Every year, Luke Rudkowski does Operation Give Back as a way to well, give back. A day where YOU, the audience, send Luke to do various random tasks in a given area. This year’s Operation Give Back was just as fun as it was interesting.

2015’s operation was centered in the Los Angeles area, after Give Back’s annual return was made known, many of you responded and Luke began the quests you sent him on:

The cat was happy.

After that, Mark Hurych wanted a thank-you for promoting our work.

We’ll double that with thank you Mark, and anyone else who has helped us along the way. Dan Rice then requested a full tank of gas and this was delivered!

Task 3 lined up perfectly as well:

Roses were up next!

That task took a bit longer, but was well worth it.

Luke topped that off by buying a lovely woman, or MakeupProSmile dinner at a fine Indian restaurant:

Another gas request:

Our friends over at JoyCamp also participated in Operation Give Back, and turned out to be the final entry:

Also, if Luke happened to miss your request:

So THAT was Operation Give Back, thank you for everyone who helped and participated; also a thank-you for Luke for making this happen.

Below are past Operation Give Backs – Enjoy!

NYC Operation:

MIAMI Operation:

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