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Reports: North Korea Plans To Take U.S. Tourists In South Korea Hostage If Provoked

North Korea plans to take U.S. tourists hostage in South Korea if the U.S. attacks the nuclear power, according to a Daily Mail interview with Ung-gil Lee. As reported by the Daily Mail, Ung-gil Lee is a North Korean who ran to South Korea after allegedly serving in one of the “snatch squads” which are poised to infiltrate South Korea and kidnap diplomats, tourists, and foreign businessmen. According to the interview, Ung-gil Lee said that “the best case would be to round them up and take them north, but if not they will take the foreigners hostage in South...

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FBI Agrees To Pay $299,000 To Anti War Journalists For Legal Remedy

Journalists from Anti War Eric Garris and Dennis Raimondo sued the FBI in 2013, after they realized that their work was being monitored by government agents. According to a report from Courthouse News Service, the two journalists are set to be paid $299,000 from the FBI pocketbook to settle legal fees. Garris and Raimondo would have perhaps not known they were being monitored if they didn’t notice their names on a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request available online. In this document, they realized that the FBI conducted a threat assessment in 2004, regarding whether or not and...

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Report: Airstrike Fired On Syrian Army By Israeli Forces, Zero Casualties

Journalist Sarah Abdallah has reported this afternoon that Israel has conducted an airstrike against the Syrian Army in the Quneitra region. If these reports are confirmed, this won’t be the first time Israel has conducted a missile strike on Syria. In March, Israeli airstrikes on the country caused Syrian forces to fire back. According to The Israel Times, the March airstrikes and today’s reports are not the only time Israel has fired upon the country recently. As the local Israeli outlet states: “A number of additional airstrikes attributed to Israel followed as did a drone strike that reportedly killed a member...

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Chinese Navy Possibly Testing Missiles Near North Korea

Many sources are reporting that China is testing their missiles on a ship that is located near North Korea. Although there is seemingly no specific mention of this on a major Chinese media site, these claims are backed up with a video, which shows Chinese troops using naval weapons. However, it is difficult to confirm the validity of this footage, or if it is near North Korea. When you search through any of the major Chinese media outlets, Xinhua, CCTV, or People’s Daily, this story is seemingly missing, but this does not necessarily mean the story isn’t true in a...

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Senator Feinstein Endorses War in Syria: Assad “Should Be Ousted From Office”

Longtime U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein held a town hall in Los Angeles yesterday where she called for a quick end to the Syrian crisis, also stating that Assad “should be ousted from office,” according to journalist Michael Tracey who was at the event. Turnout for Dianne Feinstein town hall at AME Church in Los Angeles appears to be approximately 95% white — take from that what you will — Michael Tracey (@mtracey) April 20, 2017 Tracey listened in on Feinstein’s town hall, where the Senator discussed the situation in Syria, among other topics. She asserted that an aggressive role...

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Reports: Around 300 U.S. Marines Deployed To Afghanistan

The Marine Times is reporting that there are 300 U.S. Marines on their way to Afghanistan to “help Afghan troops stop the Taliban from swallowing more of the hard-fought territory for which so many Marines have bled and died.” According to an Associated Press report last month, there are already around 8,400 troops currently stationed in Afghanistan. This recent troop movement comes after Gen. John W. Nicholson requested a “few thousand” more soldiers to Afghanistan. The Marine Times claims that this is the largest Marine deployment to Afghanistan since 2014, marking increased levels of conflict in the country with...

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BREAKING: Police Officers Shot in Paris, Shooter Reported Dead

Breaking reports out of Paris say a police officer was killed and another officer wounded after a shooting near the Champs Elysee. The France Local claims that the shooter was killed during the aftermath. BREAKING: French police says 1 officer has been killed & another wounded in a shooting near the Champs Elysees in Paris. – @SkyNewsBreak — Conflict News (@Conflicts) April 20, 2017 An eyewitness was quoted to say the following: “At first we thought it was firecrackers but then we realized it was a shooting and everyone ran in panic. People were crying.” French police reportedly said the shooting...

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