Alec Cope

We Are Change

Time magazine writer Jeffrey Kluger, has suggested that Facebook should censor the posts on Facebook that conflict with “medical science”. Facebook, has been known to abruptly shut down accounts and pages for no apparent reason, and has admitted to censoring pages for “key words”. So, it wouldn’t be a particularly “new” concept to the social media giant.

Here is the name of the article on Time magazine: Facebook Must Shut Down the Anti-vaxxers.

Whatever your opinions on vaccinations are, one thing is clear – every one is entitled to their own choices and views.

There is much fear when it comes to vaccinations, whether getting them or not getting them. One thing that has not been remembered in this debate, is that people have been consenting or not – to vaccines in the United States for decades. If the state can force people to receive the vaccines, who owns our body? Beside the point, suggesting that Facebook censor the “anti-vaxx movement” must mean one thing – “they” are gaining momentum apparently.

Meanwhile, the world is being propelled towards WWIII and the mainstream media is focused on solely this issue, or ISIS (which the US has helped to CREATE). It is truly a marvel to behold, for me personally, anyway.

Also, one thing history teaches us is that if one group of people can be oppressed without resistance, we all can be oppressed without resistance.

SOURCES for the World War III claim and ISIS Claim:

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