This is some wonderful and amazing news. Hawaii lawmakers have killed a bill to speed up the process for adopting federal vaccination guidelines. The bill would have created an easier pathway for the Health Department to adopt federal rules for vaccinations.

According to ABC News.

Under the bill considered by the Senate Committee on Commerce, Consumer Protection and Health, the department would have 90 days to adopt rules.

Immediately after hearing opposition to the bill, Sen. Rosalyn Baker said Thursday it wouldn’t move forward. Her announcement came before the usual time when lawmakers decide on the bills.

Sen. Will Espero, who is on Baker’s committee, said he hasn’t seen a lawmaker do that before.

“Normally she would wait to the end of the agenda,” Espero said. “But in this case, she felt that it might be best before we get to the other bill to just share with them that, ‘FYI, I hear you, and I’ve made the decision.’ “
This is amazing news. Celebrate the small victories, they don’t come often enough. We will update this page as more information becomes available, in the mean time, share this.

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