Today’s message is about the power of mindfulness.  Mindfulness is a state of awareness regarding the thoughts that are entertaining your mind.

Imagine your life as a movie and you are the main actor.  All of your thoughts are being typed across the screen.  What do your thoughts look like and what are they saying about who you are?

Are your thoughts promoting self-confidence, motivation, and perseverance? Or are your thoughts consumed by self-doubt, worry, and fear?

Did you know that approximately 85 percent of the things you are worrying about will never actually materialize?  Did you know that of the 15 percent of your worries that will materialize, the majority of them will be easier to handle than expected?

Worry has been linked to marital problems, clinical depression, family disfunction, heart disease, and more!  It is ironic that while the problems created by worry are very real, it appears clear that the majority of our worries are merely imaginary.

The first step to mastering mindfulness in your day to day life is becoming aware of this fact: The majority of your worries are not real!  They are self-created misconceptions that you are allowing to create fear, anxiety, insecurity, and sadness in your life’s movie.

The purpose of this message is to remind you: Although you cannot always control the thoughts that enter your mind, you can control the thoughts that entertain your mind.

Life is short.  Moments pass.  Opportunities come and go.  It is your choice to create a life that is worthwhile or to continue to let life pass you by.  The reality you will create and experience is directly related to the thoughts you allow to occupy your mind.

Today make a decision to:

# 1  Cast aside your regrets about the past.

# 2  Let go of your fears about the future.

# 3  And embrace all that the present has to offer you!

Be mindful of your actions, words, and thoughts and plant the seeds that your future self will thank you for.

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