The 1st Annual Save Long Island Forum is unlike any liberty/freedom event you have ever seen before. It’s not just about ‘being free’, it’s about what are the things that are taking our freedoms away from us. It’s not just about ‘the government this or the corporations that’, it’s about the mechanisms they’re are using to control us, herd us & destroy us…and how we can fight back against them.

All answers begin with knowledge and we put this event together to hopefully open people’s minds to not only the fact that we are being bombarded from multiple angles, but, in fact because we are being hit from so many ‘angles’, there are more of us out there with more in common then any of us may have thought. We are the answer, but first many must still be exposed to the question and that is a large part of what we’re doing with this event. You’re going to her things that will make you question and then you’re going to learn how to figure out the answers. This event isn’t about what you should think, it’s about making you think.

Is the world you live in the one that actually exist, or is it a construct designed to make you hand over your money, hand over you freedom & hand over your lives and those of your children? If you can’t answer that question, then you need to come to our event because we want you to be free, but freedom starts in the mind. Click this link here to check out the line up that we’ve got for you and ask yourself if so diverse a collection of speakers have ever come together at one time to speak on what they know. I assure you that the answer will be ‘NO’ which is why you need to come to our event.

We’re running a sale now (click here), but even at full price it’s still worth your time as an ensemble of speakers like this might never come again, and with tickets going fast you might not have much time to join us for these three days so do so now.

Liberty is here, so be a part of it. Come join us at The 1st Annual Save Long Island Forum as your mind, soul & conscience will never be the same again after it…and that’ll be a good thing.

We Are Change

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