The Indoctrination Within Education

The Education System is fundamentally supposed to allow individuals to broaden their horizons across many different topics, Philosophy, History, Culture, and explore a range of views. But the reality I’m observing is very different.

There’s a systemic disease that is rapidly spreading across schooling institutions, it is the indoctrination of students being fed a certain narrative by their professors. This indoctrination is not blatant, it’s the kind that is constantly underlying, subconscious and poisonous.screenshot-from-2016-10-16-191842

Educational establishments should be a space for open intellectual debate, where students are encouraged to express a variety of opinions without the fear of being punished or even vilified because that view might not conform to a widely assumed narrative. However, debate within institutions has become largely narrowed to a strict, politically correct path. Devoid of the diversity of opinion. Bound by the confines of a certain sphere of acceptable thought.

What I am witnessing is that when addressing topics, relating to modern society and issues, that are occurring currently, particular opinions are being cherry picked by teachers and relayed to students, without exploring opposing views. In the worst cases, this belief is even presented as fact. This opinion is then locked, becoming ingrained in the individual’s thought from a young age. Since the majority of students wouldn’t afterwards research the topic to discover other opinions, they’re left in the ignorance of one professor’s view. I’ve witnessed the appraisal of students who conform to, and echo a professor’s opinion, while my own has been quickly disregarded and moved on from as it did not fit within their realm of appropriate speech. The notion that students may be condemned by professors or their peers for simply holding a different belief is incredibly detrimental to culture within our society. An InfoWars article addressing this topic stated very accurately that, “Instead of learning how to think, our children are continually being told what to think.”

And it’s not only the indoctrination of students within academia that is troubling, it’s also the systematic approach to the education system as a whole. Students are being consistently taught to obey authority, and to practice conformity. With schools constantly monitoring the behavior and performance of students, this blatant type of surveillance is becoming very widely regarded as standard procedure. For many, the experience of consistent observation will translate into life outside establishments of education. They will grow up with the mentality that having their privacy and freedom infringed upon is normal practice. Most not even aware that this is a violation of their rights, or not seeing it as an issue. They will learn to respect an authority of corrupt elites, without the mindset to question their power. However simply accepting their position and conforming to be ruled. Numbed to their destructive effects. Unknowingly serving the maintenance of a tyrannical system. Where the realization of ones own ability to challenge or resist this coercion is nullified.

To be clear, I’m not encouraging students to disrupt or distract others from learning, but I am encouraging individuals to express their right to free speech. Tactfully push the boundaries and step beyond a narrative if you do not agree, and fight against political correctness. Free expression is being put on a leash, individuals are experiencing that the only way to succeed and progress within these systems is to keep your head down, agree with the majority, don’t offend anyone, and stay in line. This is a destructive mentality to force upon the younger generation.

The Rise of SJW’s

The rise of Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s) infesting educational establishments is also a factor contributing to controlling the narrative regarding current society. A creation of the regressive left, Social Justice Warriors are those who have bought so heavily into the notion of political correctness that they’ll desperately attempt to oppress the views of anyone who disagrees with their own. They’re attempting to bring our fundamental right to free speech crumbling to ashes, and amongst the wreckage we’re perceiving the uprising of a radicalized modern culture, with an obsessive mentality for restraining contrast in thought. Social Justice Warriors fighting for a frail, sugar coated version of reality are the very definition of cancerous. Safe spaces and trigger warnings need to be surgically removed from our society. The social justice movement is completely baseless in fact or knowledge, relying on platitudinous claims to forward their ideology.

So I urge you, fight back against crazed Social Justice Warriors and indoctrination of the education system. Think freely for yourself. And above all, don’t conform to be subdued into a state of numbness. Whereby diversity in thought is no longer possible. Stand above this, and resist the creation of a truly Orwellian state.

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