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We live in exciting and hopeful times. More and more people are beginning to challenge the status quo and care about creating a better world for future generations. We are beginning to understand that change won’t come about by putting all faith on political leaders, but by cultivating and exerting our own power to steer society in a new direction by living differently.

Though understandably enough, many of us are angry. Angry at authorities who continually push for an agenda that destroys the earth and causes suffering across the globe. Angry at the lies we have been fed; designed to make us apathetic to injustice and give our power away.

Has our knowledge put us back to sleep?

We march the streets, we shout out against injustice on social media, we follow and scrutinize politicians’ every move… but sometimes at the expense of remembering the most important factor in creating the change we say we want. Could it be that simply staying updated with world events or the latest political scandal isn’t exactly the best way to move humanity forward? Are we losing sight of the fundamentals that would allow us to create substantial change in the world?

As much as it is important to have knowledge of the societal problems we face, sometimes keeping our noses in nothing BUT the problem can paralyze us and blind us to the many solutions we could build upon. Maybe “those in power” actually don’t mind if we are too busy pointing fingers at them and arguing amongst each other about who’s more “awake”… as long as we forget all about the crucial piece of the puzzle discussed in the following video.

This video I created for Uplifted Life serves as a reminder for us all activists and changemakers to keep our eyes on the path and be more effective in our mission of making the world a better place. Share your thoughts!

A Reminder To All Activists

A wake up call to all changemakers. Let's share this one far and wide!Thank you Kyle Alan Cease, Tom Shadyac, Charles Eisenstein, Kosta Stoyanoff and Nipun Mehta for making this message so powerful!Uplifted Life

Posted by Uplifted Life on Wednesday, April 19, 2017


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