In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the current situation in Venezuela with Maduro, the election, and Trump’s response.


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Transcript –

My beautiful amazing human beings this is a good asking if we are and in this a video I specifically wanted to go after the daunting task that is telling you exactly what is happening in Venezuela right now a very daunting task because of all the fake news on this very fast developing story that is not only becoming more important but also more violent as it goes on now our on-the-ground reporting in Caracas Venezuela is one of our top videos on this Independent News organizations YouTube channel I still have a lot of people I stay in contact with from my trip to Caracas and this is one of the reasons why this story is very close to my heart now for the record reporting on this situation does put me in a very precarious situation because morally I am against a us and CIA intervention in Venezuela while at the same time I am definitely not a fan of Maduro. His mismanagement and horrible policies that he has implemented on the Venezuelan people and at the very end I will explain to you how both of the sides are just absolutely filled with just water crap and the reason we’re able to provide you this type of reporting that isn’t partisan is mainly because we are supported by you on our website we are change. Org forward slash donate and please consider becoming a subscriber or donor to keep Independent Media live now just getting into this story how did everything start and without having to go into chavezz and all the years of even CIA intervention in Venezuela I’m just going to keep you updated about what just happened at what spurred these latest developments and the action it started on Monday January 21st where are small team of soldiers claiming to be members of the Venezuelan Armed Forces attempted and up. Rising against the government at around 3 in the morning sending out cell phone video footage asking people to go to the streets the Venezuelan government responded by of course arresting the small group of assailants as they called them who are now facing very serious government charges against them these actions and other protests it spurred made the United States publicly announced that they recognize the opposition president to Maduro as the real president of Venezuela but it’s also important to understand here we’re not only seen the United States not recognize.

40 of Maduro as president of Venezuela Russell countries like Brazil Colombia Chile Argentina Canada France and the United Kingdom who are following suit with similar verbal very symbolic actions why of course I’m a completely other side you have Cuba China and Russia mainly defending the current regime in Venezuela and Maduro of course just like any major geopolitical situation there’s one story that the public is told and there’s another complete story and it’s important to understand here that trade oil petrol dollar and other foreign policy issues or definitely at hand here that the people are not being publicly told about because as we’re going to explain later to you the United States is not intervening for peace and democracy. It’s important to understand here that the situation is grave is developing very fast and is becoming very violent and it’s an also important to consider that. Donald Trump has even previously called for military options in order to deal with the geopolitical problems of Venezuela there’s even rumors swirling around that an actual military intervention could be possible here and again guys this is not out of the scope of reality as we even did a video directly from Bogota Colombia just a few weeks ago on November 1st 2018 where we gave you a deep analytical look about major news reports coming from Colombia and Brazil with the speculation of those two countries actually even invading Venezuela this is an actual option not just the United States but also the countries that are directly on the border with Venezuela at that have openly talked about doing and neoconservatives like Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham are of course salivating.

Potential prospects of this even happening and honestly from my own perspective this is a dumb asinine way of going forward with this because Maduro has been maintaining a lot of his popularity because of these attacks that he has been receiving from of course the United States and sadly a lot of this tough talk has actually been involved in him and having the opposite effect now let’s get into what the United States and other countries around the world are seeing as the supposed legitimate leader of Venezuela and this of course is Juan y you. Who by the way is a 35 year-old anti-regime activists and also studied at George Washington University that has many connections and well-known connections with of course the CIA and it is not out of the realm of possibilities That was supposed interim president may pass. We have those connections even though there is no direct proof which is important to make it clear that there is no actual evidence proving this only of course a speculation and one has rosin to power predominant after being kidnapped at gunpoint buy Venezuelan intelligence agent School of course later released during one of the demonstrations against Maduro one guy actually even announced his accession to become a Venezuelan presidency with of course recognition from many other countries around the world and one of the reasons he’s being recognized as such as because of many people saying that the Venezuelan elections that happened in May of 2018 were raked this is where murder 01 a six-year term with 68% of the vote which was actually the largest percentage that he has ever won before and the reason people are saying that this election was rigged was because there was actually record low voter turnout. Usually 80% of the Venezuelan population voting this time or t 46% of the population voted with Maduro only getting 1.5 million votes less than he did in 2013 but I’m a completely other hand opposition leaders have called for boycotts of the election and for people not to participate in them all throughout Venezuela and the most importantly the opposition parties of course these are opposition parties and leaders who have been banned from even participating in the Venezuelan elections with of course gerrymandering a new rules that Maduro has set forth and has changed the political landscape and Venezuela to of course make sure that he is able to maintain his power now there have been some demonstrations in Venezuela but also a lot of fake news around them especially on social media with of course pictures and videos being released like this showing hundreds of thousands of people in the streets this was one of the. Pills that was circulating that I decided to post and say was actually on confirmed because it actually was and the video that was circulating was absolutely fake with the original video being shot in September 1st of 2016 of course a very similar size demonstration also happened as of yesterday January 23rd which could be vocal only heard by the person who shot this video of course a very confusing situation with very similar videos about the authenticity is very important here because this large Gathering and demonstration was actually organized previously before because it is also a large Gathering and demonstration to commemorate the 1958 coup that overthrew the military dictatorship in Venezuela which happened on January 23rd 1958 and that’s why from these videos it’s actually very hard to gather. Who was actually there for specifically what bigger political reason see this is why it’s actually important to fact-check a lot of the information especially the videos and photos that we’re getting because obviously there are bigger agendas here there are people who want to manipulate people’s opinions to of course get something out of that and ultimately the truth matters more here and we have to report the facts year and it’s important to understand here that Venezuelans defense minister has actually disavowed the self-proclaimed leader of Venezuela and says that he will defend National sovereignty of Venezuela there actually were demonstrations in support of Maduro and yes also counter-demonstrations some of which that have turned violent where Molotov cocktails were used by the protesters and live ammunition was used by the security forces of Maduro now there are videos coming out that haven’t been corroborated that allegedly show at least. 4 people that were shot and killed by the pro Madura forces and it wouldn’t be a surprise to me if those reports and videos were actually true because the Venezuelan government has been very heavy-handed against opposition leaders and opposition protests and this is where I tell you where all of them are full of crap let’s start with the bus driver first Maduro clearly has mismanaged his country’s national resources his country’s ability to govern and also hold government corruption accountable which has been in large part 2 the chaotic situation that the Venezuelan people are feeling a real desperate situation which we documented on the ground of Caracas which has caused one of the worst human disastrous situations that the world has seen all of this of course as also creating an immigration crisis whereas we even documented in Columbia is creating a situation where millions of people are fleeing the country all of this. Dial Maduro thinks he could still bribe politicians like he tried with Donald Trump when he chipped in over a half a million dollars for Donald Trump’s inauguration thinking that this will be able to buy him some good will and good policies towards his country by Donald Trump adult only shows you the mentality of Maduro who just is known for him and his administration being corrupt which is perfectly exemplified by this half a million dollar inauguration gift as his country is starving and as his fat ass self is seen eating the world’s most expensive food with salt Bae all the while sucking down empanadas with him publicly gaining weight during a hunger crisis in his country and the idiots who just support him blindly. Any basis reality of the actual facts on the ground that happen there. Ultimately just as delusional as the people calling for a military intervention in that country and again we have to give you both sides of the story here because it’s not just Maduro who is responsible for of course the massive heartache that the Venezuelan people are feeling it’s also the US sanctions it’s also the major banking institutions like the bank of England that is still holding Venezuelan gold and even though Maduro is a horrible leader there are a lot more despotic dictators out there of course the United States and other countries have no geopolitical interest in invading and overthrowing that’s why I find it extremely laughable and hypocritical to see people like Emmanuel macron the president of France that has been using and tear gassing and hurting his own people for over 10 weeks doubt week-by-week punishing anyone standing against him to say that somehow the protest against him or bad but the protest. Against Maduro there somehow good and he’s actually full of crap just like many of the pro-war neocon Hawks here who want to invade at that country but won’t dare talk even negatively about countries like Saudi Arabia all the while saying that they’re doing this for freedom and democracy which is just an outright bull crap and this is interesting to see this actual question even raised by NBC because it’s an important one is really why is Trump trying to oust Maduro from Venezuela but not other Global dictators and answer is very simple.

Oil and drugs what’s of course also the petrodollar and a key geopolitical strategic location to of course counter China’s and Russia’s influence in the region.

Which of course China expanding its economic effort in Latin and South America and China and Russia of course are making similar moves with of course more canals and more passageways with of course more trade routes which if you look at history most of the wars have been fought because of or alongside of major trade routes now there’s even Wikileaks files and Snowden documents talking about the US interest and of course Venezuelan oil which is an important one just like drugs and as we even documented a couple weeks ago.

Its neighboring country Colombia actually still has record level production of cocaine just like it did in the 80s Lyle of course still having a very cozy relationship with the United States and gee what a surprise..


Plus the United States is really have the best record especially with all the coup de ta’s and government overthrow is that it has helped conduct especially with the CIA or all over Latin America that has led to many chaotic disastrous situations in those countries plus it’s kind of ironic how the United States is keep screaming about this supposed Russian interference while we’re picking a new leader in Venezuela as just a few moments ago I have even.

Promised him $20 for his presidency and just to end everything here very interesting me Facebook and Instagram have even removed the verification blue checkmark from Nicolas Maduro Facebook and Instagram his personal accounts which of course don’t show any kind of gerrymandering between these big Monopoly.

Tech Giants and of course the US state department and the bigger us geopolitical goals here which this is why we’ve been a big Target by social media getting centered getting attacked getting demonetized getting down ranked in the algorithm you put it in my name or the we are change news organization that automatically down rang never shows up in the surgery this is why this is happy that sucks after.

Diving into all of this again I do have to reiterate here I have not for a US Government CIA especially a militaristic intervention inside of Venezuela I am also not a fan of Medora but the facts are the facts here and the will of the people associate the Venezuelan people needs to be heard and the one thing that I could personally hope for for the Venezuelan people is that there will be a change in that country and that their situation improves from where it currently is going over what is it a million percent inflation in 2018 is just an insurmountable economic situation that is.

Virtually impossible to exist it and what I’ve personally seen on the ground in Venezuela.

Personally do.

Somehow change for the better I want to leave it up to you guys what do you think is the right thing to do here what is the moral what is correct response to everything happening right now and how do we move forward in a positive correct and good.

Road from this chaotic situation filled with so much fake news again if you enjoy this video and you found it to be truthful please share with your friends and family members the YouTube algorithm definitely won’t be suggested people probably won’t even show up show up in the search ranking will be lucky if it’s monetize but regardless of that.

We still exist and we’re still able to do this because of you and like I end every single broadcast this is why I love you guys thank you again so much watching stay tuned for a lot more here on forward slash.

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