After our morning jog with defamed former US general David Petraeus who LITERALLY Runs Away From our Bilderberg Questions. Journalist Luke Rudkowski traveled back to the hotel taschenbergpalais kempinski in Dresden to take apart in what would be the third day of the Bilderberg protests. In this video Luke Rudkowski documents the entire day from Dresden Germany during the 2016 Bilderberg conference. We show you how the Bilderberg group is able to set up a draconian control grid system around them that ultimately violates human rights and allows them to act above the law.

Highlights include: Bilderberg being Protected by Peter Griffin.. 

peter griffen

Military commando’s caught Bringing large black bags and cases into the hotel. Whatever was in this luggage was being tightly secured. 

unload 3 unload2 unloading 1

More: Food for the ‘conspiracy minded, any guesses as to what they could be bringing in ? 

Peter Thiel Goes On The Record About Bilderberg

DAY 3: Journalist Dan Dicks under constant attack from the elites

dan dicks wth phone

This is breaking news: Professional Journalist Dan Dicks has been targeted and threatened with arrest by German polizei.  This comes after yesterdays events where our very own Luke Rudkowski was also detained, taken back to his room searched, and intimidated by German police.  Police have even threatened to sue Dan Dicks in civil court if he published any footage of the police confrontations online.

So far it has been a rough start for the Bilderberg investigation team. The billionaire Bilderberger’s are as usual trying to downplay the significance of the annual meeting.  Seem’s once again that the ‘enforcers, those who are positioned in society to be our protectors, often end up protecting the people who do the most harm. It’s an Orwellian nightmare where the wolfs of wall street, the silicon valley capitalist, and megalomaniac war criminals like Henry Kissinger sit down and discuss ‘strategies for how to manipulate the world their favor, and in turn the police who are paid by the tax payer to protect them are complicit in their own demise. The Biliderberger’s were in Virginia the birth place of the United states discussing ways to circumvent the constitution.

These Journalist should be praised for their monumental efforts. “The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society” there was once a American president that knew that, the Global cartels had him assassinated, that very same shadow government now hides behind the German poliezi that seeks to intimidate and and threaten journalist likeLuke Rudkowski and Dan Dicks.


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Update: There are videos saying that YouTube has also threatened to take down Dan’s Channel for an un-named policy violation.. we will bring you more as it unfolds. 

Author: Danny F. Quest is a official 9/11 Truther, anti-war activist, humanitarian,  Blogger, and writer/contributer  for  Follow him on Social Media.

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