mass surveillance. Photo: Getty

A major undersea telecommunications cable that connects Australia and New Zealand to North America has been tapped to allow the United States National Security Agency and its espionage partners to comprehensively harvest Australian and New Zealand internet data.

Documents published by The Intercept website by former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden show that New Zealand’s electronic spy agency, the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), worked in 2012 and 2013 to implement a mass metadata surveillance system based on covert access to the Southern Cross undersea cable network.

The Kim Dotcom “big reveal” is out – an email which purports to show New Zealand Prime Minister John Key involved in a plan to get Dotcom into New Zealand so he could be extradited to the United States, contrary to every assurance Key has ever given about his prior of knowledge of Dotcom.

Dotcom email is a fake – Warner Bros

By Claire Trevett, David Fisher

- Purported email is the evidence Kim Dotcom plans to reveal tonight

– Said to be written by Warner Bros CEO at time of Hobbit negotiations

– PM allegedly in on plan to have Dotcom extradited to US

– Warner Bros dismisses email as a fake

- Key says he has no recollection of such a conversation

The Kim Dotcom “big reveal” is out – and has almost immediately been dismissed as a fake.

Obama: Assad Shooting At American Planes Would Lead To His Overthrow

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John Kerry Bashes the Internet, Says it’s Harder to Govern People with Internet

Source by Ali Papademetriou

Last week, Secretary of State John Kerry met at the United States Embassy in Basilia, Brazil, as reported. While speaking to State Department workers and their families, Kerry explained in regards of surveillance that he is not too fond of the Internet. “This little thing called the Internet… makes it much harder to govern,” Kerry detailed.

Going deeper into his explanation as to why he disfavors the Internet, the Secretary of State told his listeners, “I’m a student of history, and I love to go back and read a particularly great book like Kissinger’s book about diplomacy where you think about the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the balance of power and how difficult it was for countries to advance their interests and years and years of wars.”

Twelve year old girl was mistaken for prostitute. Four plainclothes officers beat her with flashlights, leaving her in the hospital; Later arrested at school for resisting and assault on a PEACE officer…


responding to a call that three white prostitutes were working Milburn’s neighborhood. The girl’s mom sent her outside to flip the switch on the breaker box because the house had lost power, the police spotted Dymond (not white) and jumped from the van and ran toward the girl. One cop said, “You’re a prostitute. You’re coming with me!”

The terrified girl grabbed onto a tree and shouted, “Daddy, Daddy!” The parents ran outside and saw their daughter hysterical and holding onto a tree with one arm, while the officers hit her in the back of the head, neck and throat with a flashlight and slapping her across the face, telling her to get off the tree.

The girl required medical attention for head, back and throat pain, a sprained wrist, contusions and abrasions, black eyes, double vision, loss of hearing, nausea and vomiting, blood in her ear, and bled from the nose. She has since had behavioral problems, nightmares and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Islamic State: ‘US failure to look into Saudi role in 9/11 has helped Isis’


The rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) has been aided by the continuing failure of the US Government to investigate the role of Saudi Arabia in the 9/11 attacks and its support of jihadi movements such as al-Qaeda in the years since, says former Senator Bob Graham, the co-chairman of the official inquiry into 9/11.

Senator Graham, who chaired the Senate Intelligence Committee, said that successive administrations in Washington had turned a blind eye to Saudi support for Sunni extremists. He added: “I believe that the failure to shine a full light on Saudi actions and particularly its involvement in 9/11 has contributed to the Saudi ability to continue to engage in actions that are damaging to the US – and in particular their support for Isis.”

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