Billionaire tech founder and out spoken libertarian Peter Theil goes on record about Bilderberg 

Theil does not like what he calls “radical transparency”

DRESDEN, Germany (WRC) — Billionaire Peter Theil, surprisingly, made “one statement” to reporters upon reentering at the Bilderberg conference Saturday.

“I believe it’s always important to exchange views with people no matter what their perspectives are. I believe, I think that we have a lot of problems in our society and we need to […] find ways to talk to people where not everything is completely transparent,” Theil said.

Theil obviously felt threatened that the general public and members of the alternative media were checking into what he was doing at the meeting, along with 120 other attendees.

 In a strange and confusing statement from a Libertarian Theil says that  “the Bilderberg Group’s Lack of Transparency is a Good Thing.”

When asked to answer a question he stumbled around making very bizarre statements about libertarianism and “radical transparency” attempting to avert the question and put a positive spin on the groups shadowy nature.

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Author: Danny F. Quest is a official 9/11 Truther, anti-war activist, humanitarian,  Blogger, and writer/contributer  for  Follow him on Social Media.


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