A new dangerous rule by the IRS can retroactively tax any business league, religious organization, labor union, policy advocacy group, educational institutions and more.

With extremely broad provisions, this law could turn the already predatory agency into a direct threat to all non-profit groups’ constitutional free speech rights.

Will the IRS silence your free speech in 2016?

The proposed rule [REG–134417–13] puts accountants in charge of determining if your organization’s free speech is in anyway electioneering. Even just mentioning a candidate could get a group retroactively taxed. It is specifically referring to any time between 60 days of a general election or 30 days of a primary.

The rest of the year, your organization is fine, but then around the election, you might get a government enforced muzzle or massive fines that can and will ruin organizations if they have their way. This is the most radical law against public criticism of politicians in our nation ever.

This law could silence hundreds of thousands of organizations that discuss, analyze, or advocate for public policy.

The rules claim to be an attempt to “clarify” what makes an activity “political” and therefore cannot be counted toward a nonprofit organization’s purpose. They could include: posting a candidate’s voting record, having voter registration cards, get-out-the-vote efforts, voter guides, candidate questionnaires, discussing issues “related” to candidates, having the name of a candidate on a non-profit’s website, even if it was posted before they were a candidate and more.

In response to this, a bi-partisan organization, the First Amendment Alliance is partnering together with others to ensure the inherent right to free speech is protected. If Congress does not act by October 1st 2016, the impact these IRS rules could have on nonprofits of all types could be devastating.

The Tax Revolution Institute’s First Amendment Alliance will raise awareness about the full impact of these rules and organize action to prevent their implementation.

They are quickly seeking any help they can get and most importantly people who endorse their fight. Any organization that want’s free speech to reign, must contact the organization to have their references put on their website as part of their online petition.

For more information visit: https://taxrevolution.us/first-amendment-alliance/

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