If you’re a proud voter, I know what you’re thinking: “I believe in voting because A.) we live in a democracy, and B.) we have the freedom to, so C.) why not try to change the system from the inside?”

But what if I told you that voting (and the entire notion of “authority” and “government”) is a type of cultural brainwashing based on nothing but lies to keep you distracted, enslaved, and consenting?


What if I told you that voting is pointless, political campaigns are a charade, politicians are all megalomaniacal authoritarians, government is completely controlled by international banking and corporate oligarchies, and a better way is possible.

And I’m going to prove it to you.

Voting has been repeatedly shown to be unreliable and easily manipulatable without any public knowledge.

Going beyond the unreliability of large-scale voting, and underneath the fundamental futility of democratic government in an unhealthy and uneducated society, a deeper issue is that the entire fundamental premise of society being a “democratic government” or even a “republic” nowadays is a complete fallacy.

The fact is that government will never allow its core power structure to be challenged by fundamental change; it will only allow concessions like gay marriage or the decriminalization of marijuana. All candidates are pre-ordained and supported through mainstream media largely controlling public opinion.  Sure, they allow puppets to be changed every few years and make concessions like gay marriage or decriminalizing marijuana. But what about the Central Banking system and the Federal Reserve that’s systematically devaluing the American currency? Why . I’m amazed that there are people who- after all the OBVIOUS corruption and perpetual global atrocities created and perpetuated by those in power- still can’t see the absolute illegitimacy of government.

I used to be a flag-loving Statist. I get it. The brainwashed authoritarian indoctrination to the religious faith of government runs deep.

But compared to pre-9/11, the corruption has become SO much more blatantly obvious, and information is far more readily available online that you literally have to CHOOSE to not be well informed. You have to CHOOSE to not give a shit. I’m astonished people remain silent about, much less continue to vote with the “hope” that it will fundamentally “change” anything substantial. How many times do billboards have to fall on your head before you start to see the signs?


“Once the election is over, and once the winner is declared, everybody forgets about it. […] Most attempts are caught by the system. But there are cases that do slip through. [Voter fraud] undermines public confidence in democracy.”

~ Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted

To assume that voting is a reliable method for determining public consensus in large-scale votes given everything we’ve covered is to not fully grasp the magnitude of corruption inherent in the current global political system. Furthermore,


History shows that the longer society continues to legitimize corrupt politics by voting and glorifying politicians, the more destructive it becomes. Through voting, it’s granted social permission to spread its “authority” through increasingly pervasive means. Government, being rooted in the principles of continually expanding domination, cannot fundamentally change to bring about true peace, and voting cannot change this inevitability. The myriad of contradictory laws are purposefully obfuscated with endless loopholes and speculative interpretations between elites with converging interests. The “Blue Wall of Silence” throughout many branches of government and big business act as fail-safes which maintain the power structure. The mainstream media which largely dictates public perception is controlled by the same corporate interests directing government, which manipulates the allowable spectrum of discussion and candidates in the political process. The old adage rings true- “You cannot disassemble the Master’s house using the Master’s tools”.

“Average American: “The system is horribly messed up! The politicians are all corrupt liars and crooks, and they’re ruining the country! Things are getting desperate! We need real change, right now!”

Me: “Maybe you need to reconsider your underlying assumptions.”

Average American: “Nonsense! That’s crazy! No, the way out of this despicable mess is for me to keep believing what I always have, and keep doing what I’ve always done, voting for the same crooks, playing along with the same game, cooperating with my own subjugation and ridiculing anyone who suggests anything fundamentally different!”

Me: “And you think THAT will change things?”

Average American: “Hey, our system ain’t perfect, but it’s the best one possible! And it’s better than all the others! If you don’t like it, get out! U.S.A.! Number one!”

^^^ THAT is what “Battered Citizen Syndrome” looks like. Most people would rather be stomped on by a familiar tyrant, than actually THINK about things. “If not for this jackboot on my throat, there would be chaos!”

Good grief.” 

~Larken Rose



Despite the evidence of this overwhelming corruption, the last vestige of hope for most statists is the belief in effecting change through local city government. Assuming that the aforementioned issues are not a influencing factor (which they usually are), in theory, local voting may have a greater chance of creating accommodations for the issues which are the byproduct of dysfunctional government, but do little if anything to fix the greater causal issues still remain heavily entrenched deep within the power structure. There are many overseeing agencies of government which can overturn local decisions for any number of reasons. Therefore, state legislators often complain about an overpowering federal government usurping the rights of the states, while themselves working to increase the power of state government at the expense of city and county governments. The issues of property rights and government regulation, even when legalized on the State level, are frequently subjected to persecution when not legalized by the Federal Government, as has been shown with the issues of marijuana, gay marriage, and immigration, to name a few.

To place one’s hope in local government as a reliable bastion for justice and effective social transformation is to try to save a house consumed by flames by throwing cups of water in to the fire; while well meaning and perhaps marginally helpful for a moment, it is ultimately ineffectual against the greater governmental momentum corrupted beyond the wishful thinking of “hope” for “change”. Even those who think “limited government is the best option to strive for” need only take a brief walk through history. America, widely known as the best attempt to create a country with “limited government” which recognizes and respects unalienable individual rights, wound up becoming the most militarized, coercive, imperialist authoritarian empire the world has ever known. The founders of America knew that government was a beast that easily grew out of hand, which is why emphasized the necessity of a system of checks and balances. However, as the times change, those checks and balances become archaic, inefficient, convoluted, obfuscated, obsolete, and thereby no longer work to keep government efficient, virtuous, and honest on all levels. This is the inevitability for all governments.


Never, in the history of the world, anywhere on the planet, has “government” only PROTECTED individual rights. Instead, it has been the primary VIOLATOR of individual rights. Nonetheless, there are still many [minimal government supporters] who insist that we cannot give up the institution of “government.” Why not? Because, they say, we NEED it to do something that it has NEVER DONE, in order to protect us from injustices that it has ALWAYS itself inflicted on the people. Then they complain when I say that statism is immoral, irrational and faith-based.”

~ Larken Rose

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

~ Albert Einstein

Ultimately, when all things are considered, political parties have long been nothing more than an “illusion of choice” owned by the same converging interests, subject to a myriad of manipulation, and more interested in profit and prestige instead of true social uplift. Any governmentally sanctioned form of “change” will not, and cannot, by all evidence, bring anything more than marginal social accommodations, since anything more would undermine and illegitimate that very power structure.

government corruption

“The biggest misconception Americans have is that Power will allow itself to be voted out of office.”

~ Emma Goldman

 “Once a government resorts to terror against its own population to get what it wants, it must keep using terror against its own population to get what it wants. A government that terrorizes its own people can never stop. If such a government ever lets the fear subside and rational thought return to the populace, that government is finished.”
Michael Rivero

Unable to grasp the situation, many nationalists will dismissively say, “If you don’t like it, then you can just get out!” If only it were so easy and just about one country…

if you don't like it

Yet I, like many people living in a sick society, have thought to myself, “Maybe I should move to a different country to escape all this madness“, but let’s be realistic. Given the global control by the international cabal of corporate, banking, and political psychopaths, there really isn’t a place to go where people can be free without the inevitable encroachment and imposition by megalomaniacal institutions. However, some places may be more conducive to support, networking, and co-creating with likeminded individuals, which can be a great strategy! But if simple “avoidance” is the underlying purpose, consider that avoiding this increasingly destructive global situation is like hiding in a closet while your home burns down. You can try to shut it out, but it’s not going away. In most cases, you’ve just temporarily secluded yourself and stopped being able to positively contribute on a larger scale. Furthermore, getting caught up in “3D Survivalist” thinking instead of a more holistic, integral perspective is also a dead-end (as history has repeatedly shown).

But despite the non-stop bombardment of political drama on nearly every media outlet, when looking at the numbers of votes comparative to the total population of able-bodied voters, you’ll find an interesting trend: nearly half of the population DOES NOT VOTE.  Of course, this isn’t discussed in the mainstream since it exposes the crumbling foothold of government. Analyze the data and you’ll see an overall trend indicating less voters, less care, and, despite the mainstream media’s propaganda, less and less confidence in government’s violence and lies. Conversely, it indicates a greater interest toward personal empowerment outside the regulations of “the system” and an awakening desire for individual liberty beyond the hollow, short-sighted rhetoric of authoritarianism.


voting lack of confidence


^ California Voter Turnout (source)

Voters Europe
Pretty indicative of government’s illegitimacy, and its disastrous relationship with society, right?

So, since willful ignorance or running away is selfishly futile, and trying to work within the system is completely useless and delusional, ultimately, we come to the question: What can we do instead of voting?

Since culture is a consensus reflection of many individuals, if we wish to have a more conscious, compassionate, educated, responsible, and healthy society, then we who are awake enough to see, and privileged enough to act, must fundamentally strive- with all our being, in every moment we can muster- to become the change we wish to see in the world.

So, how do we begin to do this?

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