“The crisis is a crisis in consciousness. A crisis that
cannot any more accept the old norms, the old patterns.”
~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

by Humberto Braga

As the challenges of our world become more multifaceted and sophisticated, we too must transform ourselves to become more multifaceted, refined, and conscious in order to navigate and overcome these obstacles. Humanity has been suppressed for thousands of years, and has far more potential yet to explore. I’d say it’s about time we stopped selling ourselves short and stepped up to fullness of our being.

Do you have what it takes to make the journey?… You never really know until you try, so let’s find out together.

The possibility for creating a better world begins with clearly seeing the truth out in the world and, more importantly, in ourselves. After all, who are we to inspire others to change if we aren’t working to be the change?

We can protest corruption, atrocities, and injustice all we want, but the fact remains that if we ever want to realistically live in a world where people are well-educated, compassionate, and responsible enough to be sovereign and easily resolve (or avoid altogether) social conflicts, we must embody the very maturity and virtue we ask from others. Therefore, to effect true and lasting change we must engage in sincere self-work, which involves accelerated conscious development through focused self-awareness, holistic healing, and education for the body, emotions, intellect, and spirit. This is the most difficult thing a person can do, but it is also the most fun, liberating, effective, important, and rewarding when it comes to empowering yourself and others.

Some might ask, “How can self-work help with social injustices like police brutality?”

Fantastic question. I’m glad you asked.

Self-work helps us become more multi-disciplinary, empathic, creative, and go deeper in to our access to understanding in all respects.

In the case of police brutality, most people just address the SYMPTOM of violence. However, due to a lack of education in psychology, they overlook the bigger UNDERLYING ISSUE of pathological people in throughout all positions of power which creates a sick, violent society. Due to this lack of knowledge, people simply fixate on the obvious “police brutality” with no deeper systematic understanding or solution to present. Therefore, society is left to rely on a GOVERNMENT RESPONSE (the very institution which creates pathological people) which is to simply make a few officers wear cameras, which hasn’t fixed the problem but gives the illusion of “accountability” and “progress”.

However, with a deeper psychological understanding through self-work, we can see that THE REAL SOLUTION that is needed to address the ROOT of the problem is to emphasize the widespread implementation of mental health education and psychological group healing with positive conflict resolution throughout society starting from grade school.

Moreover, perhaps we could include a thorough, deep independent psychological evaluation of all government officials, including MRI neuroimaging to more effectively detect psychopaths and sociopaths. This would allow people to recognize, reform, and effectively remove pathological influences throughout society (especially in positions of power) thereby liberating the creative and intellectual potential of humanity from the psychopathic clutches of corrupt, coercive institutions to bring about a new social renaissance beyond anything we could imagine.

See? In this one example alone, we can see how powerful, comprehensive, and essential self-work is for solving virtually all social problems. We have the resources, the engineering, the know-how, the opportunity, and the love to build a better world. We just need the consciousness to guide ourselves to the actualization of our individual and collective potential. This is the foundation to make it happen.

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