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This is a glass key and Jason bermas of we are changed in Oregon as you all know there’s a huge mega PR media War happening right now between Alex Jones and Joe Rogan and that’s why in this video show me and Jason want to tell you about the latest developments and our own personal kind of made-up assessments on who is figuratively winning the bigger PR War here and Jason why not let’s also maybe even discuss what would happen in the cage match between Joe Rogan and Alex Jones but personally before we get into all that I Blame You Jason for absolutely all of it.

Oh boy for those that don’t know.

Back in the day when Infowars was actually producing my material and I was living in Austin Texas I was big then as I am now and Rogan and Jones had a relationship since the late 90s for those who don’t know Joe actually called in on the 911 show trying to argue with Alex He’s already calling it a government Inside Job talking about bombs in the building the whole 9.

And Rogan was upset now on top of that Jones is in one of his comedy DVDs Belly of the Beast where they both dress up like a bush and son and go around and cloaks in that intros the DVD stay a long history that’s like you know why.

Even after you’re falling out because of some Fear Factor stuff.

The horse drink will call it that the horse drink that’s a nice way of saying it there Jason.

And then you know people being like needle through their bodies and dehumanizing stuff that really caused a rift.

End up getting back together and obviously Rogan is now like the biggest thing and podcasting out their Jones’s Empire has only grown and unfortunately especially recently Loop they have been butting heads.

Well you know people have to understand here there’s a big history here on this Feud actually was going back even before Joe Rogan had Jack Dorsey on even a couple days before that Alex Jones had yon Arvin supposedly the person that introduced Joe Rogan to DMT in Ayahuasca to on kind of bashing him for an hour and Joe and Alex is kind of going off on a lot of kind of hyperbolic made up things talking about how the CIA is pushing DMT in Ayahuasca get a lot of those things haven’t been confirmed a lot of assumptions being made but I do believe essentially that there are still some legitimate criticisms of Joe Rogan that do need to be taken very seriously cuz he is supported by the cash app some people even make the estimates that he receives require a lot of money from that sponsorship which is directly tied into Jack Dorsey which of course is controversy all erupted because people are accusing him of being very soft handed on him and some people are estimated that the Joe Rogan gets $300,000 per month from. The cash app and an estimated 3.5 million per year from that larger kind of sponsorship and that’s why a lot of people were kind of very disappointed with Joe Rogan when especially the question turned it to Alex Jones where Joe Rogan specifically asked Jack Dorsey why was Alex Jones banned in people notice Lee noticeably saw a major body shift in the CEO of Jack Dorsey we saw him kind of recoil we saw him stutter we saw him lose eye contact and safe leave that because rightfully so they shouldn’t this is a billion Aaron and if he is either completely gone for major decisions from this.

Huge institution of power Twitter there’s no other explanation for this and Joe kind of kind of let it by kind of let it swing and gone to change the topic right away when he personally know those individuals who were censored were bad not just Alex Jones but other individuals in the bias is very clear here there’s a reason Saudi Arabia and high Saudi Royal officials are investing so much in Twitter and have such a majority ownership of Twitter this is because Twitter is a main political weapon and it is being used in many different ways we saw many anti-war figures like Carey wedler be completely bad without explanation without reason Racine people targeted within the Venezuelan government within the Syrian government obviously serving bigger geopolitical US Coast clearly do see a bigger kind of political bias when it comes to him Joe Rogan and Jack Dorsey excuse me let me just focus on Jack Dorsey here with Jack Dorsey Banning people for saying that. The people who are getting fired right now should learn to code code like we saw tweeted by a Daily Caller editor who now had his account suspended because he just tweeted learn-to-code to the mainstream media that is obviously losing their jobs right now people who also bring up facts that fatherless homes lead to more crimes are also being bad while of course there’s literally a New York Times Asian lady just putting out a full-on war on slab against white people and she gets verified we’re seeing the Covenant kids being called to be docked being called for harm to be done to them by Major celebrities major media figures no banning at all huge discrepancies huge political war happening here and Joe Rogan who says he believes in the rights of people to communicate with each other to give everyone a platform everyone thought he was going to make a strong stance on that and he didn’t and this is why there’s been a lot of questions out of course. Logan answered back answer back of course against Alex Jones as well and answered back even mentioning how Media Matters said that Alex Jones was like and when you talk about Media Matters than Alex Jones you pretty much have some of the most erroneous institutions of media out there because Media Matters is supported by George Soros Alex Jones that’s a lot of hyperbolic stuff with Jason you’re going to get into as well because Alex Jones is kind of going all off literally calling to God himself God to rage this war against Joe Rogan and it’s only getting crazier from here right Jason it absolutely is only getting crazier you’re my friend so.

Let’s talk about that the Thunder that erupted because of the Dorsey thing because that.

You have some value.

On both side so when you look at the Dorsey interview.

Rogan said that he disclosed that he was a sponsor through the cash app I’m not sure if he did that I didn’t watch the entire interview I’ll maybe he did so in another interview but he absolutely was taking that money if I could if I can interrupt he should have been more transparent with that his main, twas I think I mentioned it if you’re taking money from Jack dorsey’s company and you’re interviewing him I think you have to talk about it I think you do have to mention it out when it’s on such a large scale of influence and power and money and not much money that that is a legitimate.

Criticism there’s a legitimate criticism when he didn’t follow up on things like using facial recognition again another legitimate criticism.

And and the criticism I think is more value when you look at Joe Rogan’s other interviews when he’s interviewing people like Steven Crowder and Candace Owens in and he’s going at them hard he’s questioning them he’s not letting them get by with any easy lazy answer he’s being very digilent a Vigilant and we’ve haven’t seen that with a lot of other figures on the completely other put beside this is another argument that people are making of course against Joe Road.

Yes absolutely and and let’s continue just a little bit further and Rogan really is not been honest about George Soros and what Jones has said about him and we have to acknowledge that for instance when we talk about Media Matters that is a George Soros David Brock.

And it is there is.

Free documentation not only with interviews from Soros himself but that he was taken in by a Nazi collaborator his name was kissed sander and yes he to also work with now she’s making him a Nazi collaborator in taking people’s property that is absolutely 100% factual that doesn’t need me and you know he was by the side of Hitler Zig hailing but in those interviews he certainly not remorseful or regretful about it so let’s be clear about that so that gives all cretans to Jones let’s swing it around now for a sec.

Things that Jones has said about Rodan first of all before the Dorsey interview.

Being a CIA puppet essentially you watch those those that interview and that’s where he starts to go off.

The rails that you bring up a good point here Jason because Alex Jones is definitely really great at kind of bringing up extremely crazy points and then walking them back and be like I never said that.

Which of course Joe Rogan also accuses him of doing when he talked about Sandy Hook on his podcast saying essentially with Alex Jones was saying was not true.

Exactly so let’s go back to the main thing with Sandy Hook.

And anyway Jones wants to spend it there was a point in time where he called the thing a completely synthetic event with actor.

So you know side from Sandy Hook you know what is Alex Jones talking about that’s not true number one.

The way he’s attacked Rogan and he’s got a snake and he’s called him snake Joe and he’s twisting his his neck and call him a tough Jiu-Jitsu guy I guess we’ll get into the fight later but that is,.

That at one point he literally says and I quote and we’re going to play this for.

Exactly the fire dude Jesus who you hate so much said Jesus.

Show me to destroy Joe Rogan.

I pulled a fire dude Jesus who you hate so much said Jesus told me destroys all right.

Next I don’t think Joe Rogan has ever said he hates Jesus he’s never been a religious guy but he certainly acknowledge the good points of religion he actually talks about being agnostic and believing something Beyond a you know especially after those DMT trips that Alex Jones is condemning so much that there may be an afterlife or something more to this so he’s being very dishonest there let’s be out let’s all be honest when we play this clip you look at Jones’s face even Jose knows he didn’t talk to Jesus and Jesus didn’t tell him to destroy anybody level on Joe Rogan.

Alex is going off he’s talking about Italian Guys in Vegas he’s making so many just generalized off the wall like topics that he’s not being specific about and showing absolutely no evidence about so that definitely needs to be called out as well because I got Alex Jones says the most craziest stuff and then comes back like I never said that fast talk tasting thing where he essentially always just creates his own kind of reality in some of the stuff he says is not only hyperbolic but just straight-out wrong about Joe Rogan and if they’re true show us some evidence which he’s not and he’s going from literal Walnut sauce pineal gland Luke on top of that while he’s going off on his little road going to rant here he starts talking about viral videos and he starts talking about I produce loose change their food.

187 million hits before they erased on Google video now that part is again that’s him spitting the truth so just so everybody understand Alex Jones produced Loose Change Final Cut Loose Change 2nd edition had nothing to do with him is that Joe Rogan actually bought the film before Alex Jones even carried it so let’s get that little factoid out there Jerome was the first guy to buy off our website he bought the 10-pack okay and Jones still had not even contacted us at that.

Keep reduce Loose Change Final Cut now to file tax credit probably online you know maybe over 10 let’s let’s give it 20 million views not 187 million views had nothing to do with that but I’m not jealous and he actually calls Rogan jealous he also says that he was bigger on YouTube than Rogan now again overall.

Infowars been around forever maybe more views but if you looked at not only Joe Rogan’s podcast.

King Joe Rogan and the other dozen bootleg things out there with Rogan there is no doubt in the past few years that Rogan has been much larger.

And then he says he’s going to take him down while I hate to tell you but Rogan’s not going anywhere.

To a large audience that doesn’t mean I agree with everything that he says but I enjoy his long format of a two to three-hour interview with something someone you use the Alex Jones used to do our two-hour-long interviews with people yeah you would interrupt a lot but those long-form interviews are long..

Yeah yeah yeah I was on some of those you were on some of those as well but I think it’s let’s talk to you about this kind of longer PR War that’s happening here because from what I see happening here obviously a lot of people are being extremely divided on on major sides here but as far as PR wise I think Alex Jones is winning at what he wants which is attention and he’s doing anything and saying anything for it and we’re talking about him because of that so far as attention wise and people paying attention and clicking an end and looking at him I think Alex Jones wins..

Specific portion but as far as just explaining himself I think Joe Rogan is definitely done a better job at that and it does have to be pointed out that Joe Rogan is coming off very kind of naive now either he’s pretending to be naive or he’s really naive because he’s quoting Media Matters and saying well Jack Dorsey this billionaire Saudi Arabia funded huge technocrat motor size and made Twitter big political weapon he’s telling me that it’s not true so it’s not true even a lot of the body of evidence kind of shows that it’s not so I think that is all going to be figured out with Jack Dorsey coming back on the show and if Jack Dorsey does not come back on the show on The Joe Rogan experiment to be kind of question on these very big important issues this is going to be over all a bigger loss for Joe Rogan who at the time right now you know his reaction.

Does deserve some scrutiny but makes sense in the long-term that’s kind of my assessment what’s yours will see where that goes again I’m not that hopeful because you have one end where you don’t think Joe Rogan can be that naive especially being around somebody like Eddie Bravo you know Eddie Bravo super conspiratorial so at some point he hears them all what he believes what he what he knows to be true who knows but for instance attacking a Jones for some of the pedogate stuff you know the Jimmy Savile raping corpses Jones Is Right that that is absolutely been proven that something that’s been put out there by law enforcement it’s extremely disturbing you know the adrenochrome stuff whether they were taking that from pituitary glands I’ve seen that in other reports I don’t know that I’ve seen it in the civil case so again that maybe one of those things that’s being. Construed and Rogan may have a point. So what I tell the audience is this there’s no way you can keep your eyes off of this.

Jones like you said kind of does need this attention after all these bendy platform he’s lost a lot of Revenue he’s probably feeling it no matter what he says out there yes in the very beginning that sent a lot.

But nobody left YouTube you know what I’m saying nobody left YouTube Luke and out Rogan’s got that voice got that platform and many other so in that respect I am sympathetic to Joan’s but how long it lasts I don’t know am I a hoe.

The both of them do get together on one of their larger platforms and kind of hash this out.

I want to see cagematch I think would be interesting to see a WWE stop this is where we have Alex the answer to 1984 is 1999 plus shipping and handling and one side of the Ring another side of the Ring we have Joe the toe snake close the cage let them have at it I mean I just see a whole what do you think would happen in a cage match I mean they’re both about the same height they’re both about kind of the same way I mean it would be a crazy fight it would be very simple and if here’s the deal you could have let let’s do it for Alex would rip his shirt up starts pounding his chest charging error what happens next he would say that he was anointed by God to defeat Joe Rogan even though I don’t know of anybody that’s actually physically talk to Jesus or God for that matter any of their deed. That’s beyond the point first of all you have 2 Outlaw striking just on Rogan’s end right and allow No Holds Barred cage match what happened again to try to make it fair for Alex you have to Bar all strikes and Rogan Rogan did Karate for decades now doesn’t matter what happened just give me the run by run play-by-play here Rogan Sidekicks him and and that’s the end of the fight is going to pull some crazy stuff you know he’s going to try to bite your offer. Do something crazy Luke the horse kick makes it over immediately he’s going to kick him across the thing he will collapse in pain and say he ate a big bowl of chili before the batch that was it now let’s say for instance Rogan cannot strike this is how the match go.

Alex again charges at Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan then side steps and takes his back and chokes him until he Taps because I guarantee you as as as country boy and toughest Alex thinks he is he’s not going to sleep he will tag number and Cialis pulling a metal chair out of of nowhere all the time sneak attack wouldn’t surprise me in this matter but overall the reason we’re laughing is because we’ll be crying situation have been completely honest with you and that’s what you got to do you just got to kind of make the light of it I got these are just our opinions if you think we’re wrong or if you have any predictions of what would happen in the steel cage between Joe Rogan and Alex Jones let us know in the comments section below I’m right now off to Paris to do some on-the-ground reporting we’re going to be back also Saturday for 4 p.m. Eastern live stream Saturday not Sunday from Sunday 7 p.m. Eastern we’re changing that right now to Saturday so TuneIn Saturday 7 p.m. 4 p.m. Eastern for the live show.

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