Author: Emily Pont

A Citizen’s Guide To Maintaining Sanity In 2017

2016 was a year for the history books. Major, unforeseen political upheavals took place, which threw the establishment a curve ball. A mass populist uprising swept across the United States, resulting in one of the most unexpected events in modern times: President Donald J Trump. Amid all the chaos, it has become increasingly difficult to retain a portion of sanity. It is easy to fall down the trap of getting lost and disheartened amongst the abundance of false news narratives, violent riots, and the total division of the nation. To that end, I’d like to offer you a few...

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Female Muslim Immigrant Votes Trump, Exposes Democrat Media Dishonesty

The highly anticipated 2016 presidential election has finally come to an end. After months of rigorous campaigning from both Trump and Clinton, Donald J. Trump has been officially declared President-elect of the United States. However, as to be expected, the ‘tolerant liberals’ have taken to the streets to violently protest and riot against this victory. So triggered by the fact that their paradigm of censorship, a sugar coated reality and their wishes for the continuation of a status quo government have been shattered. The phrase ‘Love Trumps Hate’ has become incredibly ironic, given that the almost all of the...

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How Butt-Hurt Clinton Supporters Are Challenging Democracy

The 2016 election has turned over 3 million Clinton supporters into “sore losers” who are now challenging the democratic process with a petition on urging the Electoral College to “Make Hillary Clinton President On December 19.” Their aim is to plead with members of the US Electoral College to change their vote. They argue that “Hillary won the popular vote. The only reason Trump ‘won’ is because of the Electoral College.” However, that’s not how democracy works. In the 2000 election when Al Gore won the popular vote, but lost the Electoral College vote to Republican George W. Bush, the...

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Man Shot During Anti-Trump Protest In Portland

One man was shot and injured at an anti-Trump protest in Portland, Oregon, early Saturday, marking a new climax to the string of protests that have occurred across the nation since the results of the presidential race were announced. Following Donald Trump’s win early Wednesday, angry anti-Trump protesters took to the streets across the nation, engaging in physical violence, starting fires and smashing cars. The victim in the shooting, who police have not identified, was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. He was shot on the Morrison Bridge during the fourth round of Anti-Trump Protest in Portland. The...

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Is This The End For Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton hasn’t been the most favored candidate. In fact, she is one of the most disliked candidates to ever run for president. Election day is just on the horizon, and as this presidential race draws to a close, the indictment of Hillary Clinton seems increasingly more likely with every new scandal that comes around the corner. On Wednesday, a Fox News report revealed two sources with “intimate knowledge of the FBI investigations” had stated, that the probe of the Clinton Foundation would continue to be ongoing after the election. However it is not certain as to whether this...

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WikiLeaks Podesta Emails Confirm Hillary’s Health Issues

Issues surrounding Hillary Clinton’s health and ability to take on the demanding position of President have pervaded this presidential race. But several recent WikiLeaks emails from John Podesta, chairman of Hillary’s campaign, have revealed that Hillary Clinton’s health problems cannot possibly be branded as “conspiracy theories” any longer. Before Hillary Clinton announced her run for president, an email sent on March 14th, 2014, by campaign manager Robert Mook to Clinton campaign chairman Podesta asks whether Podesta has discussed Hillary’s “taxes and health.” The email states that he acknowledges they’re both “hyper sensitive” issues, wondering whether “both are better dealt with...

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The Indoctrination Within Education and The Rise of SJW’s

The Indoctrination Within Education The Education System is fundamentally supposed to allow individuals to broaden their horizons across many different topics, Philosophy, History, Culture, and explore a range of views. But the reality I’m observing is very different. There’s a systemic disease that is rapidly spreading across schooling institutions, it is the indoctrination of students being fed a certain narrative by their professors. This indoctrination is not blatant, it’s the kind that is constantly underlying, subconscious and poisonous. Educational establishments should be a space for open intellectual debate, where students are encouraged to express a variety of opinions without...

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