As you know, We Are Change is an exclusive independent media source for independent thinkers, not conditioned by bias from the right or left political ideologies. Our journalists objectively provide readers with facts, bringing truth to power and opening conversations that will never come about from mainstream news.

We all have gratitude for independent journalists and bloggers who investigate and bring important news to online communities. As journalists create content and readers follow, we create symbiosis that improves all of our mental capacities.

You benefit when you write about what you read.

A Twitter post, a Facebook blog—or better yet—a personal blog summarizing what you have read about, helps you develop relationships with followers interested in the things that you pay attention too.

There is great value in writing. The same way you have been inspired, can spread to others and help people as you have been helped. Satisfaction is derived from producing things for others. It is our human nature to feel valued.

What is it that drives independent journalists to do what they do?

Dozens, hundreds, even thousands worldwide can and will join the independent journalism movement. The world needs journalists and journalists need the world to read our work. Through practice, we create followership and symbiosis.

We do this because we are grateful for every reader who learns.

Now is the time for independent journalists! The mainstream media is dying and we know we need more people like us to be the change we want to see in media, hence the name of our organization.

To be a journalist, you become engaged in research, involving reading and writing. There are many health benefits to the process.

Gain more Knowledge

You don’t just read, you retain information and the more you know, the more you can know. Every time you read you will receive something new and help you learn about what lies in the unknown world. The brain links ideas with past knowledge and experience, creating new neural connections, solidifying your intelligence.

Three types of intelligence are improved through reading. The ability to understand and respond to the feelings of yourself and others, your “emotional intelligence,” is improved by reading through the work of people who convey emotion in their writing.

You solidify your “crystallized intelligence” by reading about new facts that support past knowledge. You also solve new problems, or become more aware of new things, by means of connecting knowledge you learn with past knowledge gained. This knowledge is your “fluid intelligence,” and it is always increasing when you read and memorize new information.

The benefits of increasing crystallized and fluid intelligence are paramount in becoming the best that you can be. Reading becomes a healthy habit acquired by practice with ambition for your intellectual goals.

You not only gain the knowledge hidden in those words but also gain a significant beneficial effect on your mind.

Reduce your Stress

Just like the writing, Reading also helps you de-stress. Taking you apart from the tensions of day-to-day life, reading engages you into it and lose all strain you have been gathering around. Humorous writings improve your health as humor is a path towards longevity as well.

Expand your Vocabulary

With investigative journalism, fictional literature or philosophy, you observe new words which boost up your vocabulary. This will help you become more professional and gain self-confidence and self-esteem.

Improve your Memory

Exercising the brain is a great way to increase your memory. The more you read, the more control you have in recalling previous information, and at times, this can be useful in vital situations. The more you read, the more you create brain pathways between neuron synapses.

Develop a New level of Focus and Concentration

Daily life causes stress in most people. But when you are reading a story, you are peacefully distracted in the realm of the information. This kind of practice can help you absorb more of focus and concentration, especially in writing you are personally interested in.

Find Inner Peace

Reading spiritual books can help reduce your blood pressure level and bring inner peace and tranquility to your mind. Reading self-help and positive psychology writings has been shown to help people suffering from mood disorders and depression.

Prevent Mental Decline

Reading can slow down the progress of Alzheimer’s. Your brain is forced to stay and active and hence, healthy. The more you use your brain via reading, the more it will stay fit.

Beneficial Entertainment!

Last but not the least, reading your favorite books will give the best of leisure time. People seeking out relaxation and entertainment will find books to be the best companion. It is a free entertainment, you can go back anytime.
Reading improves your mind, and the mind is your top asset you have in this life. When the mind goes, everything goes, so keep your saw sharp!

Transform Writing Skills

As you read, you interact with the pattern of the writer. You learn how different writers put their thoughts in words and eventually, you will find similar patterns and fluidity in your writing as well. Just inherit writing styles and professionalism for yourself by reading from others and being inspired.

Writing helps you articulate your thoughts so you can better understand the concepts you read about. Writing helps you develop executive function, reduce stress and retain information.

Make Lasting Connections with Readers

Whatever your life passion is, as a writer, you can include a “by line” as it’s called, linking readers to your personal blog, website or social media page. By having outlets to publish your blogs, you can increase your followership and find those whom you have been looking for in your life, to be there along the path and help you succeed. Being a blogger helps you create community. We are not in this world alone, we were not intended to be, and unlike social meetings in our communities, online journalism has potential to reach out to hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands and millions of readers or more.

Improve Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual Health

You will live longer by reading more. Living longer is an important quality for activist-minded people.

What if the global revolution against corruption in government requires that you live just a bit longer, to reach out to one more person who can make the difference?

What more benefits do you need to respond to this call to action to become a journalist?

Explore and discover today.

With daily habits of reading and writing, you can benefit your life and the life of countless others who can find written material you create on the We Are Change platform.

Learn about CHANGE MEDIA UNIVERSITY for details about how you can become engaged and begin a journalist’s path. The world is waiting on us. Let your ideas shine and empower people with your writing. It may be one of the best decisions you have ever made!

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