The Bilderberg Group’s members are starting to arrive early in all black tinted windowed limousines. The police are out and acting savage – threatening Luke Rudkowski with a beating if he returned to the Dresden Hotel where the Bilderberg Conference is being hosted.

It must be that time of year again! That’s right! It’s time for the annual Bilderberg meeting. The time where rich, old, greedy men sit inside a Hotel for three days and plan your future in secret.

Despite this CNBC video  announcing the arrival of Bilderberg like beauty pageant contestants or some TMZ video featuring celebrities at a movie premiere,  this high profile “business endeavor” has taken great pains to meet in secret to create various trade deals we the “general population” aren’t allowed to know.

Participants speak under the condition of the Chatham House Rule – Which means they are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed or else. A Full list of those attending the Bilderberg Conference has previously been released by We Are Change — though as always its likely Bilderberg didn’t list everyone attending.

Staff of the Taschenbergpalais Hotel are also on edge as the Bilderberg Group’s  hired body guards have arrived and are patrolling the hallways armed, clearing the hotel, making sure no outsiders are present.

While the staff fluff David Petraeus’ pillow and take the luggage of guests like David Rockefeller, someone should have taken one out of the ole NSA/CIA playbook and bugged the hotel. I would have loved to hear Henry Kissinger talking his plan for the middle east since he destroyed it and David Rockefeller explaining how he’s going to stop Donald Trump when he can barely walk ten steps without gasping for air.

In any case, the elite goons are gathering in the lobby downstairs while their hired paid mercenary thug cohorts patrol the hotel for any hidden stowaways trying to spy on the illusive group. Rumor is anyone found will be a human sacrifice offering to Moloch.

Meanwhile the security outside the Bilderberg meeting will be tight, with an estimated 400 Officers expected to be patrolling the security barrier as protesters arrive in the early morning. There is already a concrete ring surrounding the entrance that they setup and a security perimeter. Are they expecting  gladiators to storm the castle? Maybe a human hurricane to break through the gates? Sparta?

dapper victor Halberstadt
Victor Halberstadt and his luggage

Henry Kissinger Lugage
Henry Kissinger hobbled into the Bilderberg hotel, with A LOT of luggage

bilderberg police

Jokes aside, Freedom of the Press has been threatened as police have been seen several time’s throughout the day on live stream harassing and intimidating journalists. Already Luke and the Bilder Busters crew, have been stopped multiple times throughout yesterday, searched and asked for their IDs and passports for simply walking around on the public street. Journalist Dan Dicks was also threatened. Now reports are coming in that in a display of outright insanity police are confiscating protesters signs, yes they are taking away signs! Because paper cuts are serious business!
Police also threatened to sue him if he posts the footage he has of them intimidating him. All this for covering what the mainstream media won’t!

SIgn confiscation

So the tension is high and it smells like a bunch of greasy old greedy men and caviar especially since War Criminal Henry Kissinger is there.

Be sure to leave the Taschenbergpalais Hotel a few reviews on facebook and yelp about how much you loved their service and how nice it was to kick people out on the streets or lock them inside or whatever “an exit is not possible anymore after 12” means, just so rich globalists can meet in peace and quiet at the expense of everyone else. And you German taxpayers, funding those 400 police all hyped up on steroids to harass journalists, perhaps give the Dresden police a call.

Stay tuned to We Are Change for Luke’s ground report of what’s happening at Bilderberg 2016 in Dresden, Germany. We are defying tyranny, as Luke and the crew of real journalists did when they returned to the hotel after Luke was threatened with violence being deported, but defiantly returned with the crew of Rebel Media, Ruptly, Infowars, Press for Truth, WeAreChange, and Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante. The darkness will never cover the light courage is contagious.



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