As children, we’re taught that “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” This is the widely-accepted fundamental prerequisite for the basis of government in a true democracy. Yet if we examine this assumed premise in practice, it quickly proves that there is no actual “consent of the governed”, and therefore no consensual basis for the legitimacy of government. It is, in fact, tyranny.

Ask yourself:
Were you ever fully informed of all “the laws” and their definitions?
Were you formally asked if you understood and consented to all of them?
Were you given a fair and voluntary offer by those presuming to rule you?

Nope. It was all imposed upon us through brainwashing, violence, and threats, right? This is no more consensual than a child “consenting” to living with an abusive parent simply because they have been brainwashed and have no means of establishing independence.


But don’t just take my word for it. The famous Judge Andrew P. Napolitano lays it out clearly in the following speech:

“Today we know that our government has such profound disregard for our natural rights that it tramples them to extremes beyond which even George Orwell could have imagined in “1984”… If Thomas Jefferson was right and St. Thomas Aquinas was right, that these rights come from our humanity and not from the government, things like thought and speech and privacy and travel, how can the government trample them?

Well, the theory of government is that we have surrendered some of our rights to the government so that the government will protect the rights we have not surrendered. That’s the idea of ‘the government derives it powers from the consent of the governed’. Does anyone in this room know anyone now living who consented to the government? The answer is ‘NO’. It’s inconceivable that anybody still living was around when the Constitution was enacted and consented to it. So right off the bat, the idea that “the government derives its power from the consent of the governed’ is, like government itself, a fiction. The FICTION is that we have consented to the surrender of our rights. The REALITY is that our rights have been STOLEN from us because the government monopolizes force.”

Now that we understand that this fundamental premise of government is a fiction, let’s go even deeper in deconstructing the premise of democracy. Stay with me here…

In order for there to be social “consent of the governed”, there must be a legitimate democracy, right? Furthermore, in order for there to be a legitimate democracy which works in society’s best interests, its people must be well educated, healthy, and free from the shackles of threats of violence and coercion, right? Well, as we’ve seen, society has been, and is continuously, hindered by government in achieving these basic standards. Consequently, any democratic government under these conditions has not, does not, and will not be a catalyst for society to significantly evolve when its population is largely comprised of poorly educated, unhealthy, and encumbered people all of whom are controlled by political, banking, and corporate psychopaths. However, if society does meet this obviously logical criteria and IS full of sovereign, healthy, well-informed people, the institution of government becomes completely unnecessary! The democratic model is then relegated to its only real practical function: maintaining an occasional consensus in local voluntary relationships.

We now see that social “consent of the governed” is a fiction, the US Government is not a democracy, but rather an oligarchy, and representative democracy is an inherently flawed means of social consensus under these conditions.

So maybe it’s time we stopped participating in the lies based on wishful thinking, and focused on new ways of living instead of trying to fix a broken system.
Maybe it’s better to stop giving our power away to the empty rhetoric of puppet politicians and the monstrosity of government.
Maybe the best way to fundamentally change society for the better is to understand its false foundations so we can build a better local foundation as individuals.

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