In this video Luke Rudkowski is inside the Bilderberg hotel right before it is locked down for its 2016 secret annual confab. We go over the latest press release and statements from the bilderberg website as well as take you inside before the lockdown. We give you an insight to what is actually happening inside the meeting and how the events will unfold throughout the next days. Everything you are watching is supported and funded through your help and donations to keep our operations alive go to https://wearechange.org/donate and help us do the job the main stream media wont.

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“Henry Kissinger will be holding court as always at the Bilderberg conference in Dresden.”

The Guardian: 

“Speak of the devil! The ageless 93-year-old former US secretary of state will be holding court at Dresden, croaking out his wisdom from the throne of bones he has shipped everywhere he goes.”


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