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“On November 4, Canada’s newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was sworn into office. Trudeau and the Liberal Party promise to legalize marijuana in Canada, which would make it only the second country to formally legalize the sale and consumption of cannabis. (Uruguay became the first, in 2013 — contrary to popular belief, pot is not technically legal in the Netherlands, but it is tolerated).

On November 3, the Irish government announced decriminalization of not just marijuana but also heroin and cocaine. The chief of Ireland’s National Drugs Strategy told the papers there was a “strong consensus that drugs across the board should be decriminalised.”

… users and addicts would no longer be locked up for their personal consumption. The results from Portugal’s decriminalization of all drugs in 2001 have been extremely extraordinary: deaths, addiction, and HIV infections from drugs have all dropped precipitously.

On November 5, the criminal chamber of the Mexican Supreme Court ruled that the country’s ban on marijuana was unconstitutional and found that individuals have a right to grow, possess, and use marijuana.”

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War On ‘Drugs’, Really War On The People

As a result of (stricter cannabis laws) lots of coffee shops lost all of their customers, and those people (became) street-dealers.”

In a tantalizing interview with Eric of JDTV, We Are Change reporter Luke Rudkowski learned what happens very rapidly once criminals are given actual leverage over a prohibited market. When Holland began to clamp down on cannabis roughly 2 years ago, it solely resulted in crushed businesses and crime. JDTV footage showed street-dealers intimidating one another, as well as a man using a knife to exhibit his ‘opinions’:

Buying and Burning Drugs

On September 24th, 2007 a CIA contracted plane crashed in Mexico with 3.3 tons of cocaine on board, the plane taking part in ‘rendition’ flights for the criminal CIA. The aircraft was suspected of running out of fuel on a flight from Columbia – to the United States. The CIA also used a man named ‘Freeway’ Rick Ross to flood dozens of inner-cities with crack-cocaine for years, crippling and destabilizing all communities exposed.

Hemp: Unexplored Possibility?

Industrial hemp would absolutely crush several monopolized industries, not limited to Big: oil, timber and automobile.

Industrial Hemp - the Future...

Industrial Hemp – the Future…

A Hidden Medicine

The United States government has patent US6630507 B1 which clearly defines how cannabis is a ‘nueroprotectant’, which can enable Cannabinoids to do such things as help alleviate auto-immune disorders and more.

cannibanoid patent

Specific cannabinoid group that enables antioxidant quality to the body.

The Federal government has also mistakenly admitted that cannabis can treat cancer successfully, while also defining the plant as a Schedule 1 drug. They still use the ‘war on drugs’ as a weak pretext to usurp citizen’s rights – all while masquerading under this almost laughable guise. Studies have also found cannabis can grow your bones back faster, the University of Saskatchewan found cannabis sparks brain-cell growth. They must’ve ‘missed’ those bits eh?

During Luke’s experience in Holland, the blossoming medical application field was also investigated and yielded many new insights. From medicinal users to the very first coffee shop owner in Holland, the Pot Father; this mini-documentary gives you a first-hand look into what medicinal qualities are offered by this amazing plant.

A recommended watch:

United Nations Are Not Happy

In December of 2013, the country of Uruguay fully legalized recreational cannabis which has weakened drug cartels, curb crime and spawned a promising industry. 8 other South American countries are considering redefining their drug policies after Uruguay’s ‘experiment’, including Argentina suggesting fully ending prohibition.

A year after the legalization however, the UN’s International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) held a press conference to criticize the decision, stating that this action “marks a dangerous tendency,”. The INCB’s president, Raymond Yans was bizarrely quoted as saying,

“When governments consider their future policies on this, the primary consideration should be the long term health and welfare of the population,”

Apparently to Yans, prescription drugs killing more Americans than any other factor doesn’t require, ‘primary consideration’ from the UN, or the US government for that matter; that’s just the old fashioned ‘status quo’.

"Wh... Where am I again...?"

INCB President, Raymond Yans:Where am I again…? Sorry, forgot how to breathe a bit.”

Drug War Crazy Train About to be Derailed?

Once the facts above become common knowledge to the public (it’s looking to be relatively ‘soon’), including how even gun violence can be curbed – who the hell would want this utter bullshit?? It baffles me, personally, when a natural plant, which has ‘anti-tumor’ qualities is persecuted at the same level as cocaine by a supposedly ‘civilized’ society.

We are reaching the tipping point of how the public truly views the ‘war’ on drugs, I believe. The more grueling and nonsensical the connotations become, the less of an artificial ‘moral high-ground’ can be used to rationalize and excuse the unacceptable. This barbaric and ludicrous mentality has been ushered in by corrupt, inept and stupid people and it’s no surprise to me that 75% of the American public see ‘widespread corruption’ in government. We’re all living in it and getting varying ‘tastes’ of the madness.

As of October this year, 8 more US states are considering legalizing cannabis on top of the 4 that already have recreationally; exhibiting a momentum building trend. 23 states have also already legalized for medicinal use, with dozens of select cities decriminalizing altogether as well. This Wednesday, Sen. (I-V) Bernie Sanders introduced a bill that would end Federal prohibition 10 countries have been pushing for legalizing marijuana, with Iran being the newest member to join the ranks of UN defection, or at least going that direction.

With all of these factors being accounted for, I feel we can overlook some of the strongest points, due to their simplicity. Examining this as a rational human being spells it loud and clear: The US government is intentionally blocking a miracle cancer-curing plant while allowing a prescription pill ‘epidemic’ to unfold – credibility is only, so thick.

Tick, tock, old paradigm. Tick, tock…

By Alec Cope

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