405-tsa-agents-940The destructive duo of Jihadi Jeh Johnson and Hussein Obama have managed to extend their complete and total destruction of our security defenses from the nation’s perimeter to our law enforcement and interdiction agencies as well as the airport screening capacity.

In testimony before Congress on Wednesday, government oversight officials described the TSA as being in disarray, failing to record basic security details for thousands of employees, and not having control and tracking of official IDs and badges which allow access to the most sensitive areas of our nation’s airports.

TSA Mystery Employees – Little Effort Made To Screen Or Vet Agents
Describing TSA as operating “in chaos,” a frustrated Congress addressed a portion of an array of security issues which continue to go ignored and pose serious safety risks. The Washington Free Beacon reported that TSA cannot or chooses not to verify their employees’ criminal histories and immigration statuses, not to mention the 73 employees who were on the terrorist watch list. Those are individuals who cannot be trusted to fly on an airplane but who may be allowed unsupervised access to the most vulnerable and unseen areas.

Rep John Mica (R-FL), chair of the House Transportation Subcommittee, was not at all complimentary in his assessment of Secretary Johnson’s cooperation and competence, saying, “Even 15 years” after the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks, “we still see a system that has not complied with the laws we have passed multiple times … and we see failures.”

He continued, saying, “TSA employees are not properly vetted. We’ve found that tens of thousands of incomplete records are even lacking full names. They [TSA] had 14,000 immigrants listed in the database that did not have alien registration numbers and 75,000 of these records lacked passport numbers. This is not acceptable.”
Officials could not account for “hundreds and thousands of IDs” that had gone missing, including TSA security badges, airport identity badges, and officer identification. Why is TSA this sloppy with such sensitive documents? Can the Columbia Law School graduate Johnson be this short-sighted, this incompetent? Obama and Johnson aren’t bumbling idiots as they might appear, they’re criminal masterminds.

DHS Inspector General John Roth said, “TSA is considerably challenged when it comes to verifying workers’ criminal histories and immigration status. TSA does not recurrently vet airport workers’ criminal histories after they are initially cleared to work, but rely on individuals to self-report disqualifying crimes.” He noted that most employees do not report themselves.

He also pointed out that “TSA cannot systematically determine whether individuals have been convicted of disqualifying crimes,” noting that commercial airports also do not hold onto these records. “Due to the large workload involved, this inspection process looked at as few as one percent of all aviation workers applications.” Problem employees have a 99% percent chance of not being caught, those are pretty good odds. Roth added that the database used by TSA for vetting employees is “not reliable,” as it contains incomplete or inaccurate data.”

He noted that at least 87,000 active aviation workers, or 10 percent of the total workforce, do not have social security numbers listed in their records and an additional 75,000 active employee credentials listed the worker as a non-U.S. citizen but did not include passport numbers. Of that number, 14,000 workers also did not list an alien registration number, meaning they could potentially be illegal aliens.

Roth summarized, “TSA did not have appropriate checks in place to reject records from such vetting. Without complete and accurate info TSA risked credentialing and providing unescorted access to secure airport areas for a worker who could potentially harm the nation’s air transportation system.”

What we have is not Homeland or Airport Security. It’s a terrorist attack just waiting for a jihadist to make it happen. It’s Aviation Russian Roulette and we don’t even know we’ve spun the cylinder.


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