The map above illustrates all of the countries in the world that have fluoride in their water, either naturally or unnaturally, as well as the countries that choose not to fluoridate their water. Water fluoridation has turned into one of the world’s popular practices, but the impacts of doing this have yet to be fully assessed.

Many countries that are marked on the map for purposeful fluoridation may find fluoride in their drinking water through natural means as well. Since fluoride is a natural chemical in the Earth, it can also be added into the water unintentionally through natural means. The water in India and China is fluoridated to extreme levels through naturally added fluoride.

Other countries have a limited supply of fluoridated water. Japan for example only issues fluoridated water through its school programs. Similarly Russia, Peru, Chile, Thailand and the UK have milk fluoridation programs which are targeted at the younger generation. Many of these milk fluoridation programs are carried out by the Borrow Foundation.

When you throw in the factor of bottled water, there are many countries who are added to the map for purposeful fluoridation. Then, there are many countries for which we do not have any measurable data to assess. Many countries in Central America, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East either have varying accounts, or no information available on the topic of water fluoridation.

Is it Safe to Drink Fluoridated Water?

Science has had varying accounts as to whether or not it is safe to drink fluoridated water. One study from the National Academies Press said that high levels of fluoride intake can cause skeletal fluorosis, reproductive harm, developmental harm, and even potential damage on the brain chemistry. Another study from Harvard confirmed the latter claim, and said high levels of fluoride causes neurotoxicity for adults.

Scientists who support water fluoridation only seem to focus in on its reported benefits, the ability to prevent tooth decay and cavities. A resulting study from the CDC reiterates these claims. Studies conducted by The American Dental Association also concluded that water fluoridation is safe, and that the negative side effects described by the scientists above are untrue.

What do you think? Is fluoridated water safe or unsafe?


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