Author: Alex Poucher

Exclusive Video: #Hoyerswerda Far Right Nationalists Take To The Streets

  On 8-29-2015 far right nationalists took to the streets of Hoyerswerda?, Germany to protest and march against a 3rd refugee shelter being built in Hoyerswerda? to house refugees coming in to Germany. Alex Poucher was on scene and this is what he saw. Add/Follow WRC contributor on social media! FOLLOW ALEX ON FACEBOOK – FOLLOW ALEX ON...

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Exclusive Video: #Heidenau Protests Erupt to Defy Anti-Protest Laws and more

  Following a weekend full of violence in Heidenau, Germany where 31 police officers were injured during demonstration; far-right Nationalists took to the streets to march on city hall upset that refugees are allowed to be in Germany seeking asylum. Shortly after a new court order from Dresden, no protests were to be allowed until the end of the weekend, counter demonstrators mainly from the Anti-Fascist movement took to the streets in solidarity with the refugees. Footage by WRC contributor Alex Poucher, FOLLOW HIM ON FACEBOOK, FOLLOW HIM ON...

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Anonymous Backs Facebook Competitor

“Regain control of your social world. Free and open source. Encrypted Messenger. Unrestricted newsfeed. Unlimited reach.” This is what the front page of reads. Minds’ is a new social network that promises full end-to-end encryption across the entire use of the website. With Facebook taking a lot of heat lately because of their very questionable privacy practices Minds is becoming a very popular alternative and in the first 2 days of their Alpha launch the site has gained almost 50,000 users. Minds is giving a promise to its new audience to use a “de-mystified” algorithm to boost its...

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