A revolutionary movement in New York City to call for a new investigation of 9/11 legally, using the ballot initiative process, failed. The people however, are moving forward and have learned valuable lessons.

A ballot initiative sought to call for a new investigation into the collapse of World Trade Center building 7. Most people don’t know that on 9/11, not two but three buildings fell in NYC. The third, WTC 7, fell at freefall speed, was not struck by a plane, and investigators said it was because of “structural defects and fires.”

This is why the organization Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth have had such overwhelming support of the years. The official investigation appears to be filled with half/truths and outright lies.

The new investigation that was headed by an organization called NEW YORK Coalition for Accountability Now called the High Rise Safety Initiative was set to appear before voters in New York City in the fall. The goal is to ensure that a new investigation, due to the fact that building 7 fell for reasons undisclosed in the 9/11 Commission Report. If the building did fall “because of fires” or “structural defects,” shouldn’t we know what was wrong with the building in the first place to ensure future buildings don’t fall the same way?

Opponents call the organization “conspiracy theorists,” but it is only a “theory,” that WTC 7 fell from fires, when no building in the history of the world has ever fallen at free fall speed due to fires.

Interestingly, BBC reported the building fell, before it did. This is a strong sign of  a cover up.

The failure of investigative agencies to perform forensic investigation into the freefall of WTC building 1, 2, and 7 is the biggest insult to the criminal investigation process and to structural engineers around the world.

The High Rise Safety Initiative would ensure future buildings would be made with greater integrity in their structural engineering. It also could open up a can of worms for anyone who covered up the WTC 7 collapse. The proposition was to merely investigate what could have happened to building seven.

Unlike the Citizens Commission campaign, this local campaign collected all the signatures to qualify for the ballot. The measure was struck down however in regards to problems about how the investigation was to be funded.

A worthwhile cause however can’t die because of of something as trivial as ballot language. Now, learning from mistakes in the past, any new movement seeking to unite with the old partners and new for unifying the truth movement can start the process again.

The language simply needs to be edited. Why can’t a new version be drafted that specifies that any costs to implement the investigation could be voluntarily collected by a third party and paid to conduct the research directly?

To download the language and review it, possibly share it with an attorney who could make the provisions so it could be voluntarily funded by the people for example. You can download it still from their website. This author keeps a file in the archive, just for when it may be needed again, if the site where to be hacked out of existence like the 9-11 Citizens Commission site for example.

We mustn’t give up. We must keep trying again and again until we get it right. The ballot process has true value in solving the problems of our nation. It’s time we use it again and bring together the fragmented truth movement for a second attempt. It could take three or more to get it right, but the only time we fail, is when we don’t learn from our mistakes and we give in to giving up.

Don’t give up, our nation needs patriots like you to stand up for it’s defense in a civil, non-violent way. The ballot initiative process offers great hope to a splintered truth movement. Upon further investigation, you will find that democracy can be a method to save the republic.

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