“I’m coming Bashar!!”

By Alec Cope
We Are Change

On August 2nd, President Obama authorized the use of airstrikes against any target who threatens the U.S. trained “rebels” in Syria – including President Bashar al-Assad’s forces. The only part the whorestream media and Obama left out is that these rebels are ISIS, and this lunacy has reached a whole new level.

Here at We Are Change we have proven that these “rebels” are the same rebels that the U.S. funded during the 2011 invasion of Libya for the ousting of the then President, Muammar Gaddafi. These rebels then joined forces with Islamic extremists and have swept the region, these same “rebels” are using ISIS FLAGS. This insanity is being ignored by the media and it’s as bizarre as it is infuriating (for me, personally). For proof check out the video below; we’ve dared people to disprove our analysis – it hasn’t happened.

So what does this mean? Well, If you have the 8 second attention span that is becoming more prevalent by the day, I’ll catch you up to speed.

Ex-General Wesley Clark stated after the 9/11 attacks that he received a memo from the Secretary of Defense’s office detailing how America would, “Invade 7 countries in 5 years.” Can you guess which one of the countries made the list? You got it, Syria.

In 2013, the U.S. made an attempt to invade and bomb Syria, but first they had to articulate a reason to drop the “peace and love bombs” on the defiant nation. Here is a Yahoo News article that was released at that time:

The truth in our faces

The truth in our faces

But thanks to the people STANDING UP and saying ENOUGH; we stopped that from happening, also the UK parliament overwhelmingly voted “no” on joining the U.S. in the attempt at invading; most Americans said “no” as well. The “shadow government’s” attempt at swallowing another independent nation failed – for the moment.

But that response is the type of energy and commitment we need if we are to turn the tide we must be determined to stop this from happening. We can and will stop this from happening.

It’s critical we keep in mind that this is not a theory; this is real and these people want to crush Syria in anyway possible as long as it will not disturb the public. Obama has given the green-light to bomb Assad’s forces if they defend themselves from the terrorists the U.S. has created. We openly have British special forces units dressed as ISIS to defeat Assad. This Pentagon report revealed the U.S. “created” ISIS as a “tool” to topple Assad – this is pure insanity. Israel has also been proven to be assisting ISIS as have several other nations:

So, as a result of the public’s apathetic perception, Obama (and those involved) are getting what they wanted in 2013 – the destruction of the nation called Syria.

Now Russia (an ally of Syria) is about to send paratroopers into Syria; Israel has also committed acts of war against Russia for destroying advanced Russian technology in Syria.  The country of Iran also established a defense agreement in 2006 with Syria – if one gets attacked the other will respond and assist in defense. If Assad is on the verge of being toppled Iran will intervene, and if Obama is willing to bomb Assad forces – how will he treat Iranian? The countries of Russia and China also have stated that,

“Should anything happen to Iran … This will be a direct threat to our national security”

Do you see the picture here? We are looking at the potential of a world war erupting from this brewing powder keg; with the main aggressor being the U.S.

We have already detailed how Russia and the U.S. have been positioning themselves for war:

I also understand Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are also playing integral parts in this operation but I will just leave this link here if you wish to know more.

What Can We Do?

Share share share share this article – people must know what is happening. This is so painfully obvious and in the open, yet most Americans feel so powerless that they don’t do a thing. But we need to forget the idea of “power to the people”, because we, YOU are the power. We simply need to repeat what we did in 2013, the more we blast this information the more people will see. If people see you leading the charge, they will join. The more and more we build this up the faster we can put a stop to this.

In this atmosphere and situation, silence is violence – yeah I’m looking at you spineless mainstream “news”.

Please share this far and wide – thank you.

For further information on ISIS follow this link.

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