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 Representative democracy is a trick used to herd people in to obedience under the illusion that it’s in their best interests” from their own collective free will”. Let me explain it to you quickly and simply why this is bullshit:

Obviously for any democracy to truly work in society’s best interests, it’s people must be well educated, healthy, and free from the shackles of coercion before they can make truly free and clear decisions. However, society has been continuously hindered by government in achieving these basic standards. Government has consistently and increasingly sacrificed social and ecological well-being for the benefit of private interests: central banks, corporate media, the military-industrial complex, etc. Due to this self-defeating dynamic, any democratic government simply cannot be the catalyst for society to fundamentally and significantly evolve. How could it be when it’s population is largely comprised of poorly educated, unhealthy, and encumbered people driven by fear and ignorance?

Contrarily if society comprised of healthy, well-informed people free from institutionalized coercion, the foundation of government is completely unnecessary since people would then be able to responsibly regulate their ‘own lives’ and relationships in harmony with their environment. In this circumstance, the only type of democracy that could potentially be necessary is direct democracy with others in their direct community.

See the illogical impasse? Representative democracy fundamentally makes no sense. It’s an illusion and every vote counts toward perpetuating that illusion.


(let that sink in)…


And that’s just scratching the surface of the nonsense!

There are also the endless hurdles and loopholes used to manipulate the political system directly and indirectly: bloated bureaucracy, mainstream media brainwashing, fluoride in the water to create a mentally-handicapped society, super-delegates that also lobby and work for major corporations, revolving door politics, independents being unable to vote, voting machines being dysfunctional and easily rigged with virtually no oversight, voting centers being closed early, and so much more. We needn’t even discuss the fact that this year’s presidential election between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton is the perhaps the most blatantly ridiculous farce of representative politics, so obviously manufactured by corporate interests. And, as many people who learned from Obama predicted, Bernie was just a shill used to herd people in to supporting the political illusion. Now he is supporting Hillary Clinton, despite pretending to be anti-establishment, anti-Hillary, and saying the entire political system is irredeemably corrupt! In the words of George Carlin, “They don’t give a f*ck about you!”

oligarchy ready

And yet despite everyone deeply knowing that it’s all corrupt, people say, “Well it’s the best we can do.” This is what Stockholm Syndrome sounds like. Voters would rather be ruled by criminally dysfunctional megalomaniacs instead of taking responsibility for their own lives by responsibly and proactively educating themselves beyond compulsory education, getting involved in their local community, and having a tangible relationship to their land-base so they don’t have to rely on unsustainable industrial civilization while bitching about it at the same time.


Do you realize how many TRILLIONS are drained from society every year by the parasites on top of the authoritarian pyramid? We have the money, the resources, the technology, the knowledge, and the love in order to feed, clothe, shelter, and educate everyone to create a sustainable paradise on Earth. Yet people settle for less because they’re oppressed and believe the lies they’re brainwashed with, which is why history repeats itself.

Just let it go, walk away, and help wake others up. It’s that simple.

What might it look like without the current system and how can we begin building these alternative models of society? Read more here.


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