The Shadow Brokers have released a 171 MB file of leaks which Edward Snowden claims is the “Top secret arsenal of digital weapons.” In Fall of 2016, the group had reportedly asked for 1 million Bitcoins in an auction to release the files. It is unclear whether or not they received this massive amount of digital currency in exchange for today’s leak.

The files, seemingly stolen from the NSA’s Equation Group, had previously been rumored as being the work of a “Second Snowden.” The Shadow Brokers’ leak, not to be confused with Wikileaks’ Vault 7 release of CIA files, will effectively release what has been claimed to be the NSA’s “secret arsenal” of digital cyber weapons if confirmed as legitimate.

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Edward Snowden claims that today’s leak is “nowhere near the full library, but there’s still so much here that NSA should be able to instantly identify where this set came from and how they lost it. If they can’t, it’s a scandal.”

The attached obfuscated message from Shadow Brokers gives a heated attack on President Trump citing the following list of reasons that he has been abandoning his supporters (which they were among):

“#1 — Goldman Sach (TheGlobalists) and Military Industrial Intelligence Complex (MIIC) cabinet
#2 — Backtracked on Obamacare
#3 — Attacked the Freedom Causcus (TheMovement)
#4 — Removed Bannon from the NSC
#5 — Increased U.S. involvement in a foreign war (Syria Strike)”

There is no clear intent in the message as to why the hacking group decided to leak alleged NSA files today outside of the above frustrations. The Shadow Brokers furthermore claims to offer their services to Trump, that they took the same oath to protect the Constitution as he did and that:

“Most of us used to be TheDeepState everyone is talking about. But we realized TheDeepState is being the enemy of the Constitution, individualism, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”

The Shadow Brokers have also threatened to unmask anyone they consider to be an enemy of the Constitution of the United States. Names that were dropped in the immediately following obfuscated text include John McCain, “many defense contractors, Saudi Princes, and possibly little Vietnamese boy he shares with Senator Lindsey Graham.” They also name dropped the New York Times, Washington Post, Goldman Sachs, Jeff Bezos, and “all other globalists.”

As we continue to dig through today’s leak, we will keep you informed on this new development.

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