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The Elite’s Biggest Fear: The Formula For World Change

Everybody talks about changing the world. We hear it in popular songs, political speeches, from the mouths of celebrities, on television and in everyday conversations. But it seems to remain this abstract everybody talks about while usually still going about business as usual, often slaving for the very system they wish to change. Why is there so much talk about change, but so little change in comparison? What are we missing here? Is it really up to authorities, experts and professionals to figure out this whole “changing the world” thing? Actually, the world is full of those, and look...

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What The Elite Are Really Afraid Of (And The Social Network That Will Change The World)

We know society is messed up. We know the world needs to change. We watch documentaries about it, we post about it on Facebook, we talk about how humanity needs to “wake up”… but we also got bills to pay. We still need to survive. So for many of us, most of our creative energy is spent slaving at an unfulfilling job, while the little bit of energy we have left is spent getting louder and angrier about the world’s problems… usually behind computer screens. There is no denying that awareness is important. Without the awareness of a problem,...

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Whistleblower Kids Exposing Alleged Pedophile Ring In School/Church Need Our Help

Article written by Elina St-Onge & Eliot Estep One of the biggest scandals in the United Kingdom’s history is getting ready to explode right now. Videos of two children sharing their experiences of ongoing sexual abuse and the ritual killing of babies by a sophisticated group of pedophiles are going viral all over the world. The reported abusers include the children’s father, their school teachers, the UK’s social services, members of the police, and many more. All members of this group are still at large and a massive media cover-up is under way. The reality of organized satanism and pedophile rings has...

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America Could End Homelessness In One Year By Doing This

Original Article by The Free Patriot If America really cared about solving the problem of homelessness among it’s citizenry, here’s an idea that would work. It would be inexpensive, practical, and sustainable.  I suspect it would also lower crime rates. As far back as 2011, empty houses in America outnumbered homeless families by five times, according to Amnesty International. Let’s assume that the problem with homeless people in America was a result of not enough housing.  Or, that they couldn’t just give empty homes away to people because they were private property and it would cause legal complications.  This idea would solve...

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Overpopulation Is A Myth

Original Article by Elina St-Onge Before starting this article, I wish to specify that it is not because I choose to question the concept of overpopulation that I also question the need to end poverty, overconsumption and environmental destruction. Overpopulation may be a concept, but poverty and unsustainable practices are a reality and my life is geared towards raising consciousness about alternative ways to operate as a society. However, I believe it is important to question everything; even claims closely tied to the activist and environmentalist movement. Why? Because by questioning theories such as overpopulation, I discovered an even more promising future than...

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